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GK 5


Tinian Island, from which Enola Gay took off en route to bomb Hiroshima, is part of which US territory? Northern Mariana Islands
What is 'The Sky At Night''s theme tune? At The Castle Gate by Sibelius
Who played the title character in 'Veronica Mars'? Kristen Bell
What are the start and end points of the Severn Valley Railway? Kidderminster, Bridgnorth
Which national trail runs between Ivinghoe Beacon and Overton Hill? The Ridgeway
Former PM Gordon Brown and Kenny Dalglish were both born in which city? Glasgow
Which London museum was founded by a tea magnate in 1901 in Forest Hill, and was designed in the Arts and Crafts style by Charles Harrison Townsend? Horniman Museum
On which horse did Lester Piggott first win the Derby, in 1954? Never Say Die
Which suffragette famously died at the 1913 Derby by running in the path of the horses? Emily Davison
In McManus's cartoon "Bringing Up Father", what was "father's" name? Jiggs
In McManus's cartoon "Bringing Up Father", to whom was father married? Maggie
Who painted "The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888)"? Alma-Tadema
Who wrote the novel "Angel Pavement"? JB Priestley
Which pig was the leader in "Animal Farm"? Napoleon
Who wrote "Anna Of The Five Towns"? Arnold Bennett
In criminology, what is an "inchoate offence"? An offence (such as incitement or conspiracy) anticipating or preparatory to a further criminal act
What is the alternative name for a wolverine? Glutton
Which disease causes the roots of brassicas (eg cabbage) to swell? Club Root
Which Indian-made car was unveiled in January 2008 as "the least expensive car in the world"? Tata Nano
Which white frothy liquid is produced on plants by the frog hopper insect? Cuckoo spit
How did Barnes Wallis assist the 'Dambusters' raid? Designed the 'bouncing bomb'
Which constellation bears the popular name 'Charioteer'? Auriga
Which is the biggest 'centaur' in the Solar System? Chiron
How is hydroxybenzene better known? Phenol, or carbolic acid
Who died on Loch Ness in 1952, trying to set a water speed record? John Cobb
What type of stamps first went on sale in the UK in 1966, and have been sold every year since? Christmas stamps
Which Mars canyon is over 4000km long? Valles Marineris
The TATA OneCAT is a car that runs on what? Compressed air
What is the legal term for someone authorised to stand in another's place? Proxy
What type of hat is traditionally worn by a town crier? Tricorn
What was the name of the dog sent into space in 1957? Laika
Which company used the slogan "more experienced than our name suggests"? Virgin Atlantic
Which spectacular comet was the brightest of the 20th century, best seen and passing perihelion in 1997? Hale-Bopp
What make of washers were used by Britain's first launderette, that opened in 1949? Bendix
Which shipyard built the QE2? John Brown's
Which fine-grained metamorphic rock can be split into thin layers and used for roofing etc? Slate
What do Americans call a flick knife? Switchblade
Which disease is also called lockjaw? Tetanus
Who set the record for the longest time continuously spent in space by an individual in human history by spending 437 days on 'Mir'? Valeri Polyakov
The spectacled bear is native to which continent? South America
Which is the last period of the Paleozoic Era? Permian
A member of CARD (1964-67) campaigned against what? Racial Discrimination
What is the inverse Tan of 1 in degrees? 45 degrees
What is the log base 10 of 100? Two
Which common metallic element has the atomic number 12? Magnesium
Who manufactured the 'Lincoln' aircraft? Avro
What is a 'wildcat well'? Exploratory well for oil or gas
In 2014, the Kurdish minority Yazidi group were surrounded by ISIS on which mountain in Iraq? Sinjar
Religious group the Yazidis generally refuse to wear which colour? Blue
Dabiq is the online magazine of who? ISIL/ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant)
Of what are PANAS and SWANE measuring devices? Well-being/happiness
Almedalen Week is an important political forum in which country? Sweden
What is the capital of the Faroe Islands? Torshavn
Located on the Kamchatka peninsula, what is the highest active volcano in Eurasia? Klyuchevskaya Sopka
What is third most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg? Novosibirsk
Who wrote the 1884 novel 'A Rebours'? Joris-Karl Huysmans
Emile Bernard, Gustave Moreau and Pierre Puvis De Chevannes were all artists associated with which style or movement? Symbolism
What was 'Art Nouveau' called in Germany? Jugendstil
Give either of artist James Whistler's middle names. Abbott or McNeill
Give a year in the life of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. 1760-1849
Which genre of woodblock prints and paintings, with a name translating as 'pictures of the floating world', flourished in Japan from the 17th through 19th centuries? Ukiyo-e
Anton Karas, famous for his 'The Third Man' soundtrack, was an accomplished player of which instrument, perhaps best known for its use as the Harrly Lime theme? Zither
Who wrote the songs "Baby It's Cold Outside", "If I Were A Bell" and "A Bushel and A Beck"? Fran Loesser
In which year was the BBC Home Service radio station introduced? 1939
What was Radio 2's original name, when it started broadcasting in 1945? Light Programme
Incorporated into Radio 3 in 1970, in which year did the BBC Third programme radio station start? 1947
What was renamed Radio 4 in 1967? BBC Home Service
In which year did Radio Luxembourg launch its weekly 'hit parade', the first time such a concept had been trialled? 1948
In which year was the BBC radio show "Pick Of The Pops" last broadcast? 1972
Who composed the signature tune of "Pick Of The Pops", called "At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal"? Bryan Fahey
Who sang the famous version of "Singin In The Rain" in the eponymous 1952 film musical? Gene Kelly
On which radio station did 'Opportunity Knocks' start off life, in 1949? Radio Luxembourg
Who was the first winner of 'Opportunity Knocks' in 1949, who later went on to spend 10 weeks at No.1 in the UK with 'Cara Mia' in 1954? David Whitfield
What is the medical name for goosebumps? Horropilation
The Dorset Iron Age tribe the Durotriges had the largest capital in the whole of the British Isles at the time - what is it called nowadays? Maiden Castle
Their name deriving from a Celtic word meaning 'hill' which Iron Age tribe dominated Northern England? Brigantes
The legendary Finn MacCool belonged to which real historical group, whose task was to guard Celtic-era kings, and whose name was later appropriated for an independence movement? Fenians
The first British hit parade had 12 singles - who sung three of them? Vera Lynn
Who had a UK number 1 with "Dreamboat"? Alma Cogan
Elvis Presley's legendary first recordings were made in 1954 in which Memphis studios? Sun
What was the name of Elvis Presley's stillborn twin brother? Jesse
What was Jerry Lee Lewis' first hit? Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On
What was Jerry Lee Lewis' (possibly apt, given the mysterious circumstances of the death of one of his wives) nickname? The Killer
Who said that "rock n' roll is....the martial music of every sideburned delinquent"? Frank Sinatra
What was Little Richard's last name? Perriman
In which city was Chuck Berry born? St Louis
"Say Man" which got to No. 20 in the US, was the only Top 20 hit - in the US or the UK - for which legendary performer? Bo Diddley
What characteristic is shared by all actinide elements? Radioactivity
Name any 4 of the 6 elements that are collectively known as non-metals? C, N, O, Se, S, P
A radian is equal to how many degrees, to the nearest degree? 57
Which elements, chemically very similar, occupy positions 57-71 on the Periodic Table? Lanthanides
The first two columns of the Periodic Table are occupied by elements that fill which type of electron orbital? s-type
The third to twelfth columns of the Periodic Table are occupied by elements that fill which type of electron orbital? f-type
The last six columns of the Periodic Table are occupied by elements that fill which type of electron orbital? p-type
The rare earth elements of the Periodic Table that fill which type of electron orbital? d-type
Element 100 (atomic number 100) Fermium belongs to which group of elements? Actinides
How was Terry Nelhams better known? Adam Faith
Who had No 1 hits in the UK with "Cumberland Gap" and "Gamblin' Man"? Lonnie Donegan
Who had a 1958 hit with "Move It"? Cliff Richard
What was Billy Fury's biggest UK hit, reaching No. 4 in the charts? Halfway To Paradise
What was the name of Vince Taylor's backing group? The Playboys
Which 1950s singer was reputedly the inspiration for David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust"? Vince Taylor
What was Hank Marvin's real name? Brian Rankin
Jet Harris and Tony Meehan were both members of which band? The Shadows
Which art group was formed in Dresden in 1905 and included Kirchner, Bleyl, Heckel and Schmidt-Rottluff? Die Brucke (The Bridge)
Filippo Marinetti's Futurist manifesto was published on the front page of which newspaper in 1909? Le Figaro
Kasimir Malevich was the originator of which artistic movement? Suprematism
The artists Arp, Tzara, Janco, Ball, Richter and Picabia all belonged to which movement? Dadaism
The artists Tzara and Janco were both of which nationality? Romanian
The artists Arp, Duchamp, Tzara, Dali, Magritte, Breton, Ernst and Crevel are all associated with which movement? Surrealism
The Dadaist movement was founded in which city? Zurich
What was the first publication of the Dadist movement? Cabaret Voltaire
Which Dali painting featured melting watches? The Persistence Of Memory
Who had US hits with both "Crying In The Chapel" and "It's Too Soon To Know"? The Orioles
Who had a massive 1956 hit with "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", selling 2 million copies? Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers
Who had a 1959 hit with "Since I Don't Have You", later covered by Guns N' Roses? The Skyliners
Who were Maurice Williams' backing group? The Zodiacs
Who had a hit with "Voice In The Wilderness" in the 1950s? Cliff Richard
What is the surname of the US singer-songwriter known as Dion? DiMucci
Which singer experienced double tragedy when his wife died in a motorbike accident in 1966, and his two eldest sons in a 1969 fire? Roy Orbison
Which singer, who committed suicide in 1990, had hits with "Keep Searchin'" and "Stranger In Town"? Del Shannon
The Yanomani people live on the border of which two countries? Venezuela and Brazil
Which biological phenomenon occurs when predators in a food web suppress the abundance or alter traits (e.g., behaviour) of their prey, thereby releasing the next level from predation? Trophic cascade
