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Baroque Music

Baroque Music, Forms and Composers

What is a Baroque "Trio Sonata"? A piece for two solo instruments and basso continuo.
What is a Baroque "Suite"? A group of dance like movements all in the same key.
What is an "Oratorio"? An Opera without acting, scenery or costumes.
Handel's oratorios are base on ______________. The Old Testament.
Handel's most famous oratorio. Messiah.
The movements of the "Baroque Suite" are all in the same key but they differ in _______,______, and _________. meter, national origin, tempo
The various dances of the baroque suite are usually in __________ form. AABB
The ______ is a Lutheran congregational hymn tune. chorale
A sung piece, or choral work with or without vocal soloists, usually with orchestral accompaniment, is the ______________. cantata
What is the "Basso Continuo"? A bass part together with numbers specifying the chords to be played above it.
What is a movement? A section of music that sounds faily complete and independant but is part of a larger composition.
What were music schools in Italy often connected with? orphanages
How many movements does a concerto grosso usually have? Three
The first and last movements of a concerto grosso are usually in what form? ritornello
What is the main theme of the fugue called? subject
What is the text, or book, of a musical dramatic work called? libretto
In an opera a song for solo voice and orchestra is called? aria
What is a speechlike melody in an opera called? recitative
This opera by Monteverdi is considered to be the earliest operatic masterpiece. Orfeo
To evoke angry of warlike feelings, Monteverdi introduced this new orchestra effect. tremolo
Henry Purcell introduced this common variation form. Ground Bass
Where was Henry Purcell buried as a sign of respect and acclaim by his contemporaies? under the organ at Westminster Abby
How many Concerto Grossi did Vivali write? 450
Vivaldi was a virtuoso on this instrument. Violin
Bach wrote in every baroque form except this. Opera
Bach's collection of 24 preludes and fugues is basic to the repertory of keyboard today. Well tempered clavier
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