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odyssey vocabulary

usurp to sieze and hold by force and without legal authority
suitors one who courts a woman or wishes to marry her
assert to state or declare positively, and often forcefully or aggressively
handmaiden a woman attendant or servant
discourteousness exhibiting no courtesy; rude
ploy action done to frustrate an opponent or to gain advantage deviously
tribulation distress or suffering resulting from persecution also a trying experience
norther a strong north wind
unscathed wholly, unharmed, not injured
teeming to become filled, overflowing
reconnaissance a preliminary survey to gain information especially of an enemy territory
fathom unit of length equal to six feet used especially for measuring the depth of water
prophesied to predict with assurance on the basis of mystic knowledge
resound to be filled with sound; reverberate
folly thoughtlessness or reckless behavior
lavished giving or spending generously or to excess
malicious motivated by a desire to cause harm or pain to others
lofty highest rank or status
libation the pouring of a liquid such as wine or oil as a sacrifice to a god or in honor of a dead person
shrouded covered for protection; to cut off from view
mar to spoil something
placate to make someone less angry or hostile; usually by doing or saying things to please him or her
preeminence having a large amount of dignity, rank, or importance
atonement to make amends for a wrong
fabricate to make up something as in a story
metis cunning, guile, way with words
swineherd one who tends pigs
skeptical to doubt or question
insolent rude or disrespectful
woo to seek affection of
sowing to strew or cover with something; spread thickly
perpetuity time without end
woebegone affected by deep sorrow, grief, or wretchedness
auspicious marked by success
vagrant someone who wanders from place to place and has no permanent home
gluten someone who eats or drinks to excess
goaded to provoke someone to do something
circumspect showing unwillingness to act without first weighing the risks fo the consequences
recompense gift used for compensation
revered to regard with awe and devotion
odious arousing strong dislike or intense displeasure
lamenation the act of mourning, wailing, or moaning
illustrious very well known
inquity gross immortality or injustice; wickedness
portico a covered walkway leading to the entrance of a building
dowry money or property given by a bride's family to her bridegroom or his family when she marries
entrails internal organs of the body, especially the intestines
wrath the vengance, punishment, or destruction wreaked by somebody in anger
lust strong sexual desire
inciting to spur to action
soothsayer someone claiming supernatural guidance in predicting the future
portents signs of something to happen in the future
retribution something done or given as punishment
restitution the act of restoring to the rightful owner something that has been taken away, lost, or surrendered
throes a severe pang or spasm of pain
throng large group of people gathered or crowded closely together
supplicate to ask for humbly or earnestly, as by praying
begrudged to resent the fact that someone has something
rendezvous a meeting arranged for a specified time and place
unguents salve or ointment
pyre a pile of wood for burning a dead body
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