Manx and sooty are species of which bird? Shearwater
The Cantabrian Sea is part of which body of water? Bay of Biscay
What type of animal is the greater weever? Fish
Who had hits with "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Then He Kissed Me"? The Crystals
Which 1960s girl group had hits with "Be My Baby" and "Baby I Do"? The Ronettes
Which building, located at 1619 Broadway on 49th Street in the New York City borough of Manhattan was reknowned for a flourishing songwriting industry? Brill Building
Which song reached No 5 in the USA for Dion And The Belmonts and No 2 in the UK for Marti Wilde? Teenager In Love
Who had the original hit with "The Locomotion"? Little Eva
Which geographical feature was named after the mythical father of Theseus? Aegean Sea (Aegeus)
What is the correct name of the Mendelssohn overture commonly known as "Fingal's Cave"? The Hebrides
From which larger work is Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight Of The Bumblebee" taken? Tsar Sultan
Which musician's real name was Ellas Otha Bates? Bo Diddley
How is Beethoven's Bagatelle No. 25 in A Minor better known? Fur Elise
Which musician wrote the song "Running Bear"? The Big Bopper
How does Schubert's "Die Forelle" translate? The Trout
Who had a 1970 Number 1 with "All Kinds Of Everything"? Dana
Which musical features the song "Sabine Women"? Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
What type of fruit or vegetable is a "Howgate Wonder"? Apple
What type of fruit or vegetable is a "Pentland Javelin"? Potato
Who was the daughter of Pasiphae, and the wife of the Greek God Dionysus? Ariadne
In some Greek myths, Poseidon married which sea-nymph? Amphitrite
What colour is peridot? Greenish-yellow
Which musical features the song "People Will Say We're In Love"? Oklahoma
Which Doors keyboard player released an album based on the Carmina Burana? Ray Manzarek
Give a year during the War of The Spanish Succession. 1702-13
Which treaty concluded the War of The Spanish Succession? Utrecht
Madame de Pompadour was a mistress of which French king? Louis XV
Cardinal Richelieu was the trusted advisor of which French king? Louis XIII
What was the original name of Paris's Place De La Concorde? Place Louis XV
Where are the Petit and Grand Trianons? Versailles
Which area of France was nominally independent from 1737 to 1766, ruled by Stanisław Leszczyński, the former king of Poland ? Lorraine
Which Admiral commanded the British fleet at the 1759 Battle of Quiberon Bay? Sir Edward Hawke
What was referred to by Voltaire in 'Candide' as no more than 'a few acres of snow'? Canada
Which three 'critiques' did Kant publish between 1781 and 1790? Of Pure Reason; Of Practical Reason; Of Judgement
Where was Immanuel Kant born? Konigsberg
Who was Bertrand Russell's godfather? John Stuart Mill
Which British political economist (1772-1823) came up with the theory of comparative advantage? David Ricardo
Which French New Wave director directed Les Biches (1968), La Femme Infidele (1969), and Le Boucher (1970)? Claude Chabrol
The notorious 'Downtown Eastside' district, where serial killer Robert William Pickton picked up several of his victims, is in which city? Vancouver
In which country is Lake Mungo? Australia (it is, incidentally, dry)
What was the original name of the ship The Golden Hind? The Pelican
What is the largest town on the island of Elba? Portoferraio
What type of mineral are stalagmites and stalactites comprised of? Calcium carbonate
Which two shipping forecast areas border Scotland's East Coast to the west, and Forties to the east? Cromarty, Forth
Which two shipping forecast areas border Denmark? Fisher, German Bight
Which shipping forecast area lies due south of South Utsire? Fisher
Which shipping forecast area lies between Forth and Humber? Tyne
Which shipping forecast area lies due south of Forties? Dogger
Bouvet Island, the world's most remote island, is owned by which country? Norway
Which is the largest of the Aeolian Islands? Lipari
Which shipping forecast area lies between Shannon and Bailey? Rockall
Which shipping forecast area lies due north of Ireland? Malin
Which shipping forecast area contains the Isle of Man? Irish Sea
Which shipping forecast area lies due south of Ireland, between Shannon and Lundy? Fastnet
Which shipping forecast area lies north of Malin, and south of both Faeroes and Fair Isle? Hebrides
The US Vice-President's residence, in the US Naval Observatory Grounds, is on which road or street? Massachussetts Avenue
St Lucia and Dominica are both part of which group of islands? Windward Islands
What is the surname of Lucy from Peanuts? Van Pelt
Which 'Peanuts' character carries a blanket? Linus
Which cartoonist devised 'The Perishers'? Dodd
Who was the sheepdog in 'The Perishers'? Boot
Who wrote "Barchester Towers"? Trollope
What was Jackson Pollock's nickname? Jack The Dripper
In which country was the painter Arshile Gorky born? Armenia
Who painted "The Light Of The World"? Holman Hunt
In the cartoons, who is Modesty Blaise's trusty sidekick? Garvin
In 'The Perishers', Boot is whose dog? Wellington
How many fleches are there on a backgammon board? 24
The infamous swimmer 'Eric the Eel' represented which country? Equatorial Guinea
Give a year in the life of Seneca. 5BC - 65AD
Pocahontas belonged to which Native Indian tribe? Powhatan
Which Englishman did Pocahontas marry? John Rolfe
All Pueblo infants are given what in tribute to legendary mothers? Ear of corn
The Nuu-chah-nulth, or Nootka, are Native Americans who inhabit which area? Pacific North-West
Which confederation are also called the Haudenosaunee? Iroquois
Which term is traditionally used to mean a person of combined European and Native American descent? Mestizo/mestiza
In which century did Adam Smith publish his "Wealth Of Nations"? Eighteenth (1776)
In which year was the notorious Salem witch hunt? 1692
Which minister (February 12, 1663 – February 13, 1728) was known for his voracious support for the Salem witch trials? Cotton Mather
What two-word term in law refers to a married woman protected legally by her husband? Feme Covert
Who wrote "Two Treatises On Government" in 1690? Locke
DNA evidence has, in modern times, suggested which US President fathered a child with the slave Sally Hemings? Thomas Jefferson
What was the forename of US President, John Adams' wife? Abigail
What was the forename of Thomas Jefferson's wife, who died aged just 34? Martha
Name any two of the five Native American tribes forcibly relocated by the Trail Of Tears. Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw
Keokuk and Black Hawk were famous leaders of which Native American nation? Sauk
Which Act adopted by Congress in 1887, authorized the President of the United States to survey American Indian tribal land and divide it into allotments for individual Indians? Dawes Act
Who wrote the 1309 treatise "On World Government"? Dante Alighieri
Which two Kings signed the 1502 "Treaty Of Perpetual Peace"? James IV of Scotland and Henry VII of England
Which jurist in the Dutch Republic (10 April 1583 – 28 August 1645) helped to lay the foundations for international law, based on natural law? Hugo Grotius
Which musical features the song "When The Children Are Asleep"? Carousel
Plant, Page & Bonham were in which band before they became founders of Led Zeppelin? The Yardbirds
What type of rice is traditionally used to make a risotto? Arborio
Which musical features the tune "We're In The Money"? 42nd Street
What is apostasy? The abandoning of faith
The Reverend HF Lyte wrote what just three weeks before his death from TB? Abide With Me (hymn)
Give a year in the life of composer Alfred Schoenberg. 1874-1951
Who wrote the oratorio "A Child Of Our Time"? Michael Tippett
Wes Montgomery achieved fame by playing which instrument? Guitar
Who had a big hit with "The Gambler", winning a Grammy, and reaching No. 22 in the UK? Kenny Rogers
Which composer (1885-1935) was a pupil of Schoenberg? Alban Berg
In the Bible, which Roman soldier pierced Christ's side? Longinus
On which traditional tune is "Danny Boy" based? Londonderry Air
Whose 2009 album was "Together Through Life"? Bob Dylan
A dish served "Du Barry" always contains what? Cauliflower
Yellow Leg, Amethyst Deceiver and Horn Of Plenty are all types of what? Mushroom
What is the rarely-used full name of the cello? Violoncello
Who narrated Jeff Wayne's 1970 album "The War Of The Worlds"? Richard Burton
Which massively-attended religious festival takes place in India's Madhya Pradesh once every 12 years? Kumbh Mela
Herb Alpert became famous for playing which instrument? Trumpet
Who had a hit in 1962 with "Nut Rocker"? B Bumble And The Stingers
Whose hit, often played at Halloween, was "Monster Mash"? Bobby Picket And The Crypt Kickers
Who was the BBC concert orchestra's first female conductor? Ann Dudley
Which two world-famous singers collaborated on "Disco La Passione"? Chris Rea, Shirley Bassey
Whose first hit, released in 1984, was "Your Love Is King"? Sade
Who composed the opera "Boris Gudonov"? Mussorgsky
What was the composer Mussorgsky's first name? Modest
Who provided words to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony? Schiller
Of what does Amaretto taste? Almonds (tho it is made with apricots)
Kirsch uses which fruit in its production? Cherries
Who said "Claret is for boys, port for men, but brandy for heroes"? Samuel Johnson
What were pillar boxes' original colour? Green
Which letter was the first to be sent in the first Transatlantic radio transmission? S
In which country were love letters sent in pink envelopes allowed a reduced postage rate? Venezuela
The first Royal Mail delivery ran between which two places? Bath to London
When was the UK's first telephone directory produced? 1880
Who famously devised the 'Penny Post'? Rowland Hill
Which analogue television system was formerly used in most of the Americas? NTSC (National Television System Committee)
What does the computer language COBOL stand for? Common Business Oriented Language
Which element has the atomic number 50? Tin
A dodecahedron has how many plane faces? 12
Which Platonic figure has exactly 20 plane faces? Icosahedron
In which UK town did Robert Thom pioneer water treatment? Paisley
Which element has the atomic number 31? Gallium
What name is given to a fox's home? Earth
What name is given to the place where a mole lives? Fortress
Which Trevithick locomotive travelled between merthy Tydfil and Abercynnon? Pen-y-darren
In 1825, Stephenson's locomotive "Locomotion" carried 450 people between which two places? Stockton and Darlington
In which year were the Rainhill Trials? 1829
George Cayley (1773-1857) is credited with being the first man to develop what? A glider
