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CUT5 10.6

Computers: Understanding Tech 5e 10.6

electronic commerce (e-commerce) The name for buying and selling products and services over the Internet.
mobile commerce (m-commerce) A form of e-commerce in which consumers make their online purchases using smartphones and other mobile devices.
business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce A form of e-business in which companies use the Internet to conduct a wide range of routine business activities with other companies, including ordering manufacturing parts and purchasing inventories from wholesalers.
business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic commerce A form of e-business in which companies use the Internet to sell products and services to consumers and to receive payments from them.
e-tailer A retail company that carries out electronic commerce.
pure-play e-tailer A business, such as Amazon, that sells its products and services exclusively over the web.
online shopping Using a web-connected computer or mobile device to locate, examine, purchase, and pay for products.
e-ticket An airline ticket purchased online.
online store An online storefront, which is a seller’s website where customers can view and purchase products and services. Also called virtual store.
virtual store See online store.
online superstore An online store that offers an extensive array of products, from candy bars to household appliances.
online shopping mall An online store system that connects multiple stores via hyperlinks on the mall’s home page.
online catalog An online resource that presents detailed information about a company’s products and services.
shopping agent A comparison shopping website that enables you to compare the prices that multiple online retailers charge for a particular product.
online banking Using a web-connected PC or mobile device to conduct routine banking transactions.
flash sale A special sale where the online retailer sells a small quantity or surplus of stock at a large discount for a limited period of time.
shopping cart A virtual container for the items the consumer wishes to purchase. Also called shopping basket.
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