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ODW 8.4

Our Digital World 8.4

symmetric encryption A system of encrypting and decrypting data where in the sending and receiving computers each have a matching private key.
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) A robust form of anti-malware program that offers network administrators a set of tools for controlling access to the system and stopping attacks in progress.
anomaly based intrusion detection system One type of intrusion prevention system that detects suspicious content or unexpected traffic using rules (heuristics) about normal system operation rather than patterns or signatures (as with antivirus software).
honeypot As part of a corporate security strategy, a computer set up to be easily hacked into to help identify weaknesses in the system.
social engineer A con artist who employs tactics to trick computer users into giving up valuable information.
biometrics Technology that uses devices such as fingerprint readers or retinal scanners to identify a person by a unique physical characteristic.
spoofing Attempting to gain valuable information via electronic communications by misleading a user as to your identity.
denial-of-service (DoS) attack An attack against a corporate system that slows performance or brings a website down.
disaster recovery plan (DRP) A formal set of policies and procedures that guides the preparation for a possible disaster and subsequent recovery of computer resources and information thereafter.
cold server A spare server used to take over server functions.
warm server A server activated periodically to get backup files from the main server.
hot server A spare server that receives frequent updates and is available to take over if the server it mirrors fails.
failover The process of redirecting users to a hot server.
surge protector Protects an individual device from loss of data caused by a spike in power, such as might occur during a thunderstorm.
uninterruptible power supply (UPS) A battery backup that provides a temporary power supply in case of a power failure.
cyberforensics A field of study or career that involves extracting information from computer storage to be used as evidence in criminal investigations. May involve decrypting encrypted data, or finding residual data on a hard drive that somebody has tried to erase.
mobile forensics The field of study or career that involves finding data saved or sent via a mobile device to use as evidence in criminal prosecutions.
decryption The process of decoding an apparently random sequence of characters into meaningful text. It reverses the process of encryption and takes place as the final step in sending and receiving a secure communication.
digital rights management (DRM) A set of technologies used by owners of digital content to control access to, and reproduction of, their material. It is used primarily to enforce copyright protection for digital content.
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