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Act 1 warm-up words

gold yellowish precious metal
lustrous shining or bright
miser stingy person who hoards his or hers wealth
penance voluntary act to show that one is sorry for a misdeed
perfection condition of being perfect or excellent
replenish to make full or complete again by supplying a new stock.
resolute determined, unwavering
shrivels wrinkles or becomes withered or shrunken
bleak cold, harsh, or dreary
dismal gloomy, miserable
establishment business; public or private structures.
grindstone flat millstone for grinding grain into flour.
impropriety improper action or behavior
neglected not properly cared for; ignored
surviving remaining alive; still living or existing
welfare well-being
fortune wealth, riches.
heartily sincerely and fully
poem a written piece that presents a powerful image or feeling, sometimes in rhyming, rhythmic words.
praise to express approval or admiration
recollect to remember
thoughtful meditative or full of thought
unaltered unchanged
value the worth of a thing
beggars people who beg or ask for charity.
consequnces a result of an action
nasty very ill-humored or unpleasant
odious arousing or deserving of hatred or disgust.
preserved saved or maintained
refuge a safe place or shelter from danger
resource something that can be drawn upon if needed.
workhouse poorhouse
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