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GK 6


Which horse was involved in the 1913 incident that killed Emily Davison? Anmer
What is the meaning of "discursive"? digressing from subject to subject
What was the German 'Jugendstil' known as in Britain and the USA? Art Nouveau
The artists Odilon Redon and Fernand Khnopff were most closely associated with which artistic movement? Symbolism
What nationality was artist Fernand Khnopff? Belgian
What is the meaning of 'post hoc, ergo propter hoc'? "After which, therefore because of which"
In which year did BBC Radio 2, in the guise of the BBC Light Programme, start broadcasting? 1945
What radio programme used the signature tune "At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal" by Bryan Fahey? Pick of The Pops
Agricola, Roman Governor of Britain, was which Roman writer's father-in-law? Tacitus
Agricola, Roman Governor of Britain, was recalled in disgrace by which Emperor? Domitian
Which Iron Age tribe had a capital at Emain Macha in Ulster? Ulaid
Who had a 1955 Number 1 with "Softly, Softly"? Ruby Murray
Who had UK hits with "Be My Love" and "Because You're Mine"? Mario Lanza
Who took "Rose Marie" to No 1 spot in the UK IN 1954? Slim Whitman
In 1955 Jimmy Young had a No 1 single with "The Man From..." - where? Laramie
Which singer was the indirect cause of 1944's Columbus Day Riot? Frank Sinatra
In which year did "Rock Around The Clock" hit No 1 in both the UK and the US? 1955
Both "boogie-woogie" and "rock and roll" supposedly got their names from what? Euphemisms for sex
Who coined the term "Rhythm and Blues"? Jerry Wexler
Which Cleveland DJ is usually credited with coining the term "rock n roll" to apply to the music of that style? Alan Freed
Which band were originally called "The Rambling Yodeller And The Sandmen"? Bill Haley & The Comets
Who had a 1950s hit with "Be-Bop-A Lula"? Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps
Which chemical elements occupy positions 89-103 on the Periodic Table? Actinides
What name is given to a 3D co-ordinate system with three planes, x, y, and Z? Cartesian
What are the names given to the three sides of a right-angled triangle? Hypotenuse, Base, Altitude
If theta represents the angle opposite the altitude in a right angled triangle, a is the altitude, b the base and c is the hypotenuse, what is sinθ equal to? a/c
If theta represents the angle opposite the altitude in a right angled triangle, a is the altitude, b the base and c is the hypotenuse, what is cosθ equal to? b/c
If theta represents the angle opposite the altitude in a right angled triangle, a is the altitude, b the base and c is the hypotenuse, what is tanθ equal to? a/b (or sinθ/cosθ)
What is the meaning of sin(squared)θ? sinθsinθ
What is a vector? An object that has both magnitude and direction in space
Which letters are traditionally used for the three base vectors? i, j, k
Who had a 1962 Number 1 with "Wonderful Land"? The Shadows
Which artistic group was founded in 1911 by Kandinsky and Marc? Der Blaue Reiter
Artist Franz Marc was born in wRhich country? Germany
Who painted "Luxe, Calme et Volupte"? Matisse
Who is generally held to be the originator of the Suprematist art movement? Malevich
The artists Boccioni, Carra and Severeni, all Italians, belonged to which movement? Futurism
What was the real name of The Big Bopper, who died in a plane crash along with Buddy Holly? JP Richardson
What was the stage name of the singer Rosemary Brown? Dana
Which country singer got to No. 1 in the UK with "Coward Of The County"? Kenny Rogers
Who composed "The Stars And Stripes Forever"? John Phillip Sousa
Who composed "Symphonie Fantastique"? Berlioz
Who composed the waltz "Tales From The Vienna Woods"? Johann Strauss
Robert-Francois Damiens attempted to assassinate (and failed, although he did wound) which king? Louis XV of France
When was the Seven Years' War? 1756-63
Whose final work was 1804's "Opus Postumum"? Kant
The Pregolya River, which features in Euler's 'Seven Bridges'problem, runs through which city? Kaliningrad
Who wrote 1848's "The Principles Of Political Economy"? John Stuart Mill
What is defined as "the composite of an organism's observable traits"? Phenotype
The Japanese word 'hara', associated with composure, refers to which part of the body? Abdomen
How old are Japanese people when they celebrate their 'Coming Of Age Day'? 20
The Azande people live mainly in which country? DR Congo (also populations in CAR and South Sudan)
Which early human species of 1.8 to 1.3mya used fire, cared for its sick, and had a low-lying larynx similar to the modern position, that might suggest the evolution of language? Homo ergaster
Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans are all descended from which homo species that lived from (at least) 600,000ya to 250,000ya? Homo heidelbergensis
Which shipping forecast area lies west of Dogger? Tyne
Which shipping forecast area lies to the south of Dogger? Humber
Which shipping forecast area lies to the west of Biscay? Fitzroy
Which shipping forecast area lies to the south of Humber? Thames
Which shipping forecast area lies between Dover and Portland? Wight
Which shipping forecast area is directly north of Fitzroy? Sole
Which shipping forecast area lies west of Wight? Portland
Which shipping forecast area lies north of Dover? Thames
Which shipping forecast area lies between Sole and Portland? Plymouth
Which shipping forecast area lies north of Rockall? Bailey
Who painted "Autumn Rhythm(Number 30)"? Pollock
What relation were Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel? Father and Son
Which was the first statue to occupy Trafalgar Square's "Fourth Plinth" once a rotating schedule of artwork was set up? Ecce Homo by Mark Wallinger
Which famous person's birth name was Mataoka? Pocahontas
Chesapeake is a city in which US state? Virginia
How is Metacom's War better known? King Philip's War (between Native American inhabitants of present-day New England and English colonists and their Native American allies in 1675–78)
Whose 1650 book of poetry was "The Tenth Muse, Lately Sprung Up In America"? Anne Broadstreet
What does NATO stand for? North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Which philosopher wrote the book "Perpetual Peace"? Kant
Who wrote "The Wealth Of Nations" in 1776? Adam Smith
John Stuart Mill lived exclusively in which century? Nineteenth (1806-73)
After Albania and Croatia joined in 2009, how many members did NATO have (still the same number as of Jan 2015)? 28
Give a year in the life of the philosopher Hegel. 1770-1831
Who wrote the prescient "The Economic Consequences Of The Peace" in 1919? Keynes
The three federally-recognised Shawnee Native American tribes all inhabit which state? Oklahoma
The Seneca people traditionally inhabited which US state? (Upstate) New York
Pocahontas is credited with saving the life of which man? John Smith
Where in 1978 were successful peace negotiations between Egypt and Israel held? Camp David
Which 1177 peace treaty took place between the papacy and its allies, the north Italian city-states of the Lombard League, and Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor? Treaty of Venice
In which year did California become a state? 1850
The famous US Overland Trail started in which town? Atchison, Kansas
What name is given to the place where an otter lives? Holt
What name is given to the place where a squirrel lives? Drey
What is the collective name for cats? Clowder
What is the collective name for bears? Sleuth
Who built the first steam locomotive to run on rails? Trevithick
Which locomotive, built by George Stephenson, carried 450 people between Stockton and Darlington in 1825? Locomotion
How is potassium bitartrate better known? Cream of Tartar
The Dace belongs to which fish family? Carp
What is the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons? Pen-y-Fan
The Pidgeon Process is used to produce which metal? Magnesium
Who was Led Zeppelin's lead singer? Robert Plant
What name was given to the succession crisis that occurred when Henry I's son died? The Anarchy
In which city was Mozart born? Salzburg
What was DH Lawrence's first novel? The White Peacock
Alec Waugh, brother of Evelyn, wrote a first novel about life at a public school - what was it called? The Loom Of Youth
Lady Ariadne Utterwood and Mrs Hesione Hushabye are sisters in which GB Shaw play? Heartbreak House
Which novel ends "She walked rapidly in the June sunlight into the worst horror of all"? Brighton Rock
Who preceded Cecil Day-Lewis as Poet Laureate? John Masefield
Who, famed for his elongated women, sculpted Grande Femme Debout I, which sold at auction for $14.3 million, and Grande Femme Debout II, which was bought by the Gagosian Gallery for $27.4 million? Alberto Giacometti
Which US sculptress was born in the then Russian Empire as Leah Berliawsky? Louise Nevelson
Which city was the birthplace of Albert Einstein? Ulm
Which US female rapper released a debut single called "212" and a delayed first album in 2014 called "Broke with Expensive Taste"? Azealia Banks
Whose debut album was 2010's "Pink Friday", with the lead single "Super Bass" reaching the US Top 3? Nicki Minaj
Which band released 2010 album "Plastic Beach"? Gorillaz
Which soul singer guested on Gorillaz's "Stylo" and nearly passed out in the studio from going hypoglycaemic? Bobby Womack
Who released the poem and song "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"? Gil Scott-Heron
Who provided the inspiration behind the words "order and progress (ordem e progresso)" on Brazil's flag? Auguste Comte
Which prehistoric stone tool industry immediately followed the Oldowan, making it the 'second' one chronologically? Acheulian
Mousterian prehistoric tools, that include Levallois flakes, are particularly associated with which early hominims? Neanderthals
In which modern country is Tell Abu Hureyra, site of the earliest yet known human farming? Syria
Einkorn and emmer are both varieties of what? Wheat
Rosalind is a main character in which Shakespeare work? As You Like It
Who wrote "Geological Evidences Of The Antiquity Of Man"? Charles Lyell
What is the capital of Virginia? Richmond
What is the capital of West Virginia? Charleston
Who named the South African province of Natal? Vasco Da Gama (Christmas Day 1497)
What is the capital of Washington? Olympia
What is the capital of Wisconsin? Madison
What is the capital of Wyoming? Cheyenne
Which US state is nicknamed the Mountain State? West Virginia
What is the currency, as of 2015, of Brazil? Real
Which idea was first proposed by New Zealander George Vernon Hudson in 1895? Daylight Saving Time
