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Points 3

GB Point Fx

GB-1 TONGZILIAO *Expels w-h for conjunctivitis, clears heat for eye problems by LIV heat, local point for headaches around temple & outer eye, subdues LIV yang, brightens eyes
GB-2 TINGHUI *Important local point for ear problems caused by LIV yang or LIV fire, otitis media from ext. w-h, removes channel obstruction
GB-20 FENGCHI *Yang Wei Mai* Expels ext. wind, extinguishes int. wind, subdues LIV yang, major point to brightens the eyes, benes ears, clears heat, nourishes marrow & clears the brain
GB-21 JIANJING *EMPIRICAL POINT: promotes lactation, difficult labor, retention of lochia* Local point for painful bi of the shoulder & neck, descends LU qi
GB-24 RIYUE *Front mu of GB* Yang Wei Mai* Resolves d-h affecting the GB & LIV, jaundice, heaviness, nausea, promotes free-flow of LIV qi, harmonizes MJ, abdominal & epigastric pain
GB-25 JINGMEN *Front mu of the KI* Regulates water passages of the LJ, regulates SP & intestines, strengthens the lower back
GB-34 YANGLINGQUAN *He-Sea* Earth* Gathering of the Sinews* Important point to promote free-flow of LIV qi in hypochondriac, epigastric or lower abdominal regions, resolves d-h in LIV & GB, removes painful bi from calves, leg, & knee & atrophy of same
GB-40 QIUXU *Source* Promotes smooth flow of LIV qi, clears GB heat, stimulates coming & going of ethereal soul for depression, strengthens mental aspect of GB function
GB-41 ZULINQI *Stream* Wood* Opening of Dai Mai* Subdues LIV yang, resolves d-h in genitals, benes breasts, breast distention, abscess, promotes free-flow of LIV qi, clears heat in GB channel
GB-43 XIAXI *Spring* Water* Effective for temporal headache by LIV yang rising, distal point for migraine headache in temples, ear probs from LIV yang rising, resolves d-h, otitis media
GB-44 ZUQIAOYIN *Well* Metal* Subdues LIV yang rising, clears heat, brightens eyes, calms the mind related to LIV fire
Created by: hchristiansen