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Wonder Vocabulary #1

Vocabulary from Part 1 of Wonder

anomalies things that are different from what is expected or normal
hysterical uncontrolled extreme emotion
hindsight understanding of a situation only after it has happened
elective an optional course of study
steady firmly balanced, not shaking or moving
smirk a smug or conceited smile
aisle a passage between rows of seats
schlep tedious or difficult journey
precept general rule intended to regulate thought
plaque a tablet of an award/statement
stampede rush wildly in a mass panic
cleft palate split in roof of mouth
alignment arrangement in a straight line or in the appropriate position
huffy annoyed or irritated
contagious likely to spread to others
unsuspecting not aware
monument structure built to commemorate famous people or events
outlast live or last longer
phobia irrational fear
aversion strong dislike
Created by: MsHerbert