How is ploytetrafluorethylene better known? Teflon
How many runs are scored in a baseball 'Grand Slam'? Four
Into which body of water does the River Trent flow? Humber Estuary
Which summer Olympic sport takes place on a piste? Fencing
Which composer wrote the operas "Der Freischutz", "Oberon" and "Euryanthe"? Weber
In "Pride & Prejudice", how many sisters did Elizabeth Bennet have? Four
What name is given to a lady's formal short jacket, without sleeves, worn over a blouse, not reaching the waist, nor meeting in front? Bolero
What is the capital of the US state Nebraska? Lincoln
The Pollack belongs to which fish family? Cod or Gadidae
What is the highest peak in the Cairngorms? Ben Macdui
From which tennis Grand Slam was John McEnroe expelled for swearing in 1990? Australian Open
Why was Mohammed Ali stripped of his World Heavyweight Boxing Title in 1967? Refusing to do military service
Who was the first snooker player to win all of the then-nine ranking tournaments? Stephen Hendry
For which football team did Jimmy Greaves make his debut in 1957? Chelsea
In which sport was Vera Caslavska a World and Olympic champion? Gymnastics
Which female athlete (1918-2004) was nicknamed "The Flying Housewife"? Fanny Blankers-Koen
Which athlete is, as of 2015, the only British track and field competitor to win medals at three different Olympic Games? Steve Backley
Which revolt occurred in Kenya between 1952 and 1960? Mau Mau Uprising/Revolt
Dolomite is used as an ore for which metal? Magnesium
In which town is Robert the Bruce buried? Dunfermline
Which are the three kingdoms in Africa? Lesotho, Swaziland, Morocco
Which of the prophets is said to have written the Biblical book of Lamentations? Jeremiah
Bedford Giant, Himalaya Giant and Oregon Thornless are all varieties of which fruit? Blackberry
Mark Knopfler was the lead singer of which band? Dire Straits
John Fogerty was the lead singer of which band? Creedence Clearwater Revival
What does ISDN stand for? Integrated Digital Services Network
What does ISBN stand for? International Standard Book Number
How many gates are there on the Thames Barrier? Ten
When was work on the Thames Barrier completed? 1982
Luxor and Karnak stand on the site of which Ancient Egyptian city? Thebes
Japan's main port city, what is also the country's second-largest city after Tokyo? Yokohama
The football team Grampus (formerly Grampus Eight) are based in which city? Nagoya
In which city is the largest department store in the world? Busan (South Korea)
What was the largest department store in the world from 1924 to 2009? Macy's (Herald Square, New York)
Give a year in the life of William Blake. 1757-1827
The football team Penarol pay in which country? Uruguay
What is the total value of the coloured balls in snooker, not including the reds? 27
Where is the "Attila Line"? Cyprus, dividing north and south
What was both the first, and last, European colony in China? Macau
On a dartboard, which number lies between 18 and 13? 4
Which is the only London borough to include land on both sides of the Thames? Richmond
Which English King's only legitimate son drowned when the 'White Ship' sank? Henry I
Which was the last musical to win a Best Picture Oscar before 'Chicago' won in 2002? Oliver!
Who was Mary, Queen of Scots' second husband? Lord Darnley
With reference to playing cards, how are court cards known in the USA? Face cards
Who did Jimmy Carter succeed as US President? Gerald Ford
What is the name of the bell used at Lloyd's of London? Lutine Bell
In which year did Mussolini invade Ethiopia? 1935
Which group of people were subject to an 1829 British Emancipation Act? Roman Catholics
Who (1898-2001) established the Royal Ballet, the Royal Ballet School, and the Birmingham Royal Ballet? Ninette De Valois
What are the names of the two towers of the Palace of Westminister? St Stephen's Tower and the Victoria (or Central) Tower
How many imperial gallons are in a barrel of oil? 35
How many gallons are in a US barrel of oil? 42
What was presented to Louis XIV of France by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in 1669? Hope Diamond
Whose first play was 1957's "The Room"? Harold Pinter
What is the name of the rake in Hogarth's "The Rake's Progress"? Tom Rakewell
What is 'papering the house' in the theatre? Filling the theatre with guests on complimentary tickets
What is the first book in Galsworthy's "Forsyte Saga"? A Man Of Property
What is the last book in Galsworthy's "Forsyte Saga"? To Let
Which real-life island is the setting for Conrad's "Almayer's Folly" and "An Outcast Of The Islands"? Borneo
Which mythological creature did DH Lawrence adopt as a personal symbol? Phoenix
Which work has the epigraph "only connect"? Howards End
What nationality was the sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti? Swiss
Usually created out of wood, her sculptures appear puzzle-like, with multiple intricately cut pieces placed into wall sculptures or independently standing pieces, often monochromatic and 3-D - which US sculptor (1899-1988)? Louise Nevelson
What nationality was the female sculptor Germaine Richier? French
Which Austrian (1899-1957) illustrated works by Dostoyevsky and Edgar Allan Poe, and himself wrote Die andere Seite (The Other Side), a Kafkaesque novel? Alfred Kubin
Who wrote 1915's "The Golem"? Gustav Meyrink
Which Belgian-born poet, writer and painter wrote Miserable Miracle and The Major Ordeals of the Mind and the Countless Minor Ones? HenrI Michaux
What was the name of the daughter of Whitney Houston who was found unresponsive in a bathtub in 2015? Bobbi Kristina Brown
Who wrote The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, on which the famous ballet The Nutcracker is based? ETA Hoffmann
Which Von Eichendorff work sees the protagonist leaves his father's mill and become a gardener at a Viennese castle where he falls in love with the daughter of the duke? Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts ( Of the Life of a Good-For-Nothing
Der Blonde Eckbert was a fairytale by which German founder of the Romantic movement (1773-1853)? Ludwig Tieck
Madame d'Aulnoy was the first person to coin what term for a particular literary genre? Fairy tale
Who wrote "The Singing Bone"? The Brothers Grimm
What was the pseudonym of German philosopher Salomo Friedlander? Mynona
What is the surname of the family owners of Longleat? Thynne
In which city is Wren's Sheldonian Theatre? Oxford
On which island is Fingal's Cave located? Staffa
In which county is Papworth Hospital? Cambridgeshire
Foolow, a village famed for lead mining activities, is in which county? Derbyshire
Which Notts town claims to contain "The Original Bramley Apple Tree", with the first Bramley cooking apple seeded there by Mary Ann Brailsford in 1809? Southwell
In which county is Brodsworth Hall? South Yorkshire
Which Danish town is the nearest one to Legoland? Billund
Mannington, Horton and Heaton are all areas of which city? Bradford
Which famous person lived at Gad's Hill Place, also the location of his death? Charles Dickens
In which county is Tolpuddle? Dorset
Andover is in which English county? Hampshire
Which river is crossed by the famous Ironbridge at Coalbookdale in Shropshire? Severn
German-born US inventor Emile Berliner is most famous for which invention? Disc record/disc record phonograph
Who once sung with both 'The Hoboken Four' and 'The Pied Pipers'? Frank Sinatra
Of what were 78rpm records made, a product secreted by a near-namesake bug in Asia? Shellac (bug is the lac bug)
Who released 2013's "Where Are We Now?" from album "The Next Day"? David Bowie
Who released a 2012 album of greatest hits called "Grrr!"? The Rolling Stones
Romy Madley Smith and Oliver Sim are members of which band? The xx
Whose 17th studio album was entitled "Wrecking Ball"? Bruce Springsteen
Who released a debut album called 'Innerspeaker' and a follow-up called "Lonerspeak"? Tame Impala
How is singer Elizabeth Woolridge Grant better known? Lana Del Rey
Which two albums won Mercury Prize Awards for PJ Harvey? Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (2000)and Let England Shake (2011)
Which words appear on Brazil's flag? Ordem e Progresso
What colour flame is produced when copper is burned? Blue
What colour flame is produced when sodium is burned? Yellow
Who (1824-1887) coined the term 'black body radiation' and has two sets of laws - one in circuit theory, and one in spectroscopy - named after him? Gustav Kirchhoff
What was the first name of the man who devised the eponymous Bunsen burner? Robert (Bunsen)
Arsenic and lead both produce flames of which colour when burned? Blue
What name, after a German optician and chemist, is given to the dark absorption lines in the Sun's spectrum? Fraunhofer lines
Why do absorption lines appear in the Sun's spectrum? Light emitted from inner part of the Sun as hotter than surroundings; outer part is cooler than middle and thus absorbs them
In the Doppler effect, blueshift tells us that a body is travelling in which direction? Towards the observer (blue light is of shorter wavelength than red)
Measured in joules per second, which astronomical term is the total amount of energy emitted by a star, galaxy, or other astronomical object per unit time? Luminosity
How is the surface area of a sphere calculated from its radius? 4pi x radius squared
Which British-American astronomer (May 10, 1900 – December 7, 1979) first worked out the chemical composition of stars in her 1925 PhD paper? Cecilia Payne
Where is the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the USA? Yellowstone NP
Which cave contains the world's oldest known cave art? El Castillo, Spain
What is the capital of Cantabria? Santander
What term is used for the oldest stone tool industry in prehistory, occurring in Africa 2.6 million years ago up until 1.7 million years ago, by ancient hominins? Oldowan
Why does cooking food make it easier to digest? Breaks down proteins
Who coined the phrase "a little learning is a dangerous thing"? Alexander Pope
The line in Shakespeare "the poor world is only 6000 years old", reflecting contemporary views, appears in which play? As You Like It
In which range of hills is Cheddar Gorge? Mendips
What now stands at the site of the former Tyburn gallows in London? Marble Arch
Which body of water separates New Guinea and Australia? Torres Strait
Which South African province was named on Christmas Day 1497 by Vasco Da Gama? Natal
Which long tunnel, that connects Switzerland and Italy, opened in 1905? Simplon
Which disused military installation in the sea off Suffolk declared independence in 1967? Sealand
The Humber estuary is formed by which two rivers? Ouse, Trent
Which London Street, in Mayfair, is known principally for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men? Savile Row