Which London theatre is home of the English National Opera? Coliseum
Where in Derbyshire is the National Trust Museum of Chidhood? Sudbury Hall
Which EU member state has the lowest population? Malta
Which is the driest desert on Earth? Atacama
Tokyo sits at the mouth of which river? Sumida
Charlemagne's political empire was mainly run from which city? Aachen
Which river forms part of the present Germany-Poland border? Oder
Which city or town has the dialling code 01234? Bedford
Which stars appear on the flag of Alaska? Big Dipper, North or Pole Star
What is the official motto of Alaska? North To The Future
In which year did the USA purchase Alaska from the Russian Empire? 1867
Both Alaska and Hawaii became US states in which year? 1959
Who directly preceded John F Kennedy as US president? Dwight Eisenhower
Which animal is nicknamed the sea canary? Beluga
What is the sixth book of the New Testament, following Acts? Romans
The flag of which place bears the motto "Desire The Right"? Falkland Islands
Which English actor (1911-90) was born Thomas Stevens? Terry-Thomas
Of what was Aegir the Norse/Viking god? The sea
Which mythological Norse blacksmith dwarf shares his name with a now-defunct car manufacturer? Alvis
What was the home of the best-known, Æsir tribe of Norse gods? Asgard
Who was the Irish goddess of love and fertility, associated with midsummer and the sun, and the county of Limerick? Áine
In folklore, who gave Excalibur to King Arthur? Lady Of The Lake
Who composed "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"? Mozart
In Greek myth, who was condemned to eternally roll a stone up a hill? Sisyphus
Which shield was made by Jupiter for Vulcan, in Roman myth? Aegis
In myth, who answered the Sphinx's riddles correctly? Oedipus
In myth, which character from Cyprus fell in love with a statue? Pygmalion
Who composed the 1798 oratorio "The Creation"? Haydn
Which entertainer was born Arnold George Dorsey in Madras in 1936? Englebert Humperdinck
By what name is sodium bicarbonate better known? Baking Soda
Which animal lives in a form? Hare
A precursor to Prozac and Teflon, which acid dissolves glass? Hydrofluoric acid
Which chemical is called 'oil of vitriol'? Sulphuric Acid
On which river was the 1800 submarine, the 'Nautilus' tested? Seine
Which chemical element is named after a place in Scotland? Strontium
What, in the USA, is an 'Annie Oakley'? Complimentary Ticket
Which cleaning product was invented and named by Harry Pickup? Harpic
What do the Heckler and Koch company make? Guns
Which branch of philosophy deals with the nature and scope of knowledge? Epistemology
Which English economist (1772-1823) devised the theories of comparative advantage and of diminishing returns? Ricardo
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
The name of which Italian economist can precede distribution, efficiency and principle? Pareto
What name is given to the part of the Earth's shell divided into tectonic plates? Lithosphere
What type of creature is a bushmaster? A snake
Where is the 'pit' that gives pit vipers their name? Between their eyes
What does the 'pit' of pit vipers detect? Infrared radiation
What adjective means geographic speciation? Allopatric
Which French sociologist wrote a famous 1897 study of suicide? Durkheim
Born in 1908, who was the leading exponent of structural anthropology? Levi-Strauss
The 'Meister Eckhart' prize is awarded biannually to thinkers on which topic? Identity
Who discovered the 'Greenhouse Effect' as far back as 1824? Fourier
What measurement derives from the distance oxen could plough without a rest? Furlong
A physiocrat was an early name for a member of which profession? Economist
Which Internet site used the slogan 'a place for friends'? MySpace
Wiley Post became the first pilot to fly solo RTW in which plane? Winnie Mae
Which elementary particle carries the electromagnetic force? Photon
Which elementary particle carries the strong nuclear force? Gluon
Which element's name derives from Arabic for 'goldlike'? Zirconium
What is the summer equivalent of hibernation? Aestivation
Which chemical element's name comes from the Arabic for 'yellow'? Sulphur
Which train holds the steam locomotive speed record? Mallard
The Flying Scotsman train linked which two cities? London, Edinburgh
Who designed the Mallard locomotive? Nigel Gresley
What building is known as the 'Anastasis' (tr: Resurrection) in the Orthodox Church? Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
Who founded the Unification Church? Rev Sung Myung Moon
Which part of the brain, whose name derives from Greek for 'chamber', acts as a 'central switching station' after receiving sensory input from organs such as the eyes and ears? Thalamus
For which two films did Gary Cooper win Best Actor Academy Awards? Sergeant York (1942) and High Noon (1953)
Who won a Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in "Life Is Beautiful"? Roberto Benigni
Film "10 Things I Hate About You" was loosely based on which Shakespeare play? The Taming Of The Shrew
Who wrote and directed the film "Prospero's Books"? Peter Greenaway
Who played Shylock in the 2004 film "The Merchant Of Venice"? Al Pacino
Which "Hawaii Five-O" character used the catchphrase "Book 'Em Danno"? Steve McGarrett
In which radio show did Mrs Mopp say "Can I Do You Now, Sir"? ITMA
Whose catchphrase was "Can You Hear Me, Mother?" Sandy Powell
Which comedian used the catchphrases "Swingin!" and "Dodgy!"? Norman Vaughan
Who played the male lead in 1950 musical film "Sunset Boulevard"? William Holden
Whose real name was Phyllis Primrose-Pechey? Fanny Craddock
Margaret Rutherford played Miss Prism in the film adaptation of which play? The Importance Of Being Earnest
Who played Henry VIII in the film "A Man For All Seasons"? Robert Shaw
Which singer's catchphrase was "You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet"? Al Jolson
Which film of a Shakespeare play starred both Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton? The Taming Of The Shrew
Which 2009 film is set in the year 2154? Avatar
In which series did Karl Davies play trainee solicitor Lyle Anderson? Kingdom
Troy Tempest was the captain of what on TV? Stingray
Si King and who else comprise TV's "Hairy Bikers"? Dave Myers
In which Welsh region are the prehistoric burial chambers of Barclodiad y Gawres and Bryn Celli Ddu? Anglesey
In which literary work does the Reverend Eli Jenkins appear? Under Milk Wood
Which Welsh mountain is famed for the two monoliths at the top named 'Adam' and 'Eve', with climbers being encouraged to leap from one to the other to gain the 'freedom' of the peak? Tryfan
Festival N°6 is held annually in which town? Portmeirion
Which small Welsh town hosts both the World Bog Snorkelling Championships and the annual Man versus Horse Marathon? Llanwrtyd Wells
Which IPL team used the nickname 'The Knight Riders'? Kolkata
In which town or city do football team Schalke 04 play? Gelsenkirchen
Whcih two mountaineers first scaled the south face of Annapurna in 1970? Haston & Whillians
The Barry Burn is on which golf course? Carnoustie
Who scored 4 goals against Real Madrid in the 2013 Champions League semi-finals? Lewandowski
Which popular game, known in Byzantine Greek times, starts with 15 counters per person? Backgammon
Which woman won 2004 Olympic Long Jump gold, and 2008 Olympic Long Jump and Triple Jump silver? Lebedva
What was the nickname of boxer James Corbett? Gentleman Jim
Which cricket writer (1888-1975) was also the music critic for the Manchester Guardian? Neville Cardus
How many timeouts can an American football team use per game? Six (3 per half)
What name is given to a matchbox, or matchbox label, collector? Philumenist
Who was the first Latin American to win the Wimbledon Men's Singles, in 1959? Olmedo
What is the BATF in the USA? Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
What is the USPS? US Postal Service
Which body of water separates the Peloponnese from the rest of Greece? Gulf of Corinth
Which expedition of 415-413BC, during the Peloponnesian War, led to a disastrous defeat of the Athenians, and the complete destruction of their expeditionary force? Sicilian Expedition
The Parthenon was dedicated to which deity? Pallas Athena
What was the name of Marseilles when it was first founded by exiled Greeks? Massalia
The first Greek 'tyrant' ruled in around 650BC in which 'polis'? Corinth
In which year did Classical Athens adopt democracy? 510BCE
Which ancient philosopher lived in a wine barrel, or ceramic jar, and carried a lamp in the daytime, claiming to be looking for an 'honest man'? Diogenes of Sinope
What is a samisen? Stringed Japanese musical instrument
In the myth, when trying to steal apples, Heracles had to face which 100-headed dragon? Ladon
Dick Deadeye is a character in which Gilbert and Sullivan work? HMS Pinafore
In Massenet's opera "Manon" in whose arms does the titular character die? Des Grieux
Who was the Greek Muse of Dance? Terpsichore
Whose third album, released 2005, was "Living The Dream"? Katherine Jenkins
How many stations of the cross are there in Christianity? 14
In which book of The Bible are The Beatitudes? Matthew
How is sodium hydroxide better known? Caustic soda
What is the alternate name of sodium sulphate? Glaubers Salts
Which metal can be beaten into the thinnest sheet? Gold
What was the first plastic to be manufactured? Bakelite
What are the most abundant two elements in the universe? Hydrogen and Helium
Which chemical element is the best conductor of electricity? Silver
What is the brightest star in the constellation of Orion? Rigel
What is the alternative name of the constellation Bootes? The Herdsman
What type of fruit or vegetable are "Arran Victory", "Pink Fir Apple" and "Vanessa"? Potato
What is the collective name given to foxes? A skulk or earth
What is the collective name given to larks? Exaltation
In UK law, appeals from either the Court of Appeal or Queen's Bench Court are heard where? House of Lords
What does the legal expression "voir dire" mean? To question/to ensure that evidence is admissible, or a witness or juror is competent
Which country overtook Colombia as the world's top cocaine exporter in 2013? Peru
Which river runs through Kendal? Kent
What are the famous galleried streets of Chester called? The Rows
The currencies of Barbados, Bermuda and the Bahamas all share what name? Dollar
What is the capital of the Dominican Republic? Santo Domingo
What, as of 2015, is the currency of Haiti? Gourde
Founded in 1995, what is the trade union, as of 2015, of the UK Post Office? CWU (Communication Workers Union)
