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ODW 5.2

Our Digital World 5.2

productivity software Software applications that people typically use to get work done such as word processing, spread-sheet, database, or presentation software. This type of software is often compiled into suites of applications.
word processor software A type of software used to create documents that include sophisticated text formatting, tables, photos, drawings, and links to online content.
spreadsheet software An application with which you can perform calculations on numbers and display other data. In addi-tion, most spreadsheet products offer sophisticated charting and graphing capabilities.
database software A type of software used to query, organize, sort, and create reports on sets of data such as customer lists. Also called database management system (DBMS).
presentation software Software that enables you to create slideshows that include text, graphics, and multimedia.
calendar software Software designed to schedule appointments or events and to set up reminders.
contact management software A type of software used to store, organize, and retrieve contact information.
customer relationship management (CRM) software A suite of software or online services used to store and organize client and sales prospect information, as well as automating and synchronizing other customer-facing business functions, such as marketing, customer service, and technical support.
graphics software Software that allows you to create, edit, or manipulate images.
desktop publishing (DTP) software Software used to lay out pages for books, magazines, and other print materials such as product pack-aging or brochures.
photo editing software Software designed to enhance photo quality or apply special effects such as blurring elements or feathering the edges of a photo.
screen capture software Software that enables you to capture an entire computer screen or only a portion of it.
multimedia software Software that enables you to work with media, such as animation, audio, or video.
animation software Software used to create a series of moving images.
audio software Software that allows you to record and edit audio files.
podcast A short audio presentation that can be posted online.
video editing software Software used to create and edit video files.
web authoring software A type of software that provides tools for creating and editing web pages.
WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Pronounced wiz-e-wig. A feature of web authoring software that enables it to show onscreen exactly how the file will look when displayed in a web browser.
entertainment software A category of software that includes computer games you play on a computer or game console.
query A question that can be used by database software to return information.
table A row-by-column layout of data.
record A row of data in a table.
field A column of data in a table, which contains similar information.
entry A value entered into one field of a table.
primary key A field that is used to ensure each row of data in a table is unique and to help the database software locate the correct row(s) in response to a query.
relational database A database in which data is arranged into tables that are related on a common field.
Structured Query Language (SQL) The standard language used to query a database. Pronounced "sequel."
edutainment Software and/or media that contain both entertainment and educational value.
web-based training Learning that typically contains a self-directed element and takes place via the web using some combination of text, multimedia, and interactive tools.
MOOC (massive open online course) A free, online course typically with open registration and publically shared curriculum that is objective driven and includes required assessments and some student-student and student-instructor interaction.
Created by: softcrylic