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Study helps for British Lit Midterm

Wycliffe taught that the highest requirement of the clergy was a godly lifestyle. In which work did he write this? For the Order of the Priesthood
Wycliffe was accused of heresy by which entities? Oxford University and the ecclesiastical council
The philosophical questions of origin, meaning, and destiny are addressed by Edwin's counselor in which work? The Ecclesiastical History of the English People
Name three common features of Old English poetry. irony, alliteration and variation
The typical sonnet line has how many poetic feet? five
Humor in Old English poetry evidenced itself in what two forms? irony and riddles
According to An Apology for Poetry, in what sense can fictional stories actually be true? they may convey universal spiritual - rather than particularly historical - truths
"Wave-skimmer" and "swan-road" are examples of what poetic device? kenning
What is the name of Spenser's sonnet sequence? Amoretti
According to An Apology for Poetry, what is the dual purpose of poetry? teaching and delighting
What did Ben Jonson's imitators come to be known as? Cavalier poets
In Beowulf, the Danes are being assaulted by Grendel because of what sin? pride
Who is mortally wounded by the removal of his arm? Grendel
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, what word best describes William the Conqueror as a ruler? severe
What event marked the end of the English Middle Ages? the ascension of Henry VIII to the throne
During the Tudor period, how did the middle class gain power? rise of local governments, growth of trade companies and increased membership in House of Commons
What term best describes Elizabeth's religious policy? moderate
Why did the Commonwealth government fail? debt; disagreements between Protestants and Catholics; Richard Cromwell was an ineffective successor to his father
What year was the King James Version published? 1611
In what year did the Restoration take place? 1660
In The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer said The Prioress "was not undergrown, as all could see." What device was he using? understatement
Which poet was a civil official and diplomat whose work offered both high literary artistry and a satiric commentary on his times? Geoffrey Chaucer
What is a common theme of the ballads "Sir Patrick Spens," "The Twa Corbies," and "The Wife of Usher's Well"? death
Which cycle of ballads communicates the common man's viewpoint? the Robin Hood cycle
In which work was More's humanism most evident? Utopia
In his Answer unto Sir Thomas More's Dialogue, what did Tyndale declare the true interpreter of Scripture? the Holy Spirit
Whose influence as a translator determined the style of the English Bible: popular, not liturgical? William Tyndale
Which Tudor poet invented blank verse? Surrey
Sonnet 68 celebrates what? Christ's resurrection
How many books of The Faerie Queene did Spenser actually complete? six
The flimsiness of the House of Pride is indicated in what ways? thin walls, crumbling back sections and sandy foundation
How many plays did Shakespeare write? 37
Who wrote the long narrative poems "Venus and Adonis" and "The Rape of Lucrece"? William Shakespeare
Who received these prophecies: "Beware Macduff," "None of woman born/Shall harm Macbeth" and "He shall never vanquish'd be until Birnan wood comes to Dunsinane"? Macbeth
Which two stylistic qualities are exemplified in Francis Bacon's essays? compression and balance
Who was the first English author to publish his own works? Ben Jonson
Herbert is the greatest English writer or what kind of poetry? devotional
Baxter states that God has given us the Spirit for what reason? to mortify the flesh
Who is the true hero of Paradise Lost? Christ
Which work's central metaphor compares life to a journey? The Pilgrim's Progress
According to the introductory lines of Paradise Lost, what is the poem's primary purpose? to "justify the ways of God to men"
According to Good Will, how will Christian be able to distinguish the right paths from the wrong ones? only the right paths are "straight and narrow"
Which writing style is typified by these elements: adventurous knight's quest; romantic love; acts of chivalry; supernatural elements and ideals of civilized society? medieval romance
In Morte d'Arthur, why does King Arthur let Beaumains attempt to rescue the damsel? because Arthur had promised to grant him three wishes and this was one of them
Why did Foxe decide to bring out an English version of his Book of Martyrs? he wanted to influence the common people
What is the more accurate title of Foxe's Book of Martyrs? Acts and Monuments
Which author was a politician who went blind? John Milton
The sequence of poems in The Temple starts at the outside porch of the temple and ends where? the holy of holies
Which author defended poetry, saying it was more effective than philosophy or history? Sir Philip Sidney
Who introduced Renaissance themes and verse forms into England? Sir Thomas Wyatt
Who was tried for taking bribes? Sir Francis Bacon
Who was a diarist who helped build the British navy? Samuel Pepys
Which word best describes Pepys's attitude toward the Puritans? inconsistent
Name the Benedictine monk who wrote on many subjects and sought to chart the spread of Christianity Bede
Who was jailed for an imprudent marriage and later became Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral? John Donne
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