Lijiang, a tourist hotspot, is in which Chinese province? Yunnan
The Amu Darya river forms part of the northern border of which country? Afghanistan
Which city is the nearest to the Gower peninsula? Swansea
Which inlet forms Istanbul's natural harbour? The Golden Horn
Where is the horse track 'Rotten Row' located? Hyde Park
In which body of water are the Goodwin Sands? English Channel/Straits of Dover
Which river part-divides Devon and Cornwall? Tamar
The Deccan plateau lies in which country? India
What was the role of Moscow's Lubyanka building from 1940 to 1990? HQ of KGB
What term is used, in general, for the first ten amendments to the US Constitution? Bill of Rights
The leu currency is used in which two countries? Romania, Moldova
In which US state is the "Devil's Tower National Monument"? Wyoming
Which is the world's second largest desert, after the Sahara? Gobi
Which Devon town suffered a severe flood on 16th August 1952? Lynmouth
Which Cornish town suffered a severe flood on 16th August 2004? Boscastle
Sulgrave Manor, Northants, was home to the ancestors of which US President? George Washington
Hernando de Soto was the first European to see which river in 1541? Mississippi
Marie de Medici was married to which French monarch? Henri IV
The Da Vinci Code brought thousands of tourists to which 17th century church in the 6th arrondissement? Saint-Sulpice
Which Russian-born French artist's best-known work is probably the sculpture "The Destroyed City" (1951-1953), representing a man without a heart, a memorial to the destruction of the centre of the Dutch city of Rotterdam in 1940 by the German Luftwaffe? Ossip Zadkine
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (1827-1875) is best known for his work in what field? Sculpture
'St. John the Baptist and the Magdalen' (about 1513) in the Louvre, the 'Montini Altarpiece' (about 1506-1507) in the Galleria Nazionale di Parma, and 'Incredulity of St. Thomas' (National Gallery, London) are all works by who? Cima da Conegliano
Which author wrote "Au Bonheur Des Dames"? Zola
Which French sculptor (1861-1944) died at the age of 83 in a car accident? Aristide Maillol
Who directed the 1962 film "The Trial", stating afterwards that it was "the best film that I ever made"? Orson Welles
Who is regarded as Poland's national poet, and is known chiefly for the poetic drama Dziady (Forefathers' Eve) and the national epic poem Pan Tadeusz? Adam Mickiewicz
Known as the "semi-official artist of the French army" which French academic painter and military artist noted for his precision and realistic detail painted "La Reve"? Detaille
Which French artist, once accused of sensationalism and favouring gory paintings, and a teacher of Toulouse-Lautrec and Van Gogh, died almost forgotten when he was run over by a taxi in 1924? Cormon
Which female Impressionist painted "Le Berceau", one of many of her paintings in the Musee D'Orsay, and married Manet's brother? Berthe Morisot
Popular in his time, but reviled by the Impressionist avant-garde for his conservativism and academic style, which French painter (1825-1905) who favoured nudes and classical themes, has been subject to something of a comeback since the 1980s? William-Adolphe Bouguereau
For which film did Art Carney win a Best Actor Academy Award (Oscar)? Harry and Tonto (1975)
For which film did George Arliss win a Best Actor Academy Award (Oscar)? Disraeli (1931)
For which film did F Murray Abraham win a Best Actor Academy Award (Oscar)? Amadeus (1985)
Who is best remembered for saying "I'll give it foive" while a talent show judge in the 1960s? Janice Nicholls
How many times was Peter O'Toole nominated for an Academy Award, although he never won? Eight
Who played the character "Face" in "The A-Team"? Dirk Benedict
Who played the character "Murdock" in "The A-Team"? Dwight Schulz
In which variety show did the audience dress up in old-fashioned clothing? The Good Old Days
Which character's real name was Don Diego De Vega? Zorro
Which Jean-Luc Godard film was publicly condemned by Pope John Paul II in 1985? Hail Mary
Who is the sinister housekeeper in Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca"? Mrs Danvers
Who is the main male character in Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca"? Maxim De Winter
Where is the play "As You Like It" set? Forest of Arden
Who was Pongo's wife in the story "101 Dalmations"? Missus
Who wrote "The 101 Dalmations"? Dodie Smith
In which Austen novel do the Bertrams take the charge of Fanny Price? Mansfield Park
In Jane Austen's eponymous novel, what is "Emma"'s surname? Woodhouse
Who wrote the play "The Critic"? RB Sheridan
Who was the first wife of Louis XIV of France? Maria Theresa of Spain (Marie-Therese)
Who was proclaimed Emperor at Versailles in 1871? Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany
In which room in Versailles was the eponymous post-WW1 peace treaty signed? Hall of Mirrors
What was the maiden name of Napoleon's wife, Josephine? Beaumarchais
Who is the only person to have received a posthumous Nobel Prize? Dag Hammarskjold
In popular legend, which Monarch of England's outstretched arm supposedly standardised the length of a yard? Henry I
Which entire country was sentenced to death by the Spanish Inquisition? Netherlands
Which infamous UK judge was nicknamed "The Hanging Judge"? Jeffreys
What term, used to describe the virtual reality created by computers, was coined by the science-fiction writer William Gibson? Cyberspace
The title of PD James' first ever novel, "Cover Her Face" takes its title from a line in which play? Webster's "The Duchess Of Malfi"
In which region of the then-Asia Minor did Hannibal poison himself while taking refuge from the Romans in 182BCE? Bithynia
The ptarmigan is a member of which bird family? Grouse
Which element has the atomic number 40? Zirconium
'Vanellus vanellus' is the name given to which bird species, which declined in population between 1987 and 1998? (Northern) Lapwing (or peewit)
Which animal was reintroduced to Scotland in 1952? Reindeer
Cobras belong to which family of venomous snakes? Elapidae
Who said of television "the word is half Latin, half Greek - no good can come of it"? CP Scott
In the Southern US, what is a 'snake doctor'? Dragonfly
Platinum takes its name from the Spanish for what? Silver
Pilology is the study of what? Hair
Which invention has been variously credited to Albert Parkhouse, O.A. North, or even President Thomas Jefferson? Clothes Hanger
In which decade was surgical anaesthetic first used? 1840s
Which solar system planet attains the highest temperatures? Venus
Helcology is the study of which medical condition? Ulcers
In dating adverts, what is signified by 'ANI'? Age Not Important
Which type of tool has variants called bench, rabbet and router? Plane
What was the name of the third Briton to go into space as a bona fide astronaut? Piers Sellars
Who was the first Briton into space, in 1991? Helen Sharman
Who became the second Briton, and first male Briton, to go into space in 1992? Michael Foale
Which country's Royal Family are the Nassau-Weilbergs? Luxembourg
Who became King of the Netherlands upon Beatrix's abdication in 2013? Willem-Alexander
Who succeeded Olav V as King of Norway in 1991? Harald V
Manuel II, the last King of Portugal, belonged to which Royal family? Braganza
Which country's monarchy was abolished by a 1946 referendum? Italy
Which wife of Philip II of Spain had an affair with his son? Elizabeth of Valois
Louis XIV frequently performed at what art form, particularly in his youth to the creations of Pierre Beauchamp? Ballet
Which was the longest-lasting of China's many Dynasties? Zhou (or Chou)
Which Emperor of Russia, reigning for just 6 months, was ceremonially crowned 34 years after his death, and remains popular enough that various later deliverances of St Petersburg have been ascribed to him? Peter III
What was the name of the US Aid Programme to Latin America inaugurated by John F Kennedy in 1961? Alliance for Progress
In what year was the Ancient Roman monarchy abolished and a Republic proclaimed in its place? 509BCE
Who (370-190BCE) is credited with being the first skeptic philosopher, and had a later philosophical school, founded by Aenesidemus in the 1st century BC, named after it? Pyrrhon of Elis
Which position in Ancient Rome allowed for some representation of the people who were not patricians? Tribune of the plebs
Which King of Macedonia subdued Ancient Greece? Philip II
Paul of Tarsus, then known as Saul, practiced what profession prior to his conversion to Christianity? Tentmaker
Antiochus III 'The Great' was in fact defeated in war by the Roman Republic in Mainland Greece - he was the king and ruler of which Empire? Seleucid
The origin of the Roman word 'imperator', in the Roman Republic had a meaning closer to which modern English word? Commander
In the standard classification system, what are the two main types of loop fingerprint? Ulnar, radial
In the standard classification system, what are the two main types of arch fingerprint? Plain, tented
In the standard classification system, what are the four main types of whorl fingerprint? Plain, double loop, central pocket loop, accidental
What was invented by both Juan Vucetich and Sir Edward Henry? Methods of fingerprint classification
Shearjashub was the son of which Biblical prophet? Isaiah
Which King of Judah was assassinated in 641BCE? Amon
What is the meaning of the name of the Biblical book 'Deuteronomy'? Second law
In which year were the Madrid bombings, the first major terror event in the West since 9/11? 2004
How is Mount Sinai known in the Bible? Mount Horeb
Which psychologist, associated with the positive psychology movement, came up with the concept of 'flow'? Czekszentmihalyi
Which people's ancestral home is called Hawaiki in their mythology, their supposed habitation before they travelled to the country in which they are best known? Maori
Which poet wrote the lines: “God’s in his Heaven— All’s right with the world”? Robert Browning (Pippa Passes, 1841)
Which king of England married Eleanor of Acquitaine? Henry II
What is the highest mountain in Germany? Zugspitze
Which member of Harold Macmillan’s government married the actress Valerie Hobson? John Profumo
Which member of the Bloomsbury Group, an expert in his field, married the dancer Lydia Lupokova? John Maynard Keynes
Who shot and killed Wild Bill Hickock? Black Jake/Jack McCall
Name any of the three Fates in Greek mythology. Atropos/Lachesis/Clotho
Of which country was Pressburg the capital from 1546-1784? Hungary