Which river flows into the Severn Estuary at Newport? Usk
The Equator passes through which two Asian countries? Maldives, Indonesia
What is the highest point on the Isle of Wight? St Boniface Down
Which educator founded Gordonstoun? Kurt Hahn
What is the capital of South Dakota? Pierre
What is the capital of Tennessee? Nashville
What is the capital of Texas? Austin
What is the capital of Utah? Salt Lake City
What is the capital of Vermont? Montpelier
What is the nickname of the US state of Virginia? Old Dominion State
What is the nickname of the US state of West Virginia? Mountain State
What is the nickname of the US state of Washington? Evergreen State
What is the nickname of the US state of Wisconsin? Badger State
What is the nickname of the US state of Wyoming? Equality State
What is the term used for rocks splitting in areas of natural weakness? Cleavage
The Wrekin is a hill in which English county? Shropshire
Which French headland lies closest to the English mainland? Cap Gris Nez
What, as of 2015, is the currency of Nicaragua? Cordoba
What, as of 2015, is the currency of Panama? Balboa/US Dollar (both)
What is the name of the currency used in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay? Peso
Which capital city lies on the river Daugava? Riga
Which city was the birthplace of both Charles de Gaulle and Henri Laconte? Lille
From 1928-48, which UK museum housed the 'Wright Flyer'? London's Science Museum
Where is the Wright Flyer today? National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC
Which London mainline station was once called "St Paul's"? Blackfriars
'The Road To The Isles' starts at Fort William and ends where? Mallaig
In which country is the Skeleton Coast? Namibia
In which two English counties is the Jurassic Coast? Devon, Dorset
What is the Ikkurina? Basque Flag
The A686, once voted one of the world's "Top 10 Scenic Roads" connects which two places? Penrith, Haydon Bridge
What is the capital of Languedoc-Rousillion? Montpellier
The rivers Steeping, Witham, Welland, Nene and Ouse all flow into which body of water? The Wash
Which building, completed in 1800, got its name from a contrast with nearby redbrick buildings? The White House
The Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge in the world, crosses which river valley? Tarn (France)
Run by communists from 1945-90, which is Italy's oldest university? Bologna
Where is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology based? Cambridge, Massachusetts
Where is the Devonshire Dome, the largest unsupported dome in Europe? Buxton
How many stars are there on the flag of Alaska? Eight
What name is given to a pattern of stars in the night sky that may or may not be part of a constellation? Asterism
Which sea lies between Russia and Alaska, North of the Bering Strait? Chukchi Sea
Possibly the last place on Earth where mammoths survived, which country owns Wrangel Island? Russia
Which two islands lie in the middle of the Bering Strait and are just 3.8km apart, although the 'Big' one belongs to Russia, the 'Little' one to the USA? Diomede Islands
After Texas and California, which is the third largest of the 'lower' 48 United States? Montana
In which 'sound' did the Exxon Valdez run aground in 1989, causing massive environmental damage from the resulting oil spill? Prince William Sound
Which inlet runs between the main part of Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage? Cook Inlet
In which US state is the greatest percentage of its inhabitants based in its most populous city? New York State
Discovered in 1968, which is the largest oil field in North America? Prudhoe Bay Oil Field
In 1960, where was the epicentre of the largest measured earthquake in world history? Valdivia, Chile/Chile
In which US state are the Chugach Mountains? Alaska
What species is Ursus Americanus, the North American continent's smallest and most widely distributed bear? (American) Black Bear
What name is given to the young of a fox, ferret and/or beaver? Kit
Which cetacean is the only member of the species monodontidae, bar the narwhal? Beluga
Which climate classification system was first published by a Russian German climatologist in 1884? Köppen
Where is Ted Stevens International Airport? Anchorage
In which century was Iceland's parliament, the Althing, founded? Tenth (930AD)
Which Berkshire stately home is the main filming location for Downton Abbey? Highclere Castle
Which National Park in Iceland was the original site of the Icelandic parliament? Þingvellir (Thingvellir)
Which Shakespeare play contains the line "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so"? Hamlet
Who created the hypothetical "Library of Babel" in a short story? Jorge Luis Borges
Which Chinese philosopher (probably 372BC-289BC) is regarded as the most famous Confucian after Confucius himself, and devised the concept of the Four Beginnings (or Four Sprouts)? Mencius/Meng Tzu
Who wrote the New Testament book 'Epistle To The Galatians'? St Paul
What is the fifth book of the New Testament? Acts
Whose fourth album was entitled "...And Justice For All"? Metallica
In December 2014, which medical procedure was carried out successfully for the first time at Stellenbosch University in South Africa? Penis Transplant
Which German architect won the 2015 Pritzker Prize, shortly before his death? Frei Otto
What was the name of the cyclone that devastated Vanuatu in March 2015? Cyclone Pam
Which Seleucid Empire city and UNESCO World Heritage Site was destroyed by ISIS in March 2015, days after they had bulldozed Nimrud? Hatra
The battle of Garnett & Golding's Farm was part of which wider conflict? US Civil War
Which public holiday occurs on April 2nd in Argentina? Malvinas Day
The Despenser war was a baronial revolt against which monarch? Edward II
Samoset (c. 1590–1653) was the first Native American to make contact with who? Pilgrims of Plymouth County
In which year was the first F.A. Cup Final? 1872
Where was the first F.A. Cup Final played? The Oval, Kennington
What is the name of the US-perpetrated atrocity that saw the mass killing of between 347 and 504 unarmed civilians in South Vietnam on March 16, 1968? My Lai Massacre (in Vietnam, the Son My Massacre)
Which CIA station chief was kidnapped in Beirut in 1984, and died in the custody of Hezbollah in 1985? William Buckley
What is the general term for a variant of paintball in which the playing field is composed of bunkers, of the same location and number on each side of the field, that provide an equal playing field for each team competing? Speedball
Who was the main star of Britain's first comedy series, "How Do You View"? Terry-Thomas
What was the nationality of soprano Joan Sutherland? Australian
Who wrote the song "Doctor My Eyes" for the Jackson 5? Jackson Browne
Who wrote and performed the song "Positively 4th Street"? Bob Dylan
What is the main ingredient of calvados? Apples
What was the name of the Sun God of the Incas? Inti
Who wrote the song "David Watts" for The Jam? Ray Davies
In which year did "Puppet On A String" win Eurovision? 1967
Which Central European, acid-set cheese is white, un-aged and similar to fromage frais; and is made by warming soured milk? Quark
Greg lake, Robert Fripp and Michael Giles were all founder members of which band? King Crimson
Richie Blackmore was a member of which two prominent bands? Deep Purple, Rainbow
"Here Comes The Bride" is taken from which opera? Lohengrin
Who wrote the short ballet "Dance Of The Hours"? Ponchielli
Who composed the "Danse Macabre"? Saint-Saens
"Rose-Marie" and "The Vagabond King" are the best-known pieces by which composer, upon whose work "The Donkey Serenade" was based? Friml
Which band released the albums "Fireball", "Machine Head" and "Who Do We Think We Are"? Deep Purple
Who was the Norse Goddess of fertility? Freyja
What was the Armageddon, or doom, of the Norse Gods called? Ragnarok
What was the name of Thor's thunder-hammer? Mjollnir
Who were Zeus' parents in Greek myth? Cronos, Rhea
The Welsh Felinfoel brewery were the first to introduce what to the UK in 1935? Canned beer
Bundaberg rum originates from which country? Australia
Which herb's name comes from the Greek for "joy of the mountain"? Oregano
A bellini cocktail consists of champagne or Prosecco and what else? Peach juice
Benny Goodman was most associated with which musical instrument? Clarinet
Andrew was the younger brother of which of the Apostles? Simon Peter
What are Northern Irish Fadge cakes made from? Potatoes
Who was the successor to Archbishop of Westminister Cormac Murphy O'Connor? Vincent Nichols
Giuseppe Cipriani was the founder of which iconic drinking establishment? Harry's Bar, Venice
With which musical instrument was Thelonius Monk chiefly associated? Piano
In which place was St Andrew crucified? Patras, Greece
What was the first US #1 song by a UK artist? Telstar by The Tornados
In which activity might you sparge your wort? Beer brewing
What ingredient, along with chickpeas, garlic and oil, makes hummus? Tahini
In which year did 10cc have a hit with "I'm Not In Love"? 1975
Which popular Indian drink is made with yoghurt? Lassi
Which conductor said that he'd never heard Stockhausen, but that he might have stepped in some? Beecham
Whose 1540 Bible translation was also called "The Great Bible"? Cranmer
From a passage in Genesis, what nickname was given to the Geneva Bible? Breeches' Bible
Give a year in the life of church reformer 1505-72. John Knox
To what did Kraft foods change their name? Mondelez International
How many symphonies in total did Mozart compose? 41
What is ISKCON? The International Society for Krishna Consciousness
How is triplumbic tetroxide better known? Red Lead
Which gas is the main component of air? Nitrogen
Which two metals comprise brass? Copper, tin
Which two metals comprise bronze? Copper, zinc
Which type of glass darkens in light? Photochromic
Which breed of dog has a name meaning 'dwarf'? Corgi
A lurcher is a cross between which two breeds? Greyhound; collie
Which breed of dog famously has a black tongue? Chow-chow
By what name is potassium nitrate better known? Saltpeter
By what name is potassium quadroxalate better known? Salts of Lemon
By what name is silicon carbide better known? Carborundum
What is the name of the place where a badger lives? Sett; Earth
Give year in the life of Humphry Davy. 1778-1829
Humphry Davy discovered the anaesthetic properties of what? Nitrous Oxide
Which fuming yellow or red solution dissolves gold? Aqua Regia
Joseph-Marie Jacquard developed punched cards, an early programmable devise, for what purpose? Silk weaving
Which chemical element has the atomic number 60? Neodymium
Who devised the early submarine 'Nautilus', in 1800? Fulton
Zachalis Winzler, a Moravian, pioneered which invention? Gas stove
