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NP Word 4

anchored Term used to describe an object that is attached to a specific paragraph in the document; used to refer to floating objects
aspect ratio In relation to a picture or other graphic, the ratio of width to height
balancing Making columns in a document approximately the same length
beveled In WordArt text, rounded edges on individual letters
bitmap A grid of square colored dots, called pixels, that form a picture; also, a file containing a graphic that consists of a bitmap
clip art Premade electronic illustrations, photographs, and other graphics available from Office.com and other sources
column Text formatted in narrow vertical band, as in a newspaper
continuous section break A section break that starts a new section at the insertion point, without starting a new page
cropping Cutting off part of part of a picture.
desktop publishing The process of preparing commercial-quality printed material using a desktop or laptop.
drop cap A large letter at the beginning of a paragraph; treated like a graphic in Word
fill color The interior color of WordArt text or other graphic
floating object An object that you can position anywhere on the page, with the text flowing, or wrapping around it; compare to an inline object
graphic object An object used for illustration purposes or to enhance page layout; shapes, pictures, SmartArt, and WordArt are all examples of graphic objects
inline object An object that behaves as if it were text; like an individual letter, an inline object has a specific location within a line of text, and its position changes as you add or delete text. Compare to a floating object
object Anything you can manipulate independently of the text, such as a picture or a text box.
page border An outline that frames the contents of a single page.
PDF A file containing an image showing exactly how a document will look when printed; PDF is short for “Portable Document Format.”(
pixels The small dots of color that make up a graphic displayed on a video screen.
pull quote A direct quote from the main document text, formatted in a text box.
sidebar A textbox designed to look good positioned to the side of the main document text.
snap to Term used to refer to the way objects automatically align with the nearest intersection of a horizontal and vertical line in a document’s nonprinting gridlines
text wrapping A setting that dictates how text will flow around a graphic.
typographic characters Special characters, such as trademark or copyright symbols, that are not available from a standard keyboard
WordArt Decorative text created using preset styles
Created by: skindawg