Assassinated in 1958, King Faisal was monarch of which country? Iraq
Who wrote the plays Luther and Inadmissible Evidence? John Osborne
Who wrote the words to the hymn Rock of Ages? Augustus Montague Toplady
Under what pseudonym did Agatha Chistie write romantic fiction? Mary Westmacott
In the Just William stories, what is the name of William’s gang? The Outlaws
What was the maiden name of Shakespeare’s mother? Arden
In which castle was Mary Queen of Scots executed? Fotheringay
In Northern English names for geographical features, what is a force? Waterfall
Which order of chivalry whose membership is limited to 65 was established in 1917? Companion of Honour
What was the title of the work published by Keynes in 1919 as an indictment of the Versailles Treaty? The Economic Consequences of Peace
Which outlaw was shot by Robert Ford? Jesse James
In which country is Graham Greene’s novel The Honorary Consul set? Argentina
Name either of the 3 Gorgons who were not Medusa. Euryale, Sthena
Prior to 1974 in which English county was Wolverhampton? Staffordshire
In which year was the Battle of Marston Moor? 1644
In which Dutch city was the painter Rembrandt born? Leiden
Which heraldic term indicates an animal lying with its head erect? Couchant
Which heraldic term indicates that an animal is walking? Passant
Prior to 1974 in which English county was Slough? Buckinghamshire
Willenhall in the English Midlands is traditionally famous for the manufacture of what items? As early as 1770 Willenhall contained 148 skilled manufacturers of this product. Locks (and keys)
The industry first founded in the area in 1785 by Brintons, Kidderminster in the English Midlands is traditionally famous for the manufacture of what items? Carpets
Which British “trad” jazz clarinettist had a 1952 hit with a solo performance of Petite Fleur? Monty Sunshine
Born in 1844, the fourth son of Queen Victoria became a Royal Duke and a British Admiral of the Fleet. Who was he? Alfred / Duke of Edinburgh
Of whom was Winston Churchill speaking when he described a First World War commander as the only man on either side who could lose the war in an afternoon? John Jellicoe
Who was the first king of England of the Plantagenet dynasty? Henry II
Who won Britain’s only individual medal on the track at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics? Roger Black
Which is the only English town or city mentioned in the title of a Shakespeare play? Windsor
Who wrote the Sharpe series of novels? Bernard Cornwell
Which is the longest river in Ireland? Shannon
Which rock star designed and built the Lakedown trout fishery in Sussex? Roger Daltrey
Who was the only Australian to win the Wimbledon men’s singles between John Newcombe in 1970 and Lleyton Hewitt in 2002? Pat Cash
Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine and Doctor Robert are tracks on which Beatles’ album? Revolver
Who won the Women’s Olympic Figure Skating title three times in 1928, 1932 and 1936, before going on to have a successful film career? Sonia Henie
Who was the President of the USA when the 18th Century became the 19th? John Adams
Who led the Liberal Party to a landslide victory in the 1906 General Election? Henry Campbell-Bannerman
David Beckham was the 5th player to win 100 caps for England, but who was the first? Billy Wright
Who played Captain Jack Harkness in the TV drama series Torchwood? John Barrowman
Which card game variant takes its name from the French for ‘railway’? Chemin de Fer
Who is the only footballer to win 100 caps for Scotland? Kenny Dalglish
In which county is Edgehill, scene of the first significant battle of the English Civil War? Warwickshire
Which of Brunel’s ships was scuttled and abandoned in the Falklands in 1935, before being returned to Bristol in 1970? Great Britain
Who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2008 for her role as Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose? Marion Cotillard
The name of which classic board game about horse racing is in part a play on the word ‘monopoly’? Totopoly
What surname is shared by the artistic family consisting of brothers Hans and Sigismund, the former’s sons, Hans and Ambrosius? Holbein
Who won Britain’s only medal on the track at the 1976 Montreal Olympics? Brendan Foster
Who was the President of the USA at the end of the 19th and into the 20th Centuries? William McKinley
David Lloyd-George’s government fell in 1922 after a speech at the Carlton Club, calling on the Conservatives to leave the coalition government, was made by the man who would succeed him as Prime Minister. Who was that? Andrew Bonar Law
Who was the only American to win the Wimbledon men’s singles between John McEnroe in 1984 and Pete Sampras in 1993? Andre Agassi
Stephen Maturin is a character in whose novels? Patrick O'Brien
Who (1904-84) won 4 Olympic swimming golds before going on to have a successful film career? Johnny Weissmuller
Mary and Beatrice are amongst the daughters of which former Beatle? Paul McCartney
Four British-produced films won the Oscar for Best Picture during the 1960s: Oliver, A Man for All Seasons, Tom Jones and which other for 1962? Lawrence of Arabia
The 2008 album Music of the Spheres was the first orchestral album by which multi-instrumentalist, best known for his best-selling 1973 concept album? Mike Oldfield
In which county are the English Heritage properties of Acton Burnell Castle, Stokesay Castle and Wenlock Priory? Shropshire
St Edmund the Martyr, killed c.870, ruled which Anglo-Saxon kingdom? East Anglia
Who in 2008 became the third cricket player to twice score over 300 in a Test innings? Virinder Sewag
Who was the first cricketer to score two Test triple centuries? Bradman
Of which Anglo-Saxon kingdom was St Oswald, who died in battle near Oswestry in 642, the ruler? Northumbria
The English Heritage properties of Hurst Castle, Netley Abbey and Portchester Castle are found in which county? Hampshire
Famous restaurants The Fat Duck and The Waterside Inn are both in which village? Bray
How in the title of a 1970s television series were characters played by Robert Vaughn, Tony Anholt and Nyree Dawn Porter collectively known? The Protectors
Kiel is the capital of which German Land? Schleswig-Holstein
Which species of cat, with scientific name Lynx rufus, is found from southern Canada to northern Mexico, can be known as the bay lynx, and has a distinctive short, stubby tail? Bobcat
"Elements of the Philosophy of Right" is an important work by which German philosopher? Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Which musical features numbers including "To Each His Dulcinea" and "The Impossible Dream"? The Man of La Mancha
The fourth labour of Hercules involved capturing what sort of creature which lived on Mount Erymanthos? Boar
Which British thinker coined the word ‘international’ in his 1780 work "An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation"? Bentham
Which 1924 novel is about the young businessman Hans Castorp, who goes to visit his cousin in a Swiss sanatorium and ends up spending seven years there? The Magic Mountain (Thomas Mann)
Which English composer was responsible for film scores including Laurence Olivier’s Shakespearean trilogy of 'Henry V', 'Hamlet' and 'Richard III' between 1944 and 1955? William Walton
The address of which constituent college of the University of London is: Lewisham Way, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW? Goldsmith's College
At the Academy Awards held in February 2015, which actress, who played the mother of central character Mason Evans, Jr., won the only Award for the film Boyhood, for Best Supporting Actress? Patricia Arquette
In which of the layers of earth’s atmosphere is some 90% of the earth’s ozone layer located? Stratosphere
Which actor, who also played Richard IV in the original series of "The Black Adder", played Augustus in the 1976 BBC adaptation of "I, Claudius"? Brian Blessed
Which American writer first used the word ‘nerd’, in his 1950 book "If I Ran The Zoo"? Dr Seuss
Which 1928 novel concerns the former Oxford student Paul Pennyfeather who is forced to take a job teaching at an obscure Welsh private school? Decline And Fall (Evelyn Waugh)
What flower gave its name to the revolution which saw Marcelo Caetano overthrown as Prime Minister of Portugal in 1974? Carnation
William Walton produced a 1922 musical accompaniment for which set of poems by Edith Sitwell, his music later being used in Frederick Ashton’s ballet of the same name? Facade
Which species of cat, with scientific name Leopardus pardalis, is found from southern Texas to as far south as Argentina, can be known as the dwarf leopard, and has a name derived from a Nahuatl word? Ocelot
"The Origin of the Work of Art" is an important work by which German philosopher? Martin Heidegger
Which musical features numbers including "Tomorrow" and "It’s the Hard Knock Life"? Annie
Which river splits Norfolk from Suffolk? Waveney
Which literary character's home was Thornfield Hall? Mr Rochester
In imperial measure, how many gills are there in a gallon? 32
For his role in which film did JK Simmons win the Oscar for Best Supporting actor in 2015? Whiplash
Name the year: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated, Nick Leeson makes spectacular losses for Barings Bank and America is shocked by the Oklahoma bombing? 1995
On the London underground, what is the colour of the Metropolitan Line? Purple
Which amendment of the US constitution repealed prohibition in 1933? 21st
Who wrote the operas "A Village Romeo and Juliet" and "The Magic Fountain"? Delius
If you ordered a side dish of Kumbhi in an Indian restaurant what would you be eating? Mushrooms
What aid to farmers did William Merchland invent in 1889? Milking machine
Isabella of Valois (France) became England's youngest ever queen consort at the age of six when she married which king in 1396? Richard II
What letter is two dots in Morse code? L
Which element was named Dephlogisticated Air by its discoverer, the French chemist Lavoisier who gave it this common name? Oxygen
What is the third Sunday before Easter known as? Mothering Sunday
In which county is Broadlands, the family home of the Mountbattens? Hampshire
What term is used for the distance equivalent to that from the earth to the sun? Astronomical Unit
Whose picture is on the US 20 dollar note? Andrew Jackson
Which group had a No 1 hit in 1982 with "My Camera Never Lies"? Bucks Fizz
What type of creature is a Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, the largest of its kind? Butterfly
How many gallons are there in a hogshead? 54