Russian, Osip Krichevsky, first made which foodstuff in 1802? Powdered Milk
What colour do acids and alkalis turn litmus paper? Red and blue respectively
What name is given to angles that add up to 90 degrees? Complementary
What name is given to angles that add up to 180 degrees? Supplementary
What is an angle greater than 180 degrees called? Reflex
Which mineral and chemical element is capable of being weaved into fabric? Asbestos
Who was Britain's first female cabinet minister? Margaret Bondfield
Mohamed Nasheed, sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2015 for terrorism, is a former president of which country? Maldives
Which soldier and later actor (20 June 1925 – 28 May 1971) received every military combat award for valor available from the U.S. Army, as well as French and Belgian awards for heroism? Audie Murphy
Which actress, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Jean Craddock in the musical-drama Crazy Heart (2009), is married to Peter Sarsgaard? Maggie Gyllenhaal
How much is a US nickel worth? Five cent
A US nickel coin is actually comprised of 25% nickel and 75% of which metal? Copper
In which year was the Bradford City AFC fire disaster? 1985
Upon which ship did Napoleon formally surrender to the British? HMS Bellerophon
How else was the 1794 naval action "Lord Howe's Action" known? The Glorious First of June
Who released the 2010 album "Loud"? Rihanna
David LaChapelle is a famous name in which field? Photography
What type of organism are the bolete family? Mushrooms
Who wrote the Herries Chronicle series of novels, set in the Lake District? Hugh Walpole
The term 'Christ' dervies from the Greek for what? Anointed One
By what name is the language Middle Aramaic, that once comprised the language of most of the Middle East between the 4th and 8th Centuries BC better known? Syriac
Which church is located on the supposed site of Jesus' burial and resurrection? Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
Which church council was held from October 8 to November 1, AD 451, and marked a significant turning point in the Christological debates that led to the separate establishment of the church in the Western Roman Empire during the 5th century? Council of Chalcedon
In Judaism, what name is given to the canon of the Hebrew Bible, roughly coterminous with the Christian 'Old Testament'? Tanakh
What was first produced by William Morgan in 1588 that had important consequences for a language's survival? Welsh Bible
What is the proper full name of the 'Mormons'? Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Which church, centred in Nkamba, DRC, has an estimated 5.5 million followers, and is named after a Congolese religious leader (1887-1951) who is held to be Christ reincarnated? Kimbanguism
What is the proper name of the religious group known as the 'Moonies'? Unification Church
In which city is the Christian church worldwide with the largest congregation - it holds 26,000 people and often holds several packed services on a Sunday? Seoul (Yoido Full Gospel Church)
Who painted the 1601 "Supper at Emmaus"? Caravaggio
In Greek myth, who did Jason marry and have two children, Mermeros and Pheres, with? Medea
Which neuroscientist's ((born December 12, 1939) 1960s work on 'split-brain' patients provided advances in our understanding of functional lateralization in the brain and how the cerebral hemispheres communicate with one another? Michael Gazzaniga
How are the brain structures hypothalamus, hippocampus and amygdala collectively known? Limbic system
Which famous experiment in psychology was carried out in 1970 by Walter Mischel at Stanford University - it was later the title of a 2014 popular science book by him? The Marshmallow Test
What does SAT stand for in the UK version of the school test? Standard Assessment Tasks
What does SAT stand for in the US version of the school test? Scholastic Aptitude Tests
Which TV personality, who first gained celebrity on the Oprah Winfrey Show, is famous for his "Ten Laws of Life"? Dr Phil McGraw
Give a year in the life of Boethius. 480-524AD
Which body nervous system is responsible for the 'fight or flight' response? Sympathetic
Aaron T. Beck is widely credited with inventing which healthcare technique? Cognitive Therapy
Who won a Best Actress Academy Award in 1949 for "The Heiress"? Olivia De Havilland
Film "Forbidden Planet" was based on which Shakespeare play? The Tempest
What was the name of the 1957 Akira Kurosawa film that was loosely based on MacBeth? Throne of Blood
Who played Stephano in Derek Jarman's 1979 version of "The Tempest"? Christopher Biggins
What was the last film of Heath Ledger, directed by Terry Gilliam? The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus
Carl Fredrickson is the hero character of which animated film? Up
Which South Korean writer and director made "Thirst" and "I'm A Cyborg"? Park Chan-Wook
Which author adapted a screenplay for the film "An Education"? Nick Hornby
Who was Danny's second-in-command in the film "Grease"? Kenickie
Which acid-tongued "Grease" character was played by Stockard Channing? Rizzo
What were the names of the male and female gangs in the film "Grease"? T-Birds and Pink Ladies
"Are You Sitting Comfortably, Then We'll Begin" was the catchphrase of which show? Listen With Mother
Which comedian's catchphrase was "before your very eyes"? Arthur Askey
"Book Em Danno" was a catchphrase used in which TV show? Hawaii Five-O
For which film did Warner Baxter win a Best Actor Academy Award? In Old Arizona (1930)
For which For which film did Jeremy Irons win a Best Actor Academy Award? Reversal of Fortune (1991)
Which is the only film of just 4 letters to win a Best Picture Academy Award? Gigi
Who did Nicholas Lyndhurst play in "Butterflies"? Adam Parkinson
In 'Twin Peaks', which character was played by Kyle MacLachlan? Dale Cooper
Which fictional TV company had the telephone number 0161 7151515? Streetcars of Coronation Street
In October 2009, which politician appeared in Eastenders? Boris Johnson
What is the name of the local paper in Coronation Street? Weatherfield Gazette
In the original 1960s series, what is the prisoner's number? Number Six
In 'Twin Peaks', who killed Laura Palmer? Her father (Leland Palmer)
In which underwater city do most SpongeBob episodes occur? Bikini Bottom
On TV, who or what has at various times been owned by Jeff Miller, Timmy Martin, Cully Wilson and the Holden family? Lassie
Who directed the 1950 movie "Sunset Boulevard"? Billy Wilder
Which character does Robert Pattison play in the "Twilight" series of films? Edward Cullen
Which single word did Confucius say could act as a guide to one's entire life? Reciprocity
Which famous Rabbi, associated with the development of the Mishnah and Talmud, allegedly lived 120 years (110BCE-10CE) and said ""That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn."? Rabbi Hillel/Hillel the Elder
The immigrant Bonasera features in the opening scene of which famous film? The Godfather
What perecentage of an individual's genes, on average, are shared by their nephews and nieces? 25% (One quarter)
In which year was the current Welsh Assembly inaugurated? 1999
What is the population of Wales, in 2015, to the nearest million? 3 million
In which capital city is St Fagans National History Museum located? Cardiff
Which town, thought to have been an inspiration for Llareggub in 'Under Milk Wood', was home to Dylan Thomas from 1949 to his 1953 death? Laugharne
Taken as the Mid-Wales area (ie not including Snowdonia, the Black Mountains or the Brecon Beacons) what is the highest point in the Cambrian mountains? Plynlimon
What was the first area in Britain to have been declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty? Gower Peninsula
Georgetown is the capital of which island group? Caymans
Which 19th century circular towers were built in Britain for coastal defence? Martello Towers
In which country is the source of the Zambezi? Zambia
What is the motto of the USA? In God We Trust
Snaefell is the highest mountain in which autonomous region? Isle of Man
To which place did the French Foreign Legion move its HQ in 1962? Aubegne
Where had the French Foreign Legion been based prior to 1962? Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria
Which is the largest lake wholly within Canada? Great Bear Lake
In which country is the Mayan site of Tikal? Guatemala
Which is the only major French river whose source is outside of France? Rhone
Which city is the 'Capital of the Gaidhealtachd'? Inverness
Other than the Chiltern Hundreds, which post can be used by resigning MPs? Stewardship Of The Manor of Northstead
Which US state is nicknamed the 'First State'? Delaware
The River Oder enters the Baltic Sea in which country? Poland
Which two cities are linked by the M11? Cambridge and London
The Grain (or Pepper) Coast is in which African country? Liberia
Which London street was the traditional home of the magazine 'Time Out'? Tottenham Court Road
In which town in England is there a famous crescent designed by John Carr? Buxton
Angel Falls lie on which river? Churun
What is the highest point on Fiji? Mount Victoria
Haymarket, regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue meet where in London? Piccadilly Circus
When was the St Lawrence Seaway officially opened? 1959
In which country is the major part of the Kalahari Desert? Botswana
Which city is nicknamed 'The City Of Sails' and has two large natural harbours? Auckland
What is someone from Halifax called? Haligonian
Which three colours appear on the flag of Rwanda? Red, Yellow, Green
What lies at the centre of the flag of Rwanda? The letter 'R'
Margaret River is a wine-producing area in which country? Australia
What is the proper name of 'Petticoat Lane' in London? Middlesex Street
What is the name of the bell in Manchester Town Hall? Great Abel
Which county cricket team's emblem is a white horse? Kent
Who was the first English football captain to lift the European Cup? Bobby Charlton
Which number in bingo is 'The Brighton Line'? 59
Which stadium would have been used had paris been successful in bidding for the 2012 Olympics? Stade De France
Which county cricket club called their One Day side the 'Phantoms'? Derbyshire
What does 'AF' mean to a numismatist (coin collector)? Almost Fine
Llanelli Scarelts rugby union team play at which home ground? Stradley Park
Which event comes second (after the 100m) in a decathlon? Long Jump
The Horse of The Year Show moved to which venue in 2002? Birmingham NEC
Which city is the home of the NBA team the 'Pistons'? Detroit
What completes the name of the rugby union team: "Newport Gwent.."? Dragons
For which sport is the Harmsworth Cup awarded? Powerboat Racing
In the 2005 Rugby league Challenge Cup, which side did St Helens defeat 75-0? Wigan
