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Unit One Vocab

bias tendency to see things from a slanted, one
confirm prove as true
contradict assert the opposite of what was said; declare a statement as untrue
evidence proof
factual based on information that can be observed or verified
illogical not sensible; not reasonable
investigate search; inquire into
objective not influenced by opinions or feelings
opinion a personal view or attitude
persuade to convince
theory a particular view of something that has not been proven
alibi believable reason why a suspect could not have been at the scene of a crime
rehabilitate restore to working condition; restore the good name of
retribution punishment for wrong
perceive grasp mentally; see
unobtrusively without calling attention to oneself
anguish strong distress; emotional pain
negotiation bargaining; discussion; deal
quaint unusual or old
deed document that shows ownership
preliminary introductory; preparatory
possession ownership
descendants children, grandchildren, and continuing generations DOWN the family tree
willingly voluntarily; without needing to be forced
serene calm; undisturbed
luminous giving off light
ascent upward slope; climb
conceivably in an imaginable or believable way
overwhelming emotionally overpowering
unequivocal clear; plainly understood
antithesis direct opposite
paradox two things that seem to be at odds with each other
exploitation the act of using another person for selfish purposes
devoid completely without
perish die; be destroyed or wiped out
distinction difference between two things
respectively in the order previously stated
deficiency lack of something that is necessary
debris pieces remaining from something that has been destroyed
erosion wearing away by action of wind or water
ravaged devastated
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