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ODW 3.3

Our Digital World 3.3

input device A device that allows a user to put data into a computing device. Translates into electronic (digital) form.
output device A device that allows a computer user to obtain data from a computer. Translates from electronic (digital) form to some other format.
keyboard An input device that consists of keys a user types on to input data.
mouse An input device, referred to as a pointing device, that is able to detect motion in relation to the surface you rest it on and provides an onscreen pointer representing that motion.
infrared (IR) technology A technology that enables transfer of data over short distances using light waves in the infrared spectrum.
touchscreen A visual display that permits the user to interact with a digital device by touching various areas on the screen to provide input, and view information onscreen as output.
stylus A device, usually with a rubber tip, used to tap on a touchscreen.
digital pen A device used to write or draw on a touchscreen.
touchpad A type of flat mouse or pointing device often used in laptop computers, which senses finger movement.
scanner A peripheral input device used to create an electronic file from a hard copy document.
webcam Video cameras that are either built into your computer monitor or that you purchase separately and mount on your computer.
gaming device A piece of equipment such as an Xbox that allows a user to play a computer game using software or an online connection.
wired data gloves Equipment worn on the hands that allows users to communicate with a virtual reality system.
microphone An input device for sound.
MID (mobile Internet device) A category of devices that fall between netbooks and phones, putting the Internet in a pocket-sized form.
assistive technology A device that enables physically challenged computer users to control their computer through actions such as puffing or using a stick.
bar code reader An input device that optically scans a series of lines, or a bar code, using a light beam.
RFID reader An input device often used in retail or manufacturing settings to scan an embedded tag using radio frequency.
keystroke logging software A kind of malware that is used to track the keystrokes typed by a computer user.
monitor A visual output device that displays data and information as well as provides the ability to view the computer’s interface.
speaker A device that provides audio output.
Bluetooth headset A wireless headset that can receive data (including sound) from Bluetooth-enabled devices.
TFT active matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) The most prevalent type of monitor technology used today. It uses a thin film transistor (TFT) to display your computer’s contents.
LED display A type of monitor that uses light-emitting diodes, saving power and delivering a high-quality image.
plasma display A flat panel display, mainly used for televisions. This type of monitor uses a great deal of power, but has a very true level of color reproduction compared to an LCD monitor.
surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) A display technology that uses nanoscopic electron emitters (extremely tiny wires smaller than human hairs) to send electrons that illuminate a thin screen.
organic light emitting diode (OLED) A display technology that projects light through an electroluminescent (a blue/red/green–emitting), thin film layer made of up of organic materials.
printer A peripheral device used to produce printed output, sometimes called hardcopy.
photo printer An output device that allows you to print high-quality photos directly from a camera’s flash memory to the printer without having to upload the photos to a computer first.
thermal printer A type of printer that heats coated paper to produce output.
plotter An output device used to print large blueprints and other design or engineering documents.
fax machine A device used to transmit a facsimile (copy) of a document to another location using a phone line.
3-D printing The process of using a specialized printer to create 3-D objects from digital models.
liquid crystal display (LCD) projector A device that projects light through panels made of silicone colored red, green, and blue. The light passing through these panels displays an image on a surface such as a screen or wall.
document camera An output device that is often used in educational settings to display text from a book, slides, a 3-D object, or any other printed material.
interactive whiteboard (IWB) A display device that receives input from the computer keyboard, a stylus, a finger, a tablet, or other device.
virtual reality system A system that creates a simulated world by connecting the user and computer and allowing both input and output in various forms. Can be used to create sophisticated training programs such as those used by pilots, doctors, and astronauts.
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