Who coached the rugby union Lions in their 1983 tour of New Zealand? Willie John McBride
Manchester City's FA Cup win in 2011 was their first major trophy since which year? 1976
Who scored the winning goal for Manchester City in the 2011 FA Cup final? Yaya Toure
Which piece of equipment was originally made with 'enough feathers to fill a top hat'? A golf ball
Five-time World Speedway champion Ove Fundin is what nationality? Swedish
Which boxer KO'd Lennox Lewis in 2001 to win the IBF, WBC and IBO heavyweight titles? Hasim Rahman
Which golfer (1882-1969) won exactly 11 majors in his career? Walter Hagen
Yabusame is a Japanese form of which sport? Archery (on horseback)
How many times, since they were restarted in 1896, have the Modern Olympics been cancelled? Three (1916, 1940, 1944)
What colour of cap does a water polo goalkeeper wear? Red
In which sport can one see a participant perform a 'crucifix'? Men's gymnastics
How many points are scored for a 'behind' in Aussie Rules Football? One
The Trans-Siberian Highway stretches over 11,000 km from Saint Petersburg to which city at the head of the Golden Horn Bay? Vladivostok
______-Müller tube. Which surname fills the blank to give the name of a piece of apparatus used for the detection of ionizing radiation? Geiger
In 1240, Prince Alexander Yaroslavich of Novgorod foiled the invading Swedish army’s plan to seize Novgorod’s primary trade route by defeating the Swedes on the Neva River. By what nickname did the prince become better known as a result of this victory? Alexander Nevsky
Between 1410 and 1415, towards the end of the Western Schism in the Roman Catholic Church, there were three men who each believed themselves to be Pope. They were Gregory XII in Rome, Benedict XIII in Avignon, and John XXIII in which other Italian city? Florence
This 5-letter word - literally meaning ‘martial hero’ - is now used to describe films, comics, & video games. Which genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists was introduced to Hollywood by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Wuxia
Which famous touristic, tree-lined street in Barcelona connects Plaça de Catalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus Monument on the waterfront? Las Ramblas
Focussing on the life of Saul Goodman prior to becoming Walter White’s lawyer, Better Call Saul is a prequel to which American TV series? Breaking Bad
Which Gate marked the entrance to the original site of the Carlsberg brewery? Elephant Gate
Separated from the Andaman Islands by the brilliantly named Coco Channel, the Coco Islands - although allegedly leased to China since 1994 - belong to which country? Burma
What collective name, for the Portuguese navigator who first visited them in the early sixteenth century, is given to the island group consisting of Mauritius, Réunion, and Rodrigues that forms a distinct ecoregion with a unique flora and fauna? Mascarene Islands
The best-known work of the architect Maya Lin, is a memorial in Washington D.C., dedicated in 1982, that honours people who died during …. what? Vietnam War
Already considered one of the all time best exponents of his sport. The Frenchman Teddy Riner won an Olympic gold medal in 2012 in which sport? Judo
The reptilian order Squamata is divided into three suborders, two of which are Lacertilia (lizards) and Serpentes (snakes). Which legless reptiles comprise the third suborder? Worm lizards (amphisbaenia)
Gottfried Leibniz’s most important contribution to metaphysics is his theory of which indivisible, impenetrable units of substance that he views as the basic constituent element of physical reality? Monads
The Rolling Stones hits Brown Sugar and Wild Horses are taken from which 1971 album with cover artwork conceived by Andy Warhol? Sticky Fingers
UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld was killed in a plane crash in 1961 in the city of Ndola in which African country? Zambia
Upon first becoming Prime Minister in 2006, he was the youngest holder of the office since World War II. Who began his second stint as Japanese PM in December 2012? Shinzo Abe
From what Latin term does the word 'forensics' derive? Forum
Which three US cities have been the scene of "CSI" series? Las Vegas, New York, Miami
In the UK what is the FSS? Forensic Science Service
What is the DEA in the USA? Drug Enforcement Agency
What is the USFWS? United States Fish and Wildlife Service
What name is given to the study of behaviour? Ethology
Which part of the brain controls motivations and basic drives? Hypothalamus
Which part of the brain, involved with emotional responses, decision-making and memory, is named after the Greek for 'almond'? Amygdala
On which peninsula is Mycenae? Peloponnese
Around which date, to the nearest 100 years, did Mycenaean civilisation collapse? 1200BC
The shrine at Delphi, home to the famous Oracle, was a shrine to which God? Apollo
How many letters are used by the Hebrew alphabet? 22
How many letters are used by the Greek alphabet? 24
Which Athenian statesman (450 – 404 BC) changed sides numerous times during the Peloponnesian War, from Athens, to Sparta, to Persia and then back to Athens again? Alcibiades
To which philosophical school did Diogenes of Synope belong? Cynics
Give a year in the life of Aristotle. 384-322BCE
Give a year in the Peloponnesian War. 431-401BCE
Founded 478BCE, what was the name of an association of Greek city-states, members numbering between 150 to 173 under the leadership of Athens, whose purpose was to continue fighting the Persian Empire after the Greek victory in the Battle of Plataea? Delian League
Which US conservative political commentator and radio host once had an addiction to hydrocodone and oxycodone? Rush Limbaugh
Which person said "The great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances...and are often more influenced by the things that seem than the things that are."? Macchiavelli
Who created the fictional town of Lake Wobegon? Garrison Keiller
Who wrote "Clair De Lune"? Debussy
From what larger work is the "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" taken? Nutcracker Suite
In myth, which son of Helios lost control of the Sun chariot? Phaethon
Which character in myth swam the Hellespont nightly to visit his lover? Leander
In Greek myth, which sorceress changed Odysseus' men into swine? Circe
Which Trojan priest argued against accepting the horse, but was overruled, in the stories of Homer? Laocoon
In myth, of whom was Damocles a courtier? Dionysus
Who is the 'good priest' in Mozart's "The Magic Flute"? Sarastro
In 'The Magic Flute', who is the daughter of the Queen Of The Night? Pamina
'Manon' is an opera by who? Massenet
What did MG stand for in the name of 'Booker T and the MGs'? Memphis Group
Whose first TV appearance was in a 1965 episode of 'Gadzooks!', and was a member, in his early days of bands 'The Konrads' and 'The Riot Squad'? David Bowie
What was the first UK Download Chart number 1? Westlife's "Flying Without Wings"
What was the family surname of 1980s pop group "Five Star"? Pearson
Who co-founded Gorillaz with Damon Albarn? Jamie Hewlett
What is the name of composer John Cage's infamous entirely silent piece? 4'33"
Who composed "The Threepenny opera"? Kurt Weill
La Traviata is based on which work by Dumas? Camille
By what name is sodium borate better known? Borax
By what name is sodium carbonate better known? Washing soda
What is the chemical name of caustic soda? Sodium hydroxide
Which is the lightest metal? Lithium
Which metal is the strongest-per-unit-weight? Titanium
Charcoal, sulphur and what else form gunpowder? Potassium nitrate
Which chemical element has the atomic number 10? Neon
A whippet is a cross between which two dog breeds? Greyhound and a terrier or spaniel
What is measured in farads? Electrical Capacitance
How many crystal systems exist? Seven
What are the first and second most common chemical elements on Earth? Oxygen and Silcon
Aldebaran is the brightest star in which constellation? Taurus
Arcturus is the brightest star in which constellation? Bootes
Betelgeuse is a star in which constellation? Orion
"Model White" and "Green Globe" are both varieties of which vegetable? Turnip
What is the collective name given to tigers? Ambush
What is the collective name given to apes? Shrewdness
What is the collective name given to monkeys? Troop
What name is given to a star in heraldry Mullet
What is the only purely land-based group of crustaceans? Woodlice
Where did Venetian blinds originate? Japan
Which is Europe's largest true wading bird? Curlew
What name is given to a day with equal periods of light and darkness? Equinox
What was first demonstrated by Joseph Swan in 1878? Light bulb
'Quercus Robur' is the Latin name of which tree? Common (English) oak
Who demonstrated the 'incompleteness theorem' in 1931? Kurt Godel
Which car maker operated a Luton plant from 1905 to 2000? Vauxhall
What is the single carriageway speed limit for a vehicle weighing more than 7.5 tonnes in the UK? 40mph
Whose yet-unproved theory states that every integer greater than 2 is the sum of 2 primes? Goldbach's conjecture
Loaghtan sheep are native to which place? Isle of Man
In the UK, which court hears summary appeals from summary trials held at Magistrates' Courts? Queen's Bench Court
What are civil court equivalents of the prosecution and defence in a criminal trial? Plaintiff and Defence
In the UK, what category of drug is LSD? Category A
What is made from erythroxylum coca? Cocaine
What does LSD stand for? Lysergic acid dethylamide
Who are the US DEA? Drug Enforcement Agent
What name is given to debris from a glacier? Moraine
Stranraer is at the southern tip of which sea loch? Loch Ryan
What name, of Afrikaans origin, is given to the grassland of Southern Africa? Veldt
What name is given to an elongated hill formed by a glacier? Drumlin
On which sea was the real ancient province of Colchis, the destination in myth, of Jason? Black Sea
Which discontinued 1960s project was designed to bore a hole into the Earth's crust? Mohole Project
What is the name given to a thin sheet of ice floating on an ocean? Floe
In which cardinal direction must you cross the International Dateline in order to gain a day? East
Which value is a measure of the diffuse reflectivity or reflecting power of a surface? (it is the ratio of reflected radiation from the surface to incident radiation upon it) Albedo
In navigation, what name is given to an arc crossing all meridians of longitude at the same angle? Rhumb Line
Beauty spot Aysgarth Falls lies within which British National Park? Yorkshire Dales
Which part of a map contains the scale and legend? Cartouche
West Bridgeford and Bulwell are both suburbs of which English city? Nottingham
In which Cumbrian castle was Henry VIII's wife Catherine Parr born? Kendal