What is the name of the German-founded anti-Islamisation group that organised a march in Newcastle in March 2015? Pegida
Which English city has districts called Inglemire, Marfleet and Gipsyville? Hull
Who is Anne Catherick in the title of an 1859 novel? The Woman In White
Name the Jewish high priest at the time of the Crucifixion? Caiaphas
In architecture what name is given to male figures used as pillars or columns? Telemons
Which British actress was nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) in 2015, for her role in "The Theory Of Everything"? Felicity Jones
Adrak is the Indian name for which spice? Ginger
What still widely-used item did Adolf Eugene Frick invent in 1887? Contact Lenses
What colour is Jonquil? Yellow
According to Monday's child rhyme, what is Friday's child? Loving and Giving
How many champagne bottles are there in a Methuselah? 8
In which English town do they weigh the Mayor before they take office? High Wycombe
Which is the only property on a Monopoly board worth exactly £280? Piccadilly
Who had a No1 hit in 1993 with "Young at Heart"? The Bluebells
Which bird can be green, black, three-toed or lesser spotted? Woodpecker
What is the name of the resinous mixture collected by bees used for sealing the hive, also used for medicinal purposes and in making stringed musical instruments? Propolis
Name the Russian politician shot and killed near the Kremlin on 27th February 2015? Boris Nemtsov
In which island group would you find Rarotonga, Palmerston and Aitutaki? Cook Islands
Which Prime Minister said "the War Office kept three sets of figures, one to mislead the public, one to mislead the Cabinet and one to mislead itself"? HH Asquith
Virginia Hensley was the real name of which 50's and 60's singer? Patsy Cline
Livermorium is a new element in the periodic table named after a town in which US state? California
If you were born on St David's Day, what would your star sign be? Pisces
Which element is, by mass, the most abundant in the human body? Oxygen
Who stood down as the MP for South Shields in 2013 in order to focus on his new role as the president of an international charity? David Miliband
The July Monarchy is the name often given to the regime in power between 1830 and 1848 in which country? France
What is the name of the skullcap commonly worn by Orthodox Jews? Yarmulke or Kippah
Appearing on the last page of the OED, what is the anatomical name of the bone which forms the prominent part of the cheek? Zygomatic bone
Elio di Rupo was the first openly gay Prime Minister of which EU Member State? Belgium
Which country appointed the first openly gay head of state in the world in 2009? Iceland
What colour appears in the name of a highly venomous octopus found mainly around Australia and the world's large cetacean? Blue (blue-ringed octopus and blue whale)
The word 'Sahel' derives from the Arabic for what? Shore
The Viceroyalty of New Spain, part of the old Spanish empire, was centred on, and shared its capital with, which modern day country? Mexico
What name is given to the Sun in the centre of the Argentine flag? Sun of May
The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, especially as Waterfowl Habitat is better known by what term, comprising the word 'Convention' and the name of the Iranian city where the treaty was signed in 1971? Ramsar
Who was Argentine President from 1989 to 1999? Carlos Menem
Bishop Absalon was instrumental in founding which capital city in 1167? Copenhagen
What is the currency of Albania? Lek
On the border with Macedonia, what is the highest peak in Albania, at 2,753m? Mount Korabi
Which is the largest lake in the Balkans? Lake Shkroda
What was the name of the area roughly corresponding to modern-day Albania in Roman times? Illyria
Which Albanian author won the inaugural International Man Booker Prize in 2005? Ismail Kadare
A biennial literary award given to writers whose works have dealt with themes of human freedom in society, inaugurated in 1963, is named after which city? Jerusalem
Tirich Mir is the highest peak in which mountain range? Hindu Kush
What is the highest peak in Afghanistan? Noshaq
Named after a British diplomat in 1893, what name is given to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border? Durand Line
What name is given to a mountain summit with a topographic prominence of 1,500 metres (4,921 ft) or more? Ultra-prominent peak, or 'ultra'
Who (1722-1772)founded an eponymous empire and is known as the 'Father of Afghanistan'? Ahmad Shah Durrani
Who founded the Achaemenid Empire? Cyrus the Great
Who was the first Mughal Emperor? Babur
Which British Major-General has been held at least part responsible, by way of incompetence, for the massacre of over 16000 British soldiers and camp followers in the 1842 retreat from Kabul? Elphinstone
Which Norwegian is credited with being the first European to discover America? Leif Erikson
Which 9th Century battle, the last in a series, is frequently considered the one that unified Norway? Battle of Hafnsfjord
Who was the first King of Norway? Harold Fairhair (Harald Harfagre)
Who the most frequently performed dramatist in the world after Shakespeare? Henrik Ibsen
In which city was Edvard Grieg born and buried? Bergen
'In The Hall Of The Mountain King' is taken from which larger Grieg work? Peer Gynt
Give a year in the life of Edvard Munch. 1863-1944
How many versions of Munch's "The Scream" are in existence? Four
What is the name of Norway's parliament? Storting
Which hydroelectric power plant outside Rjukan in Tinn, Norway was the target for heavy water sabotage in WW2, dramatized in the film 'The Heroes of Telemark'? Vemork
Drunkenness, and public disturbances are regularly linked to which celebration for Norwegian high school students in their final spring semester? Russefeiring
What, in Norway, are bunad? Traditional folk clothing
Who was the father of the race of giants in Norse mythology and the grandfather of Odin, King of the Gods? Ymir
Her name deriving from a root meaning "covered" or "secret" what is a female Norwegian forest dweller called? Hulder
Also called aptrganga or aptrgangr, literally "again-walker", what name is given to an undead creature from Norse mythology? Draugr
Which Sigrid Undset trilogy, published 1920-22, about life in Scandinavia in the Middle Ages, portray the experiences of a woman from birth until death? Kristin Lavransdatter
Who (810-858) is generally regarded as the first King of Scotland? Kenneth MacAlpin
Which monarch of Scotland founded Holyrood Abbey, the first building at the site? David I
Which is the most populated island in the Mediterranean? Sicily
Which battle of 23 October 1642 was the first major conflict in the English Civil War? Edgehill
What was the name of the 2015 film that was the fourth in the 'Mad Max' franchise? Mad Max: Fury Road
Who wrote "One O Clock Jump"? Count Basie
What is the chemical element with atomic number 12? Magnesium
Which is the only African nation to have taken part in Eurovision as of 2015? Morocco
Who wrote the Hunger Games trilogy? Suzanne Collins
Rahab and the Spies is a story from which Biblical book? Joshua
Bergshamra, Duvbo and Farsta are all stations on the underground of which European capital city? Stockholm
Who was the "Loneliest Man In The World" in the non-fiction title by Eugene K Bird? Rudolf Hess
In 1989, who became the youngest male tennis player to win a Grand Slam, winning the French Open at 17 years 4 months? Michael Chang
What name, after an American entomologist, is given to a pain scale rating the relative pain caused by different hymenopteran stings? Schmidt sting pain index
Which ant (paraponera clavata) of Central and South America, is named after its sting, pain from which has been likened to a gunshot? Bullet ant
Which Academy Award winning director also won the 1999 Turner Prize? Steve McQueen
Who was the Roman God of travellers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves? Mercury
Which two TV series has, as of 2015, won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series (drama) on 3 occasions? The X Files, Mad Men
Whose single 'Problem' went to number 1 in the US and UK in 2014? Ariana Grande
In science, if oxygen is O2, and ozone O3, what is O4? Tetraoxygen (or oxozone)
Who wrote the play "One Man, Two Guvnors"? Richard Bean
Who took over from Jonathan Sacks as the UK's Chief Rabbi in 2013? Ephraim Mirvis
Which exclave of Minnesota lies within Manitoba? Elm Point
Who was the US president at the time Hawaii became a state? Eisenhower
Which Paralympics sport for wheelchair users involves throwing leather balls at a jack? Boccia
The Pernambuco Pygmy Owl, the rarest of all owls, is endemic to which country? Brazil
As of 2015, 6 out of the 7 tallest buildings in Europe are in which city? Moscow
Who is the female partner of Buck Rogers? Wilma Deering
Who is the love interest and fellow adventurer of Flash Gordon? Dale Arden
Which 1968 film was co-written and produced by Jack Nicholson, starred The Monkees and had cameos from Frank Zappa and Sonny Liston? Head
Which Canadian singer-songwriter is Elvis Costello's wife? Diana Krall
Cinnabar is used in which red pigment? Vermillion
Which High Street retailer - as of 2015 - owned the brands Alba, Bush and Chad Valley? Argos
Which 1831 Pushkin play tells the story of a real-life 16th-17th Century Russian Tsar? Boris Gudonov
In which century was the title of Dalai Lama first bestowed, upon Sonam Gyatso? 16th (1578)
Existing between 1271 and 1368 which dynasty of China, founded by Kublai Khan, preceded the Ming? Yuan (or Mongol or Great Khan Dynasty)
Which racetrack has held the English Greyhound Derby since 1985? Wimbledon
The 'Arbol del Tule', the widest tree in the world, located in Oaxaca, Mexico, is of which species? Montezuma Cypress
In which country is the world's longest road tunnel, on the E16 road? Norway
Which name links one of myth's Pleiades, a Sophocles play and a character in 'Starlight Express'? Electra
In the Italian TV show, what is Inspector Montalbano's first name? Salvo
Similar to an oboe, but an octave lower, which instrument was first used in Strauss's 1905 opera 'Salume'? Heckelphone
Who discovered Saturn's moon, Titan? Huygens
Who was Tom Cruise's first wife? Mimi Rogers
The Emperors of Japan are traditionally held to be direct descendants of which Shinto deity? Amaterasu
What is South Korea's largest island? Jeju
In which year was Ferdinand Magellan killed? 1521
On which island was Ferdinand Magellan killed during inter-tribe warfare? Mactan, Philippines
