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WVSOM -- Physio

WVSOM -- Flux of electrolytes and water

How much fluid enters small intestine? 7-10L
How much fluid enters colon? 600ml
Whow much fluid is excreted? 100ml
Where is most of the water absorbed? small intestine
In what is tehre a net absorption? Na, Cl and water
What is there a net secretion of? K and HCO3
What are the 5 mechanisms of Na reabsorption? 1. co-transport with sugars or amino acids 2. thru Na channels (colon) 3. Co-transport with Cl- 4. Counter-transport with H 5. Solvent drag (significant in duodenum and jejunum); less so elsewhere
In the proximal bowel, what kind of transport predominates? counter transport with H, and co-transport with solutes (sugars adn AA) predominates
How is Cl absorbed in teh ileum? along the electrical gradient
What is Na co-transported with in the ileum? Cl-
What kind of exhange occurs in the distal ileum and increases in the colon? chloride/HCO3-
NA/H, Cl/HCO3 Counter transport exchange occurs in the distal ileum and increases in the colon
How is K absorbed in the small inetestine? by passive diffusion thru paracellular spaces
Where is there a net absorption and net secretion of K? Net absorption in small intestine Net secretion in colon
What is the primary mechanism of Na in the colon? Na channels are under teh control of mineralocorticoids (aldosterone).
What happens to K in the colon? can be absorbed or secreted depending on the luminal content.
What does aldosterone do? Promotes Na absorption and K secretion. Increases Na channel activity, K channel activity and increases activity of the basolateral Na/K pump
What is K secretion dependent on? increased flow rate increases K secretion as in diarrhea
Where is most water absorbed? small intestine
What is the major source of water adn electrolytes in diarrheic stool small intestine
Why does rpolonged diarrhea result in hypokalemic metabolic acidosis? Because of teh secretion of K and the exchange of Cl for HCO3 in the colon
What does cAMP, cGMP, and CA++ do to K secretion? increases K secretion
How do Epsom salt laxative work? Hypertonic in the colon and thus draws water into the gut.
Name two conditions that could lead to an osmotic diarrhea and explain how this happens. Lactase deficiency and protozan. Things that will destroy the brush border and wipe out the enzymes needed for carbohydrate and protein digestion leaving the stuff in the gut lumen.
Give examples where cAMP, cGMP and Ca++ can open the Cl channel at the apical membranes. CFTR Prancreatic ductal Cl- channels Cl- channels in colon
What are normal secretogues? ACH (inc. Ca) Secretin and VIP (inc. cAMP)
What are abnormal secretogues Cholera (inc. cAMP) E. coli (inc. cAMP)
Oral rehydration therapy utilizes the co-transport of Na with solutes (sugar and AA) to increase water absorption in the small intestine.
Created by: tjamrose