Sizergh castle in Cumbria is the ancestral home of which family? Strickland
Which 'water', known for good fishing, lies between Coniston and Windermere? Esthwaite
What is the capital of Barbados? Bridgetown
As of 2015, what is the currency of Cuba? Peso
In which Cheshire village was Lewis Carroll born? Daresbury
In which English city would you find the Sir John Soames Museum? London
Of what type of natural feature is the 'Aletsch' Europe's largest example? Glacier
What is the lowest land point in the Western hemisphere? Death Valley
Where is the lowest point on land in the world? Dead Sea
Which of the two poles is colder? South Pole
Which Indian town holds the world record as the world's wettest? Mawsynram (formerly Cherrapunji)
To the nearest 5%, what percentage of the Earth's surface is water? 70%
Which is the world's oldest national park? Yellowstone
In which two US states is Monument Valley? Utah and Arizona
Which Kenyan gorge is known for its fossil finds, and was the site for the Leakey's digs in the 1930s? Olduvai Gorge
In which country are the Ajanta Caves? India
Which cave in Cantabria, Spain is famous for its Upper Palaeolithic art, having first come to public attention in 1880? Altamira
'Brown Willy' is the highest point where? Bodmin Moor
In which US state are the Carlsbad Caverns? New Mexico
The Coromandel Coast is part of which country? India
In which US state is the 'Craters Of The Moon National Monument'? Idaho
What is the highest point on Dartmoor? High Willays
On which island is the volcanic tuff cone, Diamond Head? Oahu, Hawaii
What three letter word is given to a broad, flat area of desert covered with wind-swept sand with little or no vegetative cover? Erg
Dunkery Beacon is the highest point of what? Exmoor
On which island is Fingal's Cave? Staffa
In which US State is the 'Garden of the Gods' national landmark? Colorado
Which French singer, born in Cairo in 1930, had his biggest hit when he wrote the classic chanson soundtrack of the 1960 motion picture, "L'Eau Vive"? Guy Béart
Which French actress and popular chanson singer (born 1927) was famous for her Bohemian lifestyle and had an affair with Miles Davis - she was releasing albums as late as 2013? Juliette Gréco
Which 19th Century French Romantic poet once walked through Paris with a lobster on a lead, but hung himself in 1855? Gerard de Nerval
What were the reputed last words of Oscar Wilde? Either that wallpaper goes or I do
Diane de Poitiers was the lover of which French monarch? Henri II
Which French dynasty reigned from roughly 486 to 752CE? Merovingian
The first person to call himself King of France (instead of King of the Franks) who ruled the country from 1180-1223? Philip II (or Philippe-Auguste)
Which French actress has won two Cesar awards, for her performances in François Truffaut's "Le Dernier Métro" (1980) and Régis Wargnier's "Indochine" (1992)? Catherine Deneuve
The US magazine 'Curve' is aimed at which readers? Lesbians
Which French artist painted "Dans Un Café (L'Absinthe)"? Degas
Which French artist painted "Joueurs Des Cartes"? Cezanne
Which French artist painted "Coquelicots" and "Femme a L'Ombrelle"? Monet
What does the French word "coquelicots" mean in English? Poppies
Which 13-ton bell in the Southern Tower is the only old one to have survived being replaced in Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral? Emmanuel Bell
Which 19th Century architect and artist remodelled Notre-Dame and added many of its famous gargoyles? Viollet-De-Duc
Which French King had the Sainte-Chapelle built to house supposed relics of Christ? Louis IX
Who led a revolt against the French monarchy in 1357, and was assassinated a year later? Étienne Marcel
What name is given to the targeted killing of Huguenots in France in August 1572? St Bartholomew's Day Massacre
Camille Chaudel was the lover of which prominent artist? Rodin
For which film did Michael Douglas win a Best Actor Academy Award (Oscar)? Wall Street (1988)
For which film did Lionel Barrymore win a Best Actor Academy Award (Oscar)? A Free Soul (1932)
For which film did Geoffrey Rush win a Best Actor Academy Award (Oscar)? Shine (1997)
Who won a Best Actor Academy Award for the film "Judgement at Nuremberg"? Max Schell
What is the name of the hero in Pixar's "Ratatouille"? Remy
Who voiced the critic "Anton Ego" in Ratatouille? Peter O'Toole
Arthur and Beryl Crabtree were characters in which 1980s TV series? No Place Like Home
What is the name of the bulldog in Tom and Jerry cartoons? Spike (sometimes Butch)
Which former Baywatch star also appeared in 2000's "Scary Movie" and briefly dated Simon Cowell? Carmen Electra
Gian Sammaranco notably played which literary character in a 1980s UK TV series? Adrian Mole
What was the name of the banjo-playing toad in "Bagpuss"? Gabriel
Which one of the four main female actresses who starred in "Sex and the City" was born in the UK? Kim Cattrall
In BBC's first post-war TV broadcast who said "Remember Me?" Jasmine Bligh
For which two films did Spencer Tracy win a Best Actor Academy Award (Oscar)? Captains Courageous (1938) and Boys Town (1939)
For which film did Charles Laughton win a Best Actor Academy Award (Oscar)? The Private Life of Henry VIII (1936)
Whose catchphrase is "How tickled I am"? Ken Dodd
Which character frequently said, in the Army Game, "I Only Arksed"? Private Popplewell (Bernard Bresslaw)
Which music-hall comedian used the catchphrase "I Thang Yew"? Arthur Askey
Which author, born in Manchester in 1917, used the pseudonym Joseph Kell? Anthony Burgess
Who painted "The Forge Of Vulcan" in 1630? Velazquez
Which Roman encyclopaedist is best known for his extant medical work, De Medicina, which is believed to be the only surviving section of a much larger encyclopedia? Celsus
Which ancient Greek writer wrote "Parallel Lives"? Plutarch
Which Ancient Roman wrote collections known as "Histories" and "Annals", and was the son-in-law of Agricola, the Roman general responsible for much of the Roman conquest of Britain? Tacitus
Which novel begins "Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again"? Rebecca
Who wrote the Almagest is a 2nd-century mathematical and astronomical treatise on the apparent motions of the stars and planetary paths? Ptolemy
What does 'eg' actually stand for, when denoting an example? Exemplia gratia
Who was the first English-born writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature? Galsworthy (Kipling won it before him but was born in Bombay)
Which poem's first line is "The curlew tolls the knell of the parting day"? Gray's Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard
Peter Pan's directions to Neverland were "Take the second on the right and carry straight on...." until what? Morning
How was the literary character Cedric Errol better known? Little Lord Fauntleroy
Which children's literary character was originally called "aschenputtel"? Cinderella
What was the name of the 'Last of the Mohicans' in Fenimore Cooper's book? Uncas
Colm Toibin's book "The Master" is about which writer? Henry James
Which Shakespeare play includes the line "All The World's A Stage"? As You Like It
Who wrote the play "The Man Who Had All The Luck"? Arthur Miller
Autolycus is a character in which of Shakespeare's plays? The Winter's Tale
Step pyramids of Ancient Mesopotamia, of which a famous example stands at Ur, are known by what general name? Ziggurats
Which was the first US State to ratify the country's constitution? Delaware
Which was the second US State to ratify the country's constitution? Pennsylvania
Which historian's reputation suffered greatly when he mistakenly authenticated 'The Hitler Diaries'? Hugh Trevor-Roper
'The Hitler Diaries' were originally published in which German magazine, prior to their unmasking as forgeries? Stern
"The Beggar's Opera" was a satire in part lampooning which prominent Whig politician? Robert Walpole
Which modern-day country was Josip Tito born in? Croatia
The last country that Britain formally declared war against was which one, in 1942? Thailand
Which English monarch was the only one to be succeeded by his sister-in-law? William III
Which prominent female communist was killed in 1919's 'Spartacus Uprising' in Germany and her body thrown into Berlin's Landwehr Canal? Rosa Luxemburg
The first atlas in many ways, who produced 1570's "Theatre Of The World"? Abraham Ortelius
Who took over Italy after the downfall of Mussolini, and was in office from 25 July 1943 to 18 June 1944? Pietro Badoglio
Which country sent 60,000 troops to assist the Allies in November 1943? Brazil
In which year did US troops forcibly remove Manuel Noriega from the leadership of Panama? 1989
Who assassinated Spencer Percival? John Bellingham
Who was the last British Prime Minister to die whilst in office? Lord Palmerston
In which country were 63 people killed in a New Year's Eve nightclub fire in 2008? Thailand
Which uprising occurred in Russia in late 1825? Decembrist
Which monarch converted Versailles from a hunting-lodge into a palace? Louis XIV
Which Italian fashion house uses the head of Medusa as a trademark? Versace
Which shipping forecast area lies between the Irish Sea to the North, Fastnet to the west, and Plymouth to the South? Lundy
The ruins of which Cistercian abbey, founded in 1131, lie on the banks of the River Wye between Monmouth and Chepstow? Tintern Abbey
Falstaff's death is reported in which of Shakespeare's plays? Henry V
Which composer dedicated his Piano Sonata No 21 to Count Ferdinand von Walstein, who had generously supported him? Beethoven
Milanese opera house La Scala was built at the command of who, after an earlier building burned down in 1776? Maria Theresa of Austria
Which US director's films include "The Elephant Man" and "Dune"? David Lynch
Which Australian-born actor came to fame playing the title role in 1935's "Captain Blood"? Errol Flynn
"Soubise", named after an 18th-century French aristocrat, is a sauce made from which vegetable? Onion
Which Canadian city was originally named 'Bytown'? Ottawa
Which palace did Frederick the Great of Prussia have built at Potsdam between 1745 and 1747? Sanssouci
The Romanov dynasty ruled Russia from which century until 1917? 17th (1613)
In which Booker Prize winning novel does the hero, Nick Guest, dance with Margaret Thatcher? The Line of Beauty
Who writes the novels featuring the Chicago-based detective VI Warshawski? Sara Partesky
What is the last sign of the zodiac, covering the period from approximately 19 February to 20 March? Pisces
What is the primary metabolite of heroin? Morphine
In chemistry, what name is given to the measure of the tendency of a substance to vaporize? Volatility
What Latin phrase was used by Venetians to denote the land they controlled on the Italian mainland? Terra Firma