Which Spanish Basque explorer, part of Magellan's expedition, completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth? Elcano
Later called 'The Perfect Prince' by Machiavello, who was King of Portugal from 1481-95; he reinvigorated Atlantic exploration? John II
Nicknamed 'The Fortunate', who was King of Portugal from 1495 to 1521, a time when Portugal became a major global player? Manuel I
Which is the oldest district of Lisbon, spreading on the slope between the São Jorge Castle and the Tejo river? Alfama
Which legendary Christian patriarch and king, popular in medieval times, was said to rule over a "Nestorian" (Church of the East) Christian nation lost amid the Muslims and pagans of the Orient? Prester John
What papal name did the controversial Rodrigo Borgia (Pope 1492-1503) take? Alexander VI
Which 1494 treaty divided the world into Portuguese and Castilian (Spanish) spheres of influence, 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde islands? Treaty of Tordesillas
Who, in 1488, rounded the Cape of Good Hope and became the first European known to sail from the Atlantic to Indian Oceans? Bartolomeu Dias
How are the 'Spice Islands', east of Sulawesi now known? Maluku Islands or Moluccas
Which 3 countries, between them, controlled New Guinea from 1889 to 1919? Netherlands, Germany, UK
Which poet write "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer"? Keats
Which colloquial term refers to those parts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean affected by the Intertropical Convergence Zone, a low-pressure area around the equator where the prevailing winds are calm? Doldrums
On setting out on his voyage in 1519, what was Magellan's flagship? Trinidad
What are the Scottish Crown Jewels called? Honours of Scotland
The Edinburgh Festival and Festival Fringe both started in which year? 1947
Which Greek hermit saint is the patron saint of cripples and beggars? St Giles
The Heart of Midlothian in Edinburgh is on the site of which former building? Tolbooth
Who married Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1565? Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
Who is the Patron Saint of Accountants? Matthew
Who is the Patron Saint of Actors? Genesius
Who is the Patron Saint of Architects? Barbara
Who is the Patron Saint of air travellers? Joseph of Cupertino
Who is the Patron Saint of artists and surgeons? Luke
In which century did Thomas Aquinas live? Thirteenth
In which year was the British East India Company founded? 1599
In which English monarch's reign was the British East India Company founded? James I
Which French economist (1694–1774) is particularly associated with developing the theory of physiocracy? Quesnay
In which modern province of Italy was Thomas Aquinas born? Lazio (near Aquino)
Give a year during the existence of the Medici Bank. 1397–1494
In which Somerset town, near the Clifton bridge, did Charles II hide from his enemies with Mr & Mrs Norton? Abbots Leigh
Birnbeck Pier is in which resort town, opened in 1867? Weston-Super-Mare
Which German federal state surrounds Berlin? Brandenburg
The M20 connects London and where? Folkestone
On which river is Chepstow? Wye
Which London park has an open-air theatre that stages Shakespeare? Regents Park
Which strait lies between India and Sri Lanka? Polk Strait
Peddars Way is a long distance path that follows an old Roman road in which county? Norfolk
When is the Imperial State Crown 'in use'? State Opening of Parliament
In which county is the HQ of the SAS? Herefordshire
How high in metres is Uluru? 345m
Which volcano in Hawaii, historically considered the largest on Earth, last erupted in 1984? Mauna Loa
Which river forms a boundary between South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, and flows through Mozambique to enter the Indian Ocean? Limpopo
Guglielmo Marconi Airport serves which city? Bologna
In which university is Jeremy Bentham's body? UCL
Who designed the current Houses of Parliament? Charles Barry
Chatsworth is in which county? Derbyshire
Which place has been home to London Zoo since 1828? Regent's Park
Newry is in which county? Down
Where are Port Ellen and Bowmore? Islay
Which Bedfordshire town is home to the Duke of Bedford? Woburn
Ballymena is in which Irish county? Antrim
Which sandbank is 100 miles East of Northumberland? Dogger Bank
On which island is Portree? Skye
Christ is the term for 'Anointed One' in which language? Greek
Syriac was a dialect of which other major language? Aramaic
Which church is venerated as Calvary (Golgotha), where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, and also contains the place where Jesus is said to have been buried and resurrected? Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
The 'tanakh', or Hebrew canon, is an acronym deriving from Hebrew letters - which three subdivisions of the Tanakh make up the acronym? Torah, Nevi'im (prophets), Ketuvim (writings)
Give a year in the reign of Constantine the Great. 306-337
What is the correct name of the religious group usually called 'Mormons'? Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints
Which modern-day sect of Christainity, with some 5.5 million followers, mainly in Africa, was founded by its eponymous leader in the then Belgian Congo in 1921? Kimbanguism
What is the current full name of the religion whose followers are popularly known as 'Moonies'? Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (also known as 'Unification Church')
In which country was the religious movement kown as 'the Moonies' founded? South Korea
Existing in two versions, painted 1601 and 1606, and in the National Gallery London, and the Brera Academy, Milan, respectively, who painted "Supper at Emmaus"? Caravaggio
The site at Delphi in classical times, famed for its oracle, was a shrine to which of the Gods? Apollo
Give a year during which the Greek Mycenaean Civilisation was in existence. 1600-1100BCE
How many letters does the Hebrew alphabet have? 22
The Greek alphabet, in both ancient and modern forms, has how many letters? 24
Which Athenian general (c.450-404BCE), prominent in advicating the Sicilian Expedition, at times served Athens, Sparta and Persia? Alcibiades
The Parthenon in Athens was built to honour which deity? Pallas Athena
Which city was known as Massalia in ancient times? Marseilles
Peristratus was regarded as the first Athenian to hold which title, the word itself having originated in Corinth? Tyrant
Which Ancient Greek philosopher famously lived in a large wine abrrel or jar? Diogenes of Sinope
The term 'cynic' derives from the Ancient greek word for what? Dog
Dzyarzhynskaya hara is the highest point of which nation? Belarus
Which city in Northern Ukraine, of 50,000 people, was abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster? Pripyat
The River Dniepr flows into which body of water? Black Sea
How is the animal, the wisent, better known? European bison
Which area in Belarus and Poland, one of the largest remaining parts of Europe's original primeval forest, is home to 800 bison, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Belovezhskaya Pushcha/Białowieża Forest
Which Belarussian marsh area, or wetland, lies between the Pripyat, Stviha and Ubort Rivers? Polyesye
In which country was the Grameen Bank, designed to provide money to the rural poor, and joint winners of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, founded? Bangladesh
Which country is the home of Rabobank? Netherlands
The monarchies of which two countries formally united on March 25, 1580? Spain and Portugal
Who was the first Dutchman to cicrumnavigate the Earth, 1598-1601? Olivier Van Noort
Which Dutch island is the largest of the West Friesian Islands? Texel
On the Dvina River which city is Belarus's spiritual centre, its 11th Century Cathedral of Saint Sophia rivalling contemporaries in Novgorod and Kiev when built? Polotsk
Which two monarchies were joined in 1386 when Grand Duke Jogalla married the 12 year-old Jagalla? Lithuania, Poland
What value was the world's first fixed denomination banknote, issued by the Bank of England in 1759? £10
Who introduced the gold standard to the UK in 1717? Isaac Newton (as Master of the Royal Mint)
Which communications form was broken up under anti-competition rules in the USA in 1984? AT & T
Deer belong to which mammal family? Cervidae
Which animals are also called "barking deer"? Muntjacs
The only member of the genus Elaphodus, and restricted to forested mountain habitat up to 4500m above sea level, which deer species is characterised by two prominent canine teeth? Tufted deer
Which animal has the taxonomic name 'dama dama'? Fallow deer
What is a male fallow deer known as? A buck
What name is given to a young deer? Fawn
Which six species of deer live in the UK? Red deer, roe deer, Fallow Deer, sika deer, Reeves's Muntjac, and the Chinese water deer
What name is given to a male red deer? Stag or hart
The word history derives from the Greek for what? To enquire
Which anthropologist discovered homo erectus? Eugene Dubois
The first example of 'homo erectus' was named for which island where it was discovered? Java man
Which archaeologist excavated at Ur in the 1920s? Leonard Woolley
Which English archaeologist was behind the excavations that discovered both Harappa and Mohenjodaro, of the Indus Valley Civilisation? John Marshall
Give a year in the life of Herodotus. 485-430BCE
Give a year in the life of Thucydides. 460-411BCE
Give a year in the life of Livy. 59BCE-17AD
Which Chinese historian (135-86BCE) wrote the 'Shih Chi'? Sima Quan
Geoffrey Villehardouin wrote a contemporaneous account of which crusade? Fourth
Which Arab historian (1332-1406) wrote the 'Muqqadimah' or History of Islam? Ibn Khaldun
Macchiavelli wrote an eight-volume history of which city? Florence
Which historian (1800-59) was reknowned for his seminal "The History of England from the Accession of James the Second"? Thomas Macaulay
What was the late capital of the Shang Dynasty? Anyang
Which Chinese dynasty (1046-256BCE) replaced the Shang Dynasty? Zhou
Which early Peruvian culture, named for its main city, lasted from 1250-200BCE? Chavin
Which civilisation was centred on the Gulf Coast of Mexico from around 1800-400BCE? Olmec
Produced in Florence in 1598, what is generally considered to be the first opera? Dafne by Jacopo Peri
What is a libretto? The text of an opera
Who was the librettist for Mozart's "Don Giovanni", "The Marriage of Figaro" and "Così fan tutte"? Lorenzo Da Ponte
Which capital was founded by Earl Rognvald Brusason in the 11th century? Kirkwall, Orkney
Give a year in the life of Margaret, the Maid of Norway. 1283-90
