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JTC second 9wks test

extended learning and post-secondary terms

apprenticeship on the job trainning coordinated with academic study
bachelor's degree academic title awarded by a college or university usually takes 4 or more years to complete
certification a credential indicating specific tranning in a specific career specialty
communiy college post secondary institution that offers certificates diplomas amd associate degrees many programs transfer to a four year college
college/university post secondary institution that offers degrees. universities are usually larger than colleges, provide a wider range of majors
cooperative education program coordinate work with classroom teacher and students part-time work.
doctorate degree academic title awarded by college or university as indicator of computed work-highest level of graduate school
entrepreneurship act of creating or develping your own business
exploratory interview short, informal talk with someone who works in a career you find intresting.
extending learning school and community activites that help develop transferable skills
internship part-time, on-the-job learning expeirence worker around on the job for a day
job shadowing following an experienced worker around on the job for a day
license completing the rules and regulations pertaining to a career specialty in order to legally enter that kind of work
master's degree an academic title awarded and a college or university as am indication of completion of study at advanced level
mentoring long-term relationship between student and person. teach good work habits, ethnics, ect.
online education education delivered through the internet
on-the-job training instruction at work to learn required tasks on the job
post-secondary education or training after high school
private college a college that relies on endowments, tuition, and fun raising to run-does not recieve government money
public college a college operated and financially supported by the state in which it is located
service learning volunteer service project that gives students useful work experience while benifiting the community
specialty degree a college degree that is higher than a masters degree, but not equal to a doctors agree
tech prep program between highschools and community colleges offer students a chance to earn college credit through high school credit.
technical school a private post-secondary school that offer training programs for specific career specialites
extra you need to know 16 fields, 6 clusters, FKS at the core of the model
how many fields? 6 fields
how many clusters? 16 clusters
whats in the core? FKS
whats FKS mean? foudation knowledge and skills
Created by: journeyb
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