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Middle English

SAHS Honors British Literature Mid-term

Name the three social levels of the time period Aristocracy, Clergy, Commoners
What four elements determined one's social position Birth, Wealth, Profession, Personal Ability
In what field was Chaucer's family business The family was in the wine merchant business
State two advantages of Chaucer's family's business wine merchants had to speak french and know latin
Where did Chaucer's father find him work Chaucer became a page in one of the great aristocratic households of England
Why was Chaucer's father's choice an important influence in his life working as a page Chaucer acquired the skill to go into a career of serving the ruling class
Examples of Chaucer's work experience Chaucer was captured by the french, worked for King Edward, went on diplomatic missions to Spain and France, he was a controller of customs to wool, kept books on export taxes
what does it mean when the author says, "...the gap between the commoners...? how different the social classes were
What was the most popular form of written expression for the younger people of Chaucer's generation poetry
Name Chaucer's three Italian influences Dante, Petrarch, Baccaccion
How did the three Italians contribute to Chaucer's writing new verse forms, subject matter, and new models or representation
In "Legend of Good Woman," Chaucer deals with what issues Chaucer was accused of heresy and antifeminism and ordered to do penance
What issues did Chaucer's writings reveal even before The Canterbury Tales Chaucer's writing embraced prose and poetry, human and divine love
How many tales did Chaucer plan to write in Canterbury Tales 120 tales
How was Chaucer's literary work influenced by where he lived his career required him to travel abroad
What is a Frame Tale a collection of stories linked together by a bigger story
What is unique about Chaucer's Frame Tale there was varied and lively interaction between the tales
who went on the fictional journey to Canterbury Knights, miners, physician, pardoner, nuns, priest, naves, cooks, friar
What is an "Estate Tale" a genre that sets out to expose typical types of corruption at all levels of society
Why is Chaucer's work said to be artistic Chaucer's writings are able to endow types of society with a reality that we associate them with
How does Chaucer create a realistic picture of his characters because he has been exposed to several different cultures and languages, he is able to paint more vivid pictures of his characters
What is Satire human folly and vice are held up to scorn, like sarcasm, it says one thing and means another
What is Juvenalian Satire formal satire attacking vice and error
What is Horatian Satire vice is indulged, tolerated, and humored
what is Satiric Norm a character that represents the perfect ideal
What is Direct Characterization statements about the character
What is Indirect Characterization actions thoughts and dialogue to describe character
What is Social Commentary writing that shows insight into society, its values, and its customs
What is an Elegy a solemn poem that laments how quickly life passes, can also mourn the death of a person or group of people
What are the three elements of an Elogy lament, praise and admiration, and consolation and solace
What are Archetypes the basic building blocks of stories that all writers use to create a world to which readers can escape
What kind of Archetypes are there Situational, Symbolic, Character
What are Situational Archetypes events or happenings that a character goes through in order to transcend from one place to the next
What are Symbolic Archetypes serve as a representation of a specific people, acts, deeds, places or conflicts
What are some examples of Character Archetypes unfaithful wives, friendly beast, outcast, hero, mentor, damsel in distress, loyal retainers, hunting group of companions...
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