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Słownictwo 5

Kuźminator, phrasal verbs

Keep at something continue to do sth although it’s difficult
Keep somebody back powstrzymać kogoś
Keep off something trzymać się z dala
Keep yourself to yourself to prefer to be alone
Keep to something trzymać się czegoś
Keep up with something być na bieżąco z czymś
Kick something around/about discuss sth
Kick sb around/about treat sb badly and unfairly
Kick back relaksować się
Kick in zacząć działać
Kiss off olewać
Knock sth/ sb back odrzucić,
Knock it off dość tego
Knock sb out pozbawiać kogoś przytomności
Knock sb up budzić kogoś stukaniem
Kowtow to sth kłaniać się w pas
Magic sth away spowodować zniknięcie kogoś
Make for sth powodować coś
What do you make of? what is your reaction?
(Can’t) make somebody out zrozumieć czyjeś zachowanie
How did you make out ? powodzić się
Somebody’s mind is made up namyślić się
Make something up zmyślić
Make it up to sb wynagrodzić coś komuś
Make up to somebody zrewanżować się komuś
Mellow out odprężyć się
Mess about obijać się
Mess up schrzanić
Mess with sb zadzierać z kimś
Moon over sb rozmyślać o kimś
Move on iść do przodu
move over przesuwać się
muffle up opatulić, okutać
mug up about sth wkuwać
muddle through something dać sobie radę
mull something over rozważyć
muster up courage wykrzesać
naff off spieprzać
narrow down zawęzić coś
nail down ostatecznie coś ustalić
nod off przysnąć
number among być zaliczanym go grona czegoś
offer up dedykować ofiarować
order sb around rozkazywać komuś
labour under all illusion to believe sth that is not true
lace your shoes fasten you boots
lag behind odstawać
land up on doing sth wylądować
lapse into sth change into a worse state
be larder with sth if a speech is larded it contains a lot of it
lash out at/against sb naskoczyć na kogoś
lash sth up mess something up
latch on zajarzyć, zakumać
launch into sth rzucać się w coś
lay money aside put aside,
lay into sb atakować kogoś
laze around obijać się
lead sb on oszukiwać kogoś
lean on sb depend on sb/ wywierac nacisk na kogoś
leave sb behind zostawić kogoś w tyle
lech over/ after sb uganiać się za kimś
lend itself to sth nadawać się do czegoś
lie before if something lies before you, you will have to deal with it
lighten up rozchmurzyć się
limber up przygotowywać się
be liquered up be drunk
liven sb up ożywiać
look after yourself Uważaj na siebie
be able to look after yourself be able to fend for yourself
look at patrzeć na coś
look though sth przeglądać
look to sb for help zwracać się do kogoś
look up sprawdzić (np. w słowniku)
lord it over tyranizować kogoś
lump sth together consider different things together
lust after sb wants sth very much, drool over sb
pack sb in przyciągnąć kogoś
pack in/cram in/fit in do a lots of things in a short time
pack up if a machine, it breaks down
pad out an essay to make it longer by unnecessary words
page down/up scroll down, keys on the keybord
pan out if sth you planned, it goes the way you wanted
pant for sth lust after sth, want sth
pass away time while away time, idle way time
pass down/pass on/ hand down give or teach sth to younger people
pass on to sth move on to another issue to talk about
pass over sth avoid talking about smth
patch up/ patch things up załagodzić
paw at sb touch/feel sb in a sexual way
pat sb down frisk sb
peg away pracować zawzięcie
pen in/up zamykać w zagrodzie
peg out/hang out wywiesić pranie, spędzać wspólnie czas
pep sth up to make sth more interesting or energetic
pepper sth with sth include a lot of sth else in sth
perk up ożywiać się/
pick at sb skubać coś, jeść coś bez apetytu
pick on sb czepiać się kogoś/ wybrać kogoś
pick through przebierać kupę rzeczy
piece sth together połączyć coś, poskładać coś w całość
pig out on sth stuff yourself/ face
pile it on przesadzić (z czymś)
pile up your hair związać włosy
pilot sb through sth guide sb through
pin up your hair związać włosy
pine for sb tęsknić za kimś
rabbit on about sth paplać nudy
rag on sb complain about sb
rage against sth extremely angry about sth
railroad sb into sth persuade sb to do sth without giving them time to think it over
be rained off/out doesn’t take place because of rain
rally round sb support sb
ramble on/ rattle on about sth bangon/rattle on
rank among/ be ranked among number among
rachet up keep increasing sth by small amounts
