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Computer Apps.


All of the following determine how many columns can be included on a page except D. Type face.
Which of these is not an option in the Columns dialog box? A.Font size
If you apply the option This point forward in the Columns dialog box, what is inserted D. A section Break
What kind of section break balances columns on the last page of a document? B. Continuous
What feature in Word helps to keep lines of text at a more consistent length? C. Hyphenation
This is not a step in applying word hyphenation. A. Click Undo
You decide to delete some of the hyphens inserted during automatic hyphenation. What Word feature can you use to do this? A. Find and Replace
You are reading a newsletter and you note that the first letter in the first word of the paragraph is located in the margin. What feature was used for this effect? D. Drop Cap
Which group on the INSERT tab contains the Date & Time button? D. Text
This keyboard command inserts the date in a document. A. Alt+Shift+D
What is the default vertical alignment for text in a Word document? B. Top
Resize a selected object horizontally, vertically, or diagonally from the center outward by holding down this key and then dragging a sizing handle. A.Ctrl
Before you move an image by dragging it, you should first choose D. How the text should wrap around the image.
Your image is selected, and you position the mouse pointer on a round handle that displays as a circular arrow. What are you going to do? D. Rotate the Picture
You have inserted a pull quote into a document, and you want to change the formatting of the text. What allows you to do this? D. Drawing Tools Format tab
A shape chosen from the Basic Shapes section in the Shapes button drop-down list is an example of B. An enclosed object.
Which of the following quick steps is not used to draw a text box? B. Click a text box from the drop-down gallery
Which group on the INSERT tab contains the WordArt button? B. Text
Word documents should be grouped logically and stored in D. Folders
What happens if you right-click a folder in the Open dialog box? A. The shortcut menu displays.
Can documents be deleted from within Word? If so, from where? B. Yes, from the Open or Save As dialog box.
If you try to delete a document from a folder on your USB flash drive using the Organize button or the shortcut menu, what happens? A. You are prompted to confirm the delete command.
What happens to a document when it is sent to the Recycle Bin? C. It can be restored until the Recycle Bin is emptied.
What are you doing when you cut a document and paste it into a different folder? C. Moving the document
Delete a folder in the same way you would delete A. A document
A new document is saved automatically with this file extension. B. .Docx
Use this option to save a document with all formatting stripped, which is good for universal file exchange. C. Plain Text Format
What does PDF stand for? D. Portable Document Format.
What button in the active document window lets you make the window smaller? A. Minimize
What button on the VIEW tab lets you divide a document into two windows? D. Split
You want to compare the contents of two documents. What view option can you use to do this? A. View Side by Side.
The New Window button is located in this group on the VIEW tab. D. Window
When you display the Print backstage area, what part of your document is displayed? A. The page containing the insertion point.
What text box appears on the Envelopes tab of the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, but not on the Labels tab? D. Return Address
Display templates by clicking the FILE tab and then clicking this option. B. New
What keyboard shortcut displays the Print backstage area? A. Ctrl+P
What item is created by the intersection of a row and a column? D. Cell
A cell can contain all of the following except D. Headers
Which Word tab is used to create a table? C. Insert
Where is the end-of-row marker found in a table? A. At the end of each row of cells
Which cell would be to the immediate right of B1? A. C1
What does the keyboard command Ctrl + Tab do in a table? A. Moves the insertion point to a tab stop within a cell.
What happens if the text in a cell does not fit on one line? B. It wraps to the next line in the cell and the cell lengthens vertically.
You have entered data into the last cell in the table, and you see that you need another row. What do you press? A. Tab
Use options in this group on the TABLE TOOLS DESIGN tab to change the line style, width, and color of a table border. C. Borders
You place the mouse pointer in a cell, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the mouse button across the row to the last cell. What have you selected? C. Adjacent cells
What indicates that a cell has been selected? B. The background color turns to gray.
Which button on the TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tab will produce columns of equal width? C. Distribute Columns
What is the default margin setting for left and right margins? D. 0.08
What happens when you click the Text Direction button? C. Text rotates 90 degrees.
You position the mouse within your table and a handle appears in the upper left corner. What can you do with this handle? A. Move the table.
Which button on the TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tab allows you to arrange cells in a table alphabetically or numerically? C. Sort
What is the SUM or AVERAGE part of a formula called? B. The function
When a SmartArt graphic is inserted into a document, this tab becomes active. C. Smartart tools layout
What style of SmartArt graphic should you select for an organizational chart? B.Hierarchy
What is Mail Merge used for? B. Sending the same document to multiple people and creating envelopes.
Use this button on the MAILINGS tab to build a data source file. A. Select Recipients
Variable information contained in a data source file is saved as a A. Record
At the Save Address List dialog box, to what location will the data source file will be saved? B. The folder you designate
Which group contains the buttons used to insert fields from the data source file into the main document? A. Write & Insert Fields
What type of field is the <<AddressBlock>> field? D. Composite
Which button in the Write & Insert Fields group do you use to insert a single field from the data source file? B. User-defined
In which group will you find the Check for Errors button? B.Insert Merge Field
What does the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + N do? C. Opens the Merge to New Document
When creating labels, where do you indicate what your label size will be? B. At the Label Options dialog box.
How can you insert the text in columns when you create a directory from a data source file? C. Set tabs.
What is the Edit Recipient List button used for? C. To edit the data source file
You can do all of the following at the Edit Data Source dialog box except C. Import records from another data source
You can input information at the keyboard during a merge by using a _____ field. D. Fill-in
When using the Mail Merge wizard, where do the task panes display? D. At the right side of the screen
Created by: kristenflores