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ODW 4.1

Our Digital World 4.1

firmware Code built into electronic devices that controls those devices and may include instructions to start the system.
system software Software that includes the operating system and utilities for maintaining a computer and its performance.
operating system (OS) A type of software that provides an interface for the user to interact with computer devices and software applications.
utility software A category of system software that you use to optimize and maintain your system performance and provides information about system resources.
Disk Cleanup A utility included with Windows that gets rid of unused files on your hard disk.
booting The process of starting your computer.
cold boot Starting a computer from a no-power state.
warm boot Restarting a computer without turning the power off.
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) A new specification for booting your computer that will eventually replace the aging BIOS firmware and could make booting computers a much faster process.
system files Files that provide instructions needed to run the operating system on your computer.
system configuration The entire computing system, including the identity of the computer, the devices connected to it, and some essential processes that the computer runs.
operating system package Packaged software, such as Windows or Linux, which includes an operating system and utilities (collectively known as system software).
driver Software that allows an operating system to interface with specific hardware, such as a printer or keyboard.
DOS (disk operating system) An early operating system for personal computers which used a command-line interface.
command-line interface Refers to operating systems where you typed in text commands, such as DOS.
graphical user interface (GUI) The visual appearance of an operating system that uses graphical icons, buttons, and windows to display system settings or open documents.
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