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Bible Quiz

AWANA On The Rock Definitions

Doctrine teaching; learning
Revelation showing or telling something that was previously hidden or unknown
Inspiration men were moved by God to write the Scriptures. God "breathed" His words into them
Anthropomorphic non-human things described in human terms. example: "I've gone there so many times, my car knows the way."
Attribute that by which a subject is distinguished or identified
Triune three in one
Preincarnate before the incarnation; Christ before He became man
Incarnation literally,"becoming flesh." Christ became completely human while remaining completely God.
Carnal acting like an unsaved person, following the urges of sinful human nature. Carnal is the opposite of spiritual or mature.
Restain The Holy Spirit limits the power of Satan
Baptize to immerse, to put fully into
Nature the constitution or type of something, the way something is
Cherubim angels that guard the holiness of God from sinful man
Seraphim angles that worship God and act as His messengers
Innocence without sin but having the free will to choose sin
Perfection incapable of sin or failure
Lawful permissible, but not necessarily beneficial
Edify to build up, strengthen, encourage another believer
Peer friends, those in your same age group, those who influence you
Pentecost the ay the Holy Spirit first came and filled believers
Cornerstone the chief stone in a foundation; figuratively, Christ is the foundation of the Church
Antichrist a uniquely evil person who will emerge during the end times as the archenemy of God and ruler of the world. The Antichrist will perform miracles with satanic power, and many will be deceived and worship him as God.
Tribulation the seven year period between the rapture and the second coming of Christ. During tis time, the Antichrist will establish his kingdom and God will pour out His wrath upon the world.
Millennium the 1,000-year reign of Christ on the earth
Rapture when Christ returns and believers rise to meet Him in the air, not to be confused with the "second coming of Christ."
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