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ODW 5.3

Our Digital World 5.3

software development life cycle (SDLC) The general flow of creating a new software product; includes performing market research and business analysis, creating a plan and budget for implementing the software, programming, testing, releasing to the public, and then debugging the software.
alpha version The first stage of testing a software product.
beta version The second stage of testing a software product.
release to manufacturing (RTM) version A final version of the software with all identified bugs reconciled so that the software can be duplicated and sold to the public or deployed to internal users.
bug A computer industry term for a flaw or failure in software that causes it not to work as intended.
packaged software Software saved to a physical medium such as a DVD and sold in a box or other package.
software suite A collection of productivity software applications sold as one package that use tools common to all the products in the suite.
web-based software Software that is hosted on an online provider’s website; you access it over the Internet using your browser. This type of software is not installed on your computer.
cloud computing A model of delivery in which software is hosted on a provider’s website and you access it over the Internet using a browser; the source application software does not have to be installed in order to use the software. Also called utility computing.
software as a service (SaaS) A software delivery model where a provider licenses an application to customers to use as a service on demand.
freeware Software that is made available to use free of charge.
shareware Software for which you pay a small fee.
source code The programming code used to build a software product.
open source software A type of software whose source code can be used, edited, and distributed by anybody.
software on demand A software delivery model where a provider licenses an application to customers to use as a service on demand. Also called software as a service (SaaS).
GNU General Public License A policy that specifies polices about creating open source software, including that source code has to be made available to all users and developers.
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