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Vocabulary 12

animation A moving clip art graphic
audio Relating to sound or its reproduction of sound
bit (Binary DigIT) A single digit number in base-2 (either a one or a zero). This is the smallest unit of computerized data
browser-safe colors (web-safe colors) There are millions in the computer world, there are 216 that are browser-safe, or are able to be read by any browser. Colors will remain no matter what platform or browser you use, and hexadecimal codes are made up by using any combination...
byte A set of 8 bits that means something to the computer, like a letter, number, or punctuation mark. For example, the byte 01001000 signifies the character H. The three-letter word “hat” requires 3 bytes
clipart Drawings you can add to your documents or presentations. Clip art includes items such as cartoons, maps, symbols, and flags.
digital camera A camera that stores images in digital format rather than on film
desktop publishing Using features of word processing/DTP software to format and produce documents, letters, reports, flyers, and newsletters with graphics.
e-books A book composed in or converted to digital format for display on a computer screen or handheld device
frame a graphic panel in a display window, esp. in a web browser, that encloses a self-contained section of data and permits multiple independent document viewing
gigabyte (GB) Approximately one billion bytes. (Approximately 1,000 MB.)
GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) (Pronounced "jiff.") A file format for pictures, photographs, and drawings that are compressed so that they can be sent quickly.
Graphic Images/pictures created, edited, and/or published using a computer
illustrate explain or make (something) clear by using examples, charts, pictures, etc.
illustration Clipart, graphics or drawings on a computer.
JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) An efficient method for storing graphic files for transmission. Unlike GIF files, JPG files lose a little data when the image is converted, and their files are often much larger than GIFs. However, JPGs are your best choice for photographic images.
layout the process of setting out material on a page or in a work
megabyte (MB) 1 million bites of information.
PING (Packet Internet Gopher) A TCP/IP application that sends a message to another computer, waits for a reply, and displays the time the transmission took. This serves to identify what computers are available on the Internet and how long wait-times are.
zipped files Zipped files are files that are compressed and must be "unzipped" to be read. Zipped files download faster because they are smaller than an uncompressed equivalent.
Created by: kpatranella