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Literature devices

Exam Questions

Foreshadowing LIttle hints about what is going to happen later in a story.
Symbol anything that stands for something else
Dialogue a conversation in a piece of literature.
Hyperbole an extreme exaggeration
Flashback a shift in a story to an earlier event that interrupts the normal development of the story.
Setting time and place a story occurs
Onomatopoeia word’s sound imitates its meaning
Archetype Model of person, personality, or behavior.
Parody humorous imitation of a previous literally work.
Alliteration repetition of the consonant sound.
Formulate plan, make it, put it together, put to this, add up, create, develop, build, invent, etc.
Gothic Fiction genre of literature, that contains elements of both horror romance..
Point of view The person who tells the story and how it is told.
Characterization Process of creating a character in fiction.
Pun A humourous substitution of words that are alike in sound but different in meaning
Proverb simple saying that is popularly known and repeated which expresses truth
Irony The difference between the way something appears and what is actually true
Static Character A character who does not change throughout story
Describe Tell about it,paint a picture with words, paint me a picture, what does it look like, tell what, tell more, list attributes, illustrate, show
Simile Comparison between two unlike things using like or as
Tragedy Drama in which the main characters is brought to ruin or death
Exposition introductory material that gives important background into the story
Tragic Hero Character who makes an error in judgement that leads to their
Fable Short Allegorical narrative making a moral point, traditionally by mean of animal characters that speaks and act like an animal
diction choice or use of words in speech or writing
genre different types of writing
Allegory story that communicates its message by means of symbolic figures
parable brief story that illustrates a moral or religious belief
support prove it: explain why gives examples
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