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for Level 1 Wood trades

What is the legislation covering the reporting of dangerous occurrences, injuries and diseases? RIDDOR
What is a near miss? When someone came very close to being injured.
What should a First Aider wear on site? An armband
Near misses should always be reported. TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
Why are near misses recorded? To identify recurring occasions that might have resulted in an accident.
How should chemical spillages be dealt with? They should be neutralised as instructed by the manufacturer.
What hazards should be isolated immediately? Electrical hazards.
What must you do when you discover a fire on a building site? Leave immediately and raise the alarm.
If a operative has been absent for more than 3 days following an accident who must be contacted? Health and Safety Executive.
It is compulsory to report all accidents to the Health and Safety Executive. TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
Why must all accidents be recorded? To identify recurring types of accidents.
Created by: missie J