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CUT5 12.7

Computers: Understanding Tech 5e 12.7

big data An emerging branch of information technology dealing with transforming large amounts of unstructured data into useful information using new methods. The term big data also might refer to any sort of large and complex or unstructured data set.
data mining A process that involves using advanced computing to find patterns and relationships in large sets of data in order to apply an organizing structure and extract information.
analytics The next step beyond data mining, adding communicating insights about data, often via charts or other visualization methods, as well as using data to make more informed business decisions in pursuit of improved business performance.
Hardware as a Service (HaaS) A cloud service model in which users pays for hardware on an ongoing basis (like a subscription), rather than purchasing it outright.
Big data as a Service (BdaaS) A cloud service model in which users buy analysis tools and information from an outside company.
data visualization Any method of presenting numeric data visually to help make the data more understandable.
Visualization as a Service (VaaS) A cloud service model used by organizations to tap into experts who can transform the organization’s data into stunning visuals.
Created by: softcrylic