A plot was afoot to marry the 7 year old Margaret, Maid of Norway, to which future English monarch at the time of her death? Edward II (who was Prince of Wales at the time)
Which is Orkney's second largest island? Hoy
Balfour Castle is on which of Orkney's islands? Shapinsay
What is the Welsh concept of 'hiraeth'? A longing for home
Which body of water separates the Wirral from North Wales? The Dee Estuary
There is a 'London Airport' on which small UK island? Eday, Orkneys
Which saga recounts the history of The Orkneys from about 900 to 1200, from their capture by the King of Norway to their incorporation into Scotland? Orkneying Saga
Aberystwyth lies on which large bay? Cardigan Bay
Which peninsula juts out from NW Wales, south of Anglesey? Llyn Peninsula
In which room is the Lutine Bell at Lloyds? Underwriting Room
Which was the first new town to be built under the 1946 Act of Parliament? Stevenage
What is the capital of Fiji? Suva
Which union is or was the NAHT? National Association of Head Teachers
Eels largely breed in which sea? Sargasso
What is Africa's smallest mainland country? The Gambia
Where are Hartz Mountain and Adamson peak? Tasmania
In which county are the Wyre Forest and Malvern Hills? Worcestershire
Which English officer of state is president of the Herald's College? Earl Marshal
Which 'head' lies at the end of the Humber Estuary? Spurn Head
In which county is Charnwood Forest? Leicestershire
In which city is there a famous 'Peach Tree Street'? Atlanta, USA
Which two underground lines serve Euston Station? Northern, Victoria
In which county is the PM's residence at Chequers? Buckinghamshire
Where did Prince Andrew live prior to the death of the Queen Mother? Sunningdale
The Colorado river ultimately flows into which body of water? Gulf of California
Sheremetyveo Airport serves which city? Moscow
What is the name of the Chancellor's country residence? Dorneywood
The Yangtse flows into which sea? East China Sea
The Garrick Theatre is on which London road? Charing Cross Road
Which bridge was moved wholesale from England to stand over the Colorado River? London Bridge
Which county is St. John's Lock in - it is the most westerly lock on the Thames? Gloucestershire
Beavis Marks in London's East end is England's oldest what? Synagogue
What must a meridian line pass through? Both geographic poles
The flag of where depicts a cactus a lobster and a conch shell? Turks and Caicos Islands
What is the capital of Kosovo? Pristina
In which country is Gori Island, formerly an infamous departure point for slaves? Senegal
Where are the remains of Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli? Church of Santa Croce, Florence
In which US state is Dayton? Ohio
In which month does the annual London-Brighton rally take place? November
The Mason-Dixon line separates which two US states? Pennsylvania and Maryland
Which theatre stands in Oaklands Park, West Sussex? Chichester Festival Theatre
Which town was known to the Romans as Lugovalum? Carlisle
In which system do opposing MPs miss a vote with the whips' agreement? Pairing
In what system, where there is a large majority, are MPs allowed to miss votes on a rota system? Bisk
What is the lowest part of the English Channel? Herd Deep
Which was the world's first garden city? Letchworth
Kildare, Kilkenny and Wexford are all in which Irish province? Leinster
Which river joins the Rhine at Koblenz? Mosel
From which poem does the line "Far From The Madding Crowd" come? Gray's "Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard"
In which Shakespeare play is the theatre referred to as "this wooden O"? Henry V
What was the title of the first Miss Marple novel? Murder at the Vicarage
What is Miss Marple's Christian name? Jane
In which village does Miss Marple live? St Mary Mead
Who founded the Kelmscott Press in 1890? William Morris
The phrase "jam tomorrow" comes from which work? Through the Looking Glass
Who wrote the play "The Caretaker"? Pinter
Who wrote the play "Le Myth De Sysiphe"? Camus
Who authored the book "How To Be A Domestic Goddess"? Nigella Lawson
Who painted "Bacchus and Ariadne" (1522-3) that hangs in the National Gallery? Titian
Which Shakespeare play is set in Ephesus? The Comedy of Errors
Which French artist was famed for his depictions of peasants at work, such as "The Reapers"? Millet
In which city was Lucien Freud born? Berlin
Captain Jack Boyd is a character in which of Sean O'Casey's plays? Juno and the Paycock
Who wrote the memoir "Jolly Green Giant"? David Bellamy
Roy Race (Roy of the Rovers), first appeared in which comic, in 1954? Tiger
Who did Marie Christine Von Reibnitz become after marriage? Princess Margaret of Kent
In 224AD what became the state religion of the Sassanid dynasty? Zoroastrianism
Which Greek wrote "Arithmetica" and is sometimes called the 'father of algebra'? Diophantus
When did Baden Powell found the Scouting movement? 1908
Alice Perrers was a mistress of which king? Edward III
Which African nation was the first to gain independence in 1847? Liberia
Which African nation gained independence on 6th March 1957? Ghana
Set up in 1954, FLN was the independence movement of which nation, and then its sole political party post-independence until 1989? Algeria
Who was Barbados's first post-independence PM? Barrow
Who was Botswana's first president? Seretse Khama
Which year did Cambodia's Khmer Rouge designate 'Year Zero'? 1975
Kurt Waldheim, former UN Secretary General, was which nationality? Austrian
Who was (505 – 565 AD) Justinian's military commander? Belisarius
Who was the first female leader (797 to 802AD) of the Byzantine Empire? Irene
Guru Nanak founded which religion? Sikhism
Who is the patron saint of dancers? St Vitus
Of what were there exactly 12 in the 12 days of Christmas song? Drummers drumming
What was Ray Charles' first UK Top 10 hit? Hit The Road Jack
Mary Elizabeth Jennifer Rachel Abergavenny are the first names of which legendary British sitcom character? Mrs Slocombe
Who recorded the album "The Violin Player"? Vanessa Mae
Who is the patron saint of accountants? Matthew
Charles Mingus was most famous for playing which instrument? Double Bass
Who made up The Supremes along with Diana Ross? Mary Wilson & Florence Ballard
The second movement of Mozart's piano concerto 21 in C Major is commonly known by what other name, derived from a 1967 film? Elvira Madigan
Potted hock is made with which part of a cow? Shin
Who released the 2008 album "Here I Stand"? Usher
Who killed Paris with Hercules' bow and arrow? Philoctetes
Who was the Muse of History? Clio
What name is given to a ceremonial trumpet flourish? Fanfare
What does the Bishop of Norwich sign himself on official correspondence? Norvic
Empire & Jonathan are types of which fruit? Apples
What is the main ingredient of sauerkraut? Cabbage
Who became Chief Rabbi of the UK in 2013? Ephraim Mirvis
Who was Chief Rabbi of the UK from 1991 to 2013? Jonathan Sacks
Which pop song begins "Dear Sir or Madam, Will You Read My Book"? Paperback Writer
In legend, where did two cats fight until just their tales were left? Kilkenny
What is a musical score in the composer's own handwriting called? Autograph
How are bishops replaced in the House of Lords at the end of their tenure? Rolling rota system
Who wrote the words and music to "God Bless America"? Irving Berlin
When are 'Vespers' held in a monastery? Early evening
What was the name of the theme tune to 'Van Der Valk'? Eye Level
What was Dean Martin's only number one in the UK called? Memories Are Made Of This
What is the name of the dog in the HMV logo? Nipper
How many gallons are there in a firkin of beer? Nine
Finn Sakari Oramo conducted which city's Orchestra from 1996 to 2008? Birmingham
Whose second symphony is known as the 'London Symphony'? Vaughan Williams
What are the 3 main ingredients of a Hollandaise sauce? Butter, egg yolk, lemon juice/vinegar
Who was the Commander of the Allies at the end of WW1? Marshal Foch
In which year was the Alamo? 1836
The Treaty of Paris of 1783 ended which conflict? US War of Independence
On what date in 1945 was VE Day? 8th May
On what date in 1945 was VJ Day? 2nd September
Which war was ended by the Treaty of Westphalia? Thirty Years
Who commanded the German fleet at Jutland? Scheer
What is measured by a Wheatstone Bridge? Electrical Resistance
By far the largest telescope in the world dedicated to surveying the sky at near-infrared, in which country is VISTA? Chile
What name is given to overlapping circles demonstrating relationships between sets graphically? Venn Diagram
Which wax, extracted from wool, is used in creams and ointments? Lanolin
What name is given to the ionised gas state of matter? Plasma
What is, in shipping terms, a ULCC? Ultra-Large Crude Carrier
What features on the reverse of a US $5 bill? Lincoln Memorial
What ranks directly above corporal in the UK Army? Sergeant
In the UK Army, captain ranks between which two other ranks? Major (above) and Lieutenant (below)
Downy and Powdery are the two main forms of which plant disease? Mildew
Mozilla and Firefox are examples of what in computing? Web Browsers
What is the SI Unit of Force? Newton
The Schick Test tests for which disease? Diptheria
In the 19th Century, which poison was used while making green wallpaper? Arsenic
In which field is the Wollaston Medal awarded? Geology
What is oneiromancy? Interpretation of Dreams
Gingham takes its name from the Malay for what? Striped
For which two films did Jack Nicholson win Best Actor Oscars? As Good As It Gets, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
For which two films did Daniel Day-Lewis win Best Actor Oscars? My Left Foot, There Will Be Blood
Who produced, directed and wrote 1944 film "Hail The Conquering Hero"? Preston Sturges
Who directed "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" and "Hair"? Milos Forman
Who directed 1990's "The Hairdresser's Husband" and 1996's "Ridicule"? Patrice Leconte
Who died two weeks after the 1988 film "Hairspray" premiered, in which they had a starring role? Divine
Which character is played by John Travolta in the 1988 version of "Hairspray"? Edna Turnblad
Who played Velma Von Tussle in the 2007 version of "Hairspray"? Pfeiffer
Who played Velma Von Tussle in the 1988 version of "Hairspray"? Debbie Harry
Who played Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 version of "Hairspray"? Rikki Lake
Who played Franklin Von Tussle in the 1988 version of "Hairspray"? Sonny Bono
"O Lucky Man" (1973) was a loose sequel to which other film, also starring Malcolm MacDowell, and also directed by Lindsay Anderson? If...
