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What design feature must ties wires include? A feature that prevents water passing across.
In safety terms what is a method statement? A detailed statement of how work is to be carried out in a safe manner.
What act states that an employer must protect the health, safety and welfare at work of all their employees? Health and Safety at Work Act.
Under the Health and Safety at Work act an employee must wear PPE provided by the employer. TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
Who employs Health and Safety enforcement inspectors? Health and Safety Executive
What is the definition of a substance hazardous to health? A substance that is hazardous in the form in which it occurs in the workplace.
What can the incorrect use of Respiratory Protective Equipment cause? Respiratory failure at work
What regulation covers the lifting of heavy items by operatives on site? Manual Handling Operations Regulations
Name one poor reason for using fall bags When the company cannot afford scaffolding
The Environment Protection Agency gives health and safety advice. TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
What should be kept in a site hut, marked with warning notes and have a fire extinguisher close by? Chemicals and combustible materials
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