Which US state has been represented in the American senate by both John F Kennedy and his brother Edward? Massachussetts
Give a year during which Joe Louis held the World Heavyweight boxing title. 1937-1949
Who scored the last goal at the old Wembley stadium, in the year 2000? Dietmar Hamann
In a TV series based on the novels of Elizabeth George, the Eighth Earl of Asherton is better known by what name in the police force? Det Insp Lynley
Which bravery award was originally made from the metal of guns captured during the Siege of Sebastopol during the Crimean War? Victoria Cross
What word of Dutch origin meaning something used as a lure originally meant a place where wild ducks were enticed and then trapped? Decoy
In which William Gibson novel of 1984 was the term 'cyberspace' popularised? Necromancer
Which English town was known as Durnovaria in English times? Dorchester
Which female crime writer's first novel was "Cover Her Face", published in 1962? PD James
For which 1945 film did Joan Crawford win her only Best Actress Oscar? Mildred Pierce
The ancient province of Bithynia is now a part of which modern-day country? Turkey
At which event was the first ever IMAX screening, in 1967? Montreal Expo
Which element has the atomic number 30? Zinc
Which area of the brain, in the frontal lobe of the left hemisphere, is linked to speech production? Broca's Area
What type of creature is an 'Aylesbury'? Duck
What name is given to an organism's complete set of genes? Genome
Which two members of the thrush family are winter visitors to the UK? Fieldfares, Redwings
What is the common name of plant 'viscum album'? Mistletoe
Which is the only UK bird that turns white in winter? Ptarmigan
What are the six deer species found wild in the UK? Red, Roe, Chinese Water, Sika, Fallow, Muntjac
The Lesser Celandine plant is also known by what name, based on the medical condition that it supposedly cures? Pilewort
Which crow has the scientific name 'corvus frugilegus'? Rook
The linnet is a member of which bird family? Finch
The young of which bird are called 'ringtails'? Hen Harrier
What is Britain's smallest falcon? Merlin
What is the literal meaning of the name of the dinosaur 'stegosaurus'? Roof lizard
What is the SE Asian gavial? A fish-eating crocodile (also gharial)
Cyomancy is the 'art' of telling the future using what? Shadows
SMART-1 was the first European space probe to achieve what feat? Orbitting the moon
How long does an individual have to apply for a driving licence after passing their test in the UK? 2 years
In business, what does 'CIF' stand for? Cost, insurance, freight
What name is given to the study of plant disease? Phytopathology
What metaphorical name is given to communication barriers that are put up to prevent the spread of price-sensitive information in business? Chinese Walls
What name is given to the process of combining nuclei to release energy? Fusion
What name is given to the cup or trumpet of flowers such as the daffodil or narcissus? Corona
How is 'A' represented in Morse Code? Dot-dash
Which Morse code letter is the reverse of how 'A' is represented? N (dash-dot when A is dot-dash)
What type of animal was the now-extinct 'Rodrigues solitaire'? Flightless pigeon
Who was the first British man to be knighted for scientific achievements? Sir Isaac Newton
The 'Golden Arrow' train linked which two cities? London and Paris (or pedantically, London and Dover, with the Calais to Paris stretch being via the 'Fleche D'Or)
What was the famous nickname of Joseph Hobson Jaggers? The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo
Whose principle can be used to predict the effect of a change in conditions upon a chemical equilibrium? Le Chatelier's Principle
Whose 'paradox' states that in a static, infinite universe the night sky should be bright? Olbers' paradox
What was invented by John Harrison in 1735, after 31 years of persistent experimentation? Marine chronometer
What was the name of John Paul Jones' warship, that was blown in two and subsequently sank at the Battle of Flamborough Head? Bonhomme Richard
What name is given to a numbering system using Base 8? Octal
What does the educational acronym EAL stand for? English (as an) Additional Language
What does the educational acronym SEN stand for? Special Educational Needs
The original bullet train linked Tokyo with which other city? Osaka
What was the name of Sir Francis Drake's flagship in the 1587 raid upon Cadiz? Elizabeth Bonadventure
Who invented the cloud chamber? Charles Wilson (a Scot)
What is the world's largest monkey species? Mandrill
Which chemical element takes its name from the Greek for 'lead'? Molybdenum
A hexadecimal system uses which number as its base? Sixteen
In Ancient Britain, which tribe from modern East Anglia, had rulers called Addeddomanus, and Dubnovellanus? Trinovantes
To which Romanian town was the Roman poet Ovid exiled? Constanta
Which Roman Emperor was responsible for Ovid's exile? Augustus
Under which Germanic leader, who had acquired Roman citizenship and received a Roman military education, were 3 Roman legions massacred in the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD? Arminius
Who was the last person in the UK outwith the Royal family to have been awarded a hereditary title? Denis Thatcher
What does 'MHK' signify after a person's name? Member of the House of Keys (IoM)
Who was the mother of Constantine the Great? St Helena
What are the names of Barack Obama's two daughters? Malia and Sasha
How is Leo Bronstein better known to history? Trotsky
In what year were Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin and Felix Mendelssohn all born? 1809
How did Mathias Rust create an international incident in 1987? Landed his light aircraft in Red Square
In which year was The Battle of The Falaise Gap? 1944
Where did the Battle of The Falaise Gap take place? Normandy, France
Which Chinese Emperor had the Terracotta Army created? Qin Huangchi
Where in Kent did Julius Caesar's invading force land in 55BCE? Deal
The Terracotta Army was created in which century? 3rd century BCE
What regnal number was held by Prince Rainier of Monaco, who died in 2005? III
Who is the Prince of Monaco, as of 2015, having succeeded his father in 2005? Albert II
What is the family name of the Monegasque Royal Family? Grimaldi
Which King of Nepal was shot and killed by his son? Birendra
Who became the Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 2000, when his father Jean abdicated? Henri
Who was the last King of Portugal? Manuel II
Which battle of 338BCE was the culmination of the Macedonian campaign in Greece, and led to a decisive victory for Philip II over the Greek city-states? Battle of Chaeronea
What was Alexander the Great's regnal number? III
At what age did Alexander the Great die? 32
Who was the first ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt? Ptolemy I Soter (Saviour)
From what original name is the Afghan city Kandahar's current name taken? Alexandria
The word 'stoic' derives from 'stoa' - the Ancient Greek for what structure? Porch
In which Shakespeare play does the line "things won are done, joy's soul lies in the doing" come? Troilus & Cressida
Manichaeism was founded by Mani (216-176CE) who lived in which Empire? Sassanid
Dying in 606CE, which Third Chinese Patriarch and Zen Buddhist, is best known as the putative author of the famous Chán poem, Xinxin Ming? Sengcan (or Sen Ts'an)
Which Greek philosopher was born a slave at Hierapolis, but became a Stoic; his teachings were written down and published by his pupil Arrian? Epictetus
Whose debut album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor set a new all-time Dutch chart record on 20 August 2010, spending its 30th week at number one on the country's albums chart, beating the previous record set by 'Thriller' by one week? Caro Emerald
In most classification systems, which three basic types of fingerprint exist? Loop, arch, whorl
Fingerprints arise from which part of the skin? Dermal papillae
Superseded by the more individualising fingerprinting, what name, after its founder, was given to a late 19thC method of classifying criminals by their appearance, specifically the distance between parts of their body? Bertillionage
Which capital city was sacked by the Babylonians in 612BCE? Nineveh (Assyrian capital)
Give a year in the Jews' Babylonian Exile. 586-539BCE
What does IAFIS stand for in criminal investigations? Integrated Automatic Fingerprint Identification System
Which US state attained statehood in 1851, two years after gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill? California
Which region, located in the Western Pacific, contains Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, West Papua, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and the Maluku Islands? Melanesia
Which area of the Pacific, named by Jules Dumont D'Urbville, lies north of Melanesia and encompasses Kiribati and Palau among others? Micronesia
The Bab-al-Mandab or Mandab strait separates which two countries? Yemen and Djibouti
Sahul is an alternative name for which continent? Australia
Which biogeographical region of Southeastern Asia encompasses the part of the Asian continental shelf that was exposed during the last ice age? Sundaland
Which biogeographical designation stands for a group of mainly Indonesian islands separated by deep water straits from the Asian and Australian continental shelves? Wallacea
New Ireland and New Britain are both part of which archipelago, belonging to Papua New Guinea? Bismarck archipelago
Which is the only N-S pass through the mountains of Israel, giving its name to Armageddon? Megiddo
Which national capital city on the Danube was previously called Pressburg? Bratislava
Who were the first British football club to win a major European football competition? Tottenham Hotspur
Which country changed its name from a republic to an empire in 1977 but has reverted to being a republic? Central African Republic
Who wrote the words to the hymn Abide With Me? Henry Francis Lyte
Under which pseudonym did Cecil Day-Lewis write detective stories? Nicholas Blake
Which is the longest muscle in the human body? Sartorius
What is the surname of William in the Just William stories? Brown
What was the occupation of William Shakespeare’s father? Glover
Which English monarch was murdered at Berkeley Castle? Edward II
Ronald Ross won the 1902 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work on which disease? Malaria
To how many persons is membership of the Order of Merit limited? 24
Which star of music hall was born George Edward Wade in Herne Hill in 1869? George Robey
Which product had the advertising slogan: “You’ll look a little lovelier each day”? Camay Soap
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