Which film marked Guillermo Del Toro's directorial debut? Cronos
Which BBC channel was launched in 1998, but closed in 2003? BBC Choice
Who wrote the script for film "Amadeus", as well as the original play? Peter Shaffer
In which city is the TV series "Dexter" set? Miami
In which film did Richard Harris play Frank Machin? This Sporting Life
"Up In Smoke", "Still Smokin" and "Get Out Of My Room" are all films featuring which US comedy duo? Cheech & Chong
Whose last film role was in "Inn Of The Sixth Happiness" (1958)? Robert Donat
Which film star was nicknamed "the girl with the curls"? Mary Pickford
Which 1986 film was set in 'Shermer High School'? The Breakfast Club
What type of car did Bergerac drive? Triumph Roadster
Which 1999 film was set in 'East Great Falls High School'? American Pie
Who was the first female presenter of 'The One Show'? Christine Bleakley
Who has been Goldie Hawn's partner since 1983? Kurt Russell
For which film did David Niven win his Best Actor Oscar? Separate Tables
Who played Hannah Montana? Miley Cyrus
Marc Quinn created a solid gold sculpture of which celebrity for display in the British Museum in 2008? Kate Moss
Which 1963 film was set in 'Bodega Bay'? The Birds
Which was the first national shopping channel launched in the UK, in 1993? QVC
How was Jean Francois Gravelet better known? Blondin (tightrope walker)
How many different family members did Alec Guinness play in the film "Kind Hearts and Coronets"? EIght
Who played the male lead in John Crowley's 2008 film "Is There Anybody There?" Michael Caine
In which county is the fictional city of Felpersham? Borsetshire (The Archers)
"It Had To Be Jew" and "Rollercoaster Named Desire" were working titles for which film? Annie Hall
Emilio Largo is the villain in which Bond film? Thunderball (and thus also 'Never Say Never Again')
Under what name did Nigel John Davies help shape Twiggy's career? Justin de Villenueve (he was her manager)
What is Delhi's main airport called? Indira Gandhi Airport
Which city is served by Changi Airport? Singapore
In which 20th Century year did snow fall in the Sahara? 1979
Where is the Taklamakan Desert? China
In which two countries is the Thar Desert? India/Pakistan
What is the angle between magnetic & latitude lines? Magnetic declination
Which supercontinent existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras and contained parts of Eurasia, north America, South America, Africa, Antarctica & Indian? Pangaea
What is the capital of the US state of Massachussetts? Boston
What is the capital of the US state of Michigan? Lansing
What is the capital of the US state of Minnesota? St Paul
What is the capital of the US state of Mississippi? Jackson
What is the capital of the US state of Missouri? Jefferson City
What is the nickname of the US State of New Jersey? Garden State
What is Bulgaria's currency? Lev
What is Albania currency? Lek
What is the capital of Montenegro? Podgorica
What is Greenland's capital? Nuuk/Godthaab
What currency is used in Belize? Belize Dollar
What was Magellan's flagship on the voyage which ended with Elcano completing the first circumnavigation? Trinidad
Who was the first Englishman to make a circumnavigation? Drake
Captain James Cook surveyed Eastern Australia and New Zealand from 1769 to 1771? HMS Endeavour
What was the Roman name of Chichester? Noviomagus Reginorum
Which US suspension bridge in the U.S. state of Washington collapsed on November 7, 1940, with the loss of a solitary dog's life? Tacoma Narrows
In which year was the Tay Bridge Disaster? 1879
Which portable, pre-fabricated, truss bridge was developed by the British during World War II for military use? Bailey bridge
What is Britain's longest bridge? Humber Bridge (2220m)
Which Russian actor (1863-1938) developed the concepts behind method acting? Konstantin Stanislavsky
"Skunk Hour" and "Waking In The Blue" were works by which US confessional poet? Lowell
Who wrote "The Castle Of Otranto"? Horace Walpole
Give a year in the life of Canaletto. 1697-1798
Give a year in the life of Cezanne. 1839-1906
Who wrote "The Planet Of Apes" & "Bridge On The River Kwai"? Pierre Boulle
Who wrote several books featuring the hero "Worrals"? WE Johns
Who created the US comic strip 'Pogo'? Walt Kelly
In the US comic strip 'Pogo' what type of animal is the title character? A possum
In which swamp did 'Pogo' live in the eponymous comic strip? Okefenokee
Who wrote "The Big Sleep"? Chandler
Who wrote the novel "Billy Budd"? Hermann Melville
In "Billy Budd" which petty officer is the main antagonist? Claggart
What is the name of Billy Bunter's sister? Bessie
Who wrote the Billy Bunter stories? Frank Richards (real name Charles Hamilton)
Which Dickens novel features Jarndyce vs Jarndyce? Bleak House
Who wrote "The Borrowers"? Mary Norton
Which Ancient Egyptian God supposedly invented writing? Thoth
What was unique about the result of the 1927 FA Cup Final? Only time a non-Eglish team won (Cardiff)
Which US singer shot himself, accidentally apparently, in Houston on Christmas Day 1954? Johnny Ace
In which city was Galen born? Pergamum
What is the name for the book format, usually bound by stacking the pages and fixing one edge, and using a cover thicker than the sheets, which is constructed of a number of sheets of paper, vellum, or similar materials, with hand-written content? Codex
Born in 1921, which US psychiatrist is usually described as the 'father of cognitive therapy'? Aaron Beck
What name is given to an alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book, listing every instance of each word with its immediate context? Concordance
Which informal literary discussion group associated with the University of Oxford in the 30s and 40s, and which included CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein, encouraged fantasy settings and foregrounded narrative? Inklings
Who wrote a novel called "Sir Robert of Paris", set in Byzantine times? Sir Walter Scott
How is the 'Stettin' of Churchill's Iron Curtain speech now known? Szczecin
The Hatay Province is formally - if not (currently) belligerently - contested by which two nations? Turkey and Syria (it is part of Turkey)
In which modern day country is Antioch? Turkey
A term still used by the Catholic Church, what was a 'curia' in Ancient Rome? Council
How is the Arsacid Empire better known? Parthian Empire
Which battle of 28th October 312 saw the followers of rival Roman Emperors Constantine and Maxentius clash, with the former emerging victorious? Battle of the Milvian Bridge
The labarum is a standard that depicts two Greek letters representing who or what? Christ (Chi and Rho)
What, perhaps unwanted, tradition was started by the Italian author Federico Moccia when he depicted characters doing it in the novel "I Want You", which was also later a film? Couples putting padlocks on a bridge and tossing the key in the water
Which Southern Mesopotamian site, 12km SW of Ur, is sometimes held to be the world's oldest city? Eridu
Where did Drake metaphorically "singe the King of Spain's beard" with attacks in April and May 1587? Bay of Cadiz
In which year was the famed Spanish Armada that sailed with the purpose of escorting an army from Flanders to invade England? 1588
Executed for treason in 1601, which former favourite of Elizabeth I was placed under house arrest in 1599 for a poor campaign in Ireland during the Nine Years' War? Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex
Which US state is named after Elizabeth I? Virginia
Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie were shot in 1961 in which notorious murder case? A6 Murder
The Book of Kells is traditionally associated with which saint? Columba
What name was given to Dark Age dwellings, partially or entirely artificial islands, usually built in lakes, rivers and estuarine waters of Scotland and Ireland? Crannogs
Tiger Bay and Butetown are areas in which city? Cardiff
Which king of England imprisoned his brother at Cardiff Castle until the latter's death, aged 83? Henry I (imprisoned Robert Curthose)
"Rain at Auvers" was possibly the last work by which artist? Van Gogh
How is the 7th Marquis of Bute better known? Johnny Dumfries
Where, in the US state of Virginia, is there a 23 mile long bridge-tunnel? Chesapeake Bay
Who designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge? Brunel
In which US state could you now find the old London Bridge? Arizona
Where is the longest continuous bridge over water anywhere in the world? Lake Pontchartrain
Which bridge connects Denmark to Sweden? Oresund
Which animal is nicknamed the 'water hog'? Capybara
Which high speed trains started running from Kent to St Pancras in 2009? Javelins
Which part of the tongue is most sensitive to sweet foods? Tip
Which former MI5 officer went off the rails and claimed to be the new Messiah in 2009? David Shayler
What name is given to the young of rats? Kittens
Sidney Camm designed which all-metal WW2 aeroplane? Hawker Hurricane
What is a bissextile year? Leap year
What is the last holiday in the calendar year for England & Wales? Boxing Day
What does Panzer mean? Coat of mail
Which doctor had a column in the Radio Times, and wrote "Complete Life Plan"? Mark Porter
What is entomophily? Pollination by insects
Which prefix means "one-millionth"? Micro
The Hawker Hurricane was based on which earlier Hawker design? Fury
Which brimless hat with a chequerboard pattern was worn by some Scottish regiments? Glengarry
A 'MICE' is a member of which institute? Civil Engineers
What is a 'stanhope', named after a clergyman who died in 1864? Carriage
A chair is the collective name given to people working with what medium? Glass
Which NYC company patented the fountain pen? Waterman
Which astronaut said "Houston, we have a problem" on Apollo 13? Lovell
Which element has the highest melting point? Carbon
Which two elements have names that differ by just one letter? Hahnium and Hafnium
Which element is a radioactive gas? Radon
Which is the rarest naturally-occurring element on Earth? Astatine
Which element was named after Cyprus? Copper
In which decade was tape recording invented? 1940s (1948, by Ampex)
Who released 1955 album "In The Wee Small Hours"? Frank Sinatra
What was the name of Elvis Presley's first LP? Elvis Presley
Which brothers, Charlie and Ira - the latter a hellraiser who died in a 1965 car crash - were an early prototype for the Everly Brothers, and were later championed by Gram Parsons? Louvin Brothers
Which 1940s-50s singer is perhaps best known for singing "I Wanna Be Like You" in the part of King Louie in the Jungle Book? Louis Prima
What was the real first name of Fats Domino? Antoine
Which jazz tenor saxophonist, associated with Duke Ellington, famously played a 27-chorus solo in the middle of Ellington's "Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue" at the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival? Paul Gonsalvez
Who was Frank Sinatra's first wife? Nancy Barbato
Who was Frank Sinatra's final, and fourth, wife to whom he was married at the time of his death? Barbara Marx
Cat Anderson is best known for playing which instrument? Trumpet
What was Buddy Holly's real name? Charles Hardin Holley
What was Count Basie's real first name? William/Bill
With which instrument is Count Basie most associated? Piano
What was the theme tune of the Count Basie orchestra? One O' Clock Jump
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