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Adv and Disadv Email

Advantages and disadvantages of email in a business environment

Speed of email The speed of email is an advantage - it is almost instantaneous. It can enhance communications by allowing for quick distribution of information and fast response to inquiries. Quicker problem-solving, more stream-lined. Can accomplish more in less time.
Geographic Barrier Reduction Email reduces geographic and time zone barriers (an advantage.) People can communicate with one another, regardless of their location.
Targeted Marketing Email lets businesses market to targeted audiences (an advantage.) Customers can opt in to receive emails if they wish, making them more receptive to the information. Businesses can tailor messaging to new customers, existing or repeat customers.
Efficiency Email can help increase productivity (an advantage.) Businesses can communicate with established distribution lists, automatically forward information, or send information to specific individuals. It can reduce the reliance on face-to-face meetings.
Lower costs Emailing communications can result in significant savings in postage costs, shipping supplies, and a reduction in customer service support costs.
Time consuming A disadvantage can be the share volume of emails a person can receive, which can be time consuming. Organizing and reading through emails can take a great deal of time and prove a hindrance on worker productivity.
Security Sensitive information can be easily shared and distributed within a business through email (a potential disadvantage.)
Impersonal communication While email can be faster, the meaning of the message is often lost in the text (a disadvantage.) It can make customers or employees forget there are people involved in the transaction, which can affect customer service.
Misunderstanding Pronouns and popular jargon can lead to conflict in emails (a disadvantage.) Email is filled with abbreviations and short descriptions, which can often be misunderstood and/or interpreted the wrong way.
Decreased management levels Employees at all levels of the business can send emails to anyone in the business. The ease of sending messages bypasses the established chain-of-command and disrupts the standard review processes (a disadvantage.)
Accuracy The ease of sending emails can decrease the accuracy of information (a disadvantage.) Senders typically respond to messages quickly and do not review information. Employees may also feel pressured to respond to requests quickly without regard to accuracy.
Created by: rj-wintec