rattle through sth rush through sth
read sth back to read sth that you’ve written
read up/ about sth read about a subject because you want to know more
rebound sb of sth to have a harmful effect on sth
reek of/smell of/stink of have too much of a particular quality used to show disapproval
reflect on/upon think carefully about sth
relieve sb of sth to take o problem from sb
remember me to susan give susan my regards
remit sth to sb to send sth back to another person
render sth into greek translate sth into
reside with rest with, lie with
resonate with support with sb an idea
rest on sth depent on
return to sth in a speech come back to it
ride on depend on
rip into sb lay into sb, talk angrily
romp through sth to succeed in doing sth quickly and without problems
root for sb to give support to sb because you want them to succeed
rub it in to remind sb that is unpleasant, their fault
run around doing sth byc ciągle w biegu
run around with sb hang out with sb
run away from problems to not face problems
don’t let your imagination/emotion run away with you nie dać się emocjom
run away with the impression to wrongly think that sth is true
run in a car to at first drive it slowly and carefully not to harm the engine
run into to bump into sth
run off quickly print or photocopy several copies of sth
a meeting runs on if that happens meeting lasts longer
run out on sb walk out on sb
run through to think about sth
somebody’s taste runs to if somebody’s taste runs to like sth
be sandwiched between be in a space that is too small
savour of sth smack/smell /reek of sth
schlep around waste time
scoot over budge up, move over
score sb off prove sb doesn’t know sth
scrape along/by to barely manage to make ends meet
screw up to make a mistake
scribble down jot sth down
scrim on sth oszczędzać na czymś
we’ll see about that to się jeszcze okaże
see through to be able to see sb’s true coulours
see to sth to deal with sth that needs to be done
see to sb to serve sb in a shop
set in to begin (for rain, winter etc.)
set sth up prepare a piece of equipment so that it’s ready to use
set sb up with sb wystawuć kogoś
shack up with stb to cohabit, na kocią łapę
shake on sth to agree on a decision by shaking hands
shoot for sth aim for sth, try for
shower sb with give sb a lot of presents
shy away from doing to avoid doing sth because you’re to nervous and not confident enough
sift through – comb through
simmer down calm down
single out wyróżniać się
sink in gradually understand (if info/facts)
sip at/on sth drink sth slowly
sit through sth sit till sth finishes tough it’s boring.
skirt around/round to avoid a problem
skive off play truant, skiver= wagarowicz
skooch over/ skooch up move over/up
slack off to be lazy
be slated for if an event is slated for 3 p.m it happens then
sleep through sth to continue sleeping while sth else is happening
slim down the reduce the workforce
slip into Polish/ Italian start to use it when you don’t intend
to slip up to make a careless mistake
slobber over women drool over women
slop around laze around/ loaf around
be sloshing around if money is sloshing around there is more of it than needed
slot sb into a role categorize sb
smack of reek of
snap out of a mood stop feeling unhappy
snatch at a chance grab at a chance, seize it
not to be sneezed at sth should be considered because it’s so good
be snowed under have so much work that It’s hard to deal with
be soaked through byc przemokniętym do suchej nitki
soak up info chłonąć wiedzę
soften sb up urabiać kogoś, komplementować aż zmieni opinie
solidier on struggle on
sth is spoken for coś jest zajęte, ktoś jest zajęty (ma kogoś)
spit it out powiedz to, wykrztuś to
split on sb tell on, tattle on, rat on sb
sponge off/ on sb mooch of sb
where did you spring from ? a ty skad sie tu wziales?
spruce up przystroić, make yourself presentable
smarten up przystroić
squeak through exams scraoe through exams
squeal on sb rat on sb
squeeze sb/sth in manage to meet with sth even tough there is not much time
sth doesn’t stack up it does’t make sens
stand back/ step back wycofać się
stand by sb support sb
stand down\ step down agree to leave your job
stand in for sb sub in for, fill in for
stand up for sth support/defend a person or an idea
stand up to sb defy sb
stare sb down look into sb’s eyes so that he feels uncomfortable
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