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PowerPoint Theory

What color is Excel's Backstage view? green
To prevent PowerPoints spelling checker from repeatedly flagging a correctly spelled word, click the _____ button the first time the checker flags the word. Ignore All
To open Backstage view in Excel, click... File
Where can the Picture Border & Picture Effects buttons be found? on the Picture Tools Format tab
You can use the ______ in the Timing group on the Animations tab to change the timing on animations. Duration & Delay Fields
Which of the following show types is an option when setting up a PowerPoint presentation to play back automatically? All of the above
The expanded Animation gallery offers ____ animations. All of the above
In Slide Shorter view, a deleted slide appears with a _____ border. gold
To choose the direction from which text enters a slide, click the... Effect Option button in the Animation group on the Animations tab
You must set up a free Windows Live account if you want to... use the Broadcast Slide Show feature
The PowerPoint Broadcast Service... a & b
If you want your organization's logo to appear on every slide in the presentation, place it on ____ in the Slide Master set. the uppermost slide
When an animation is applied to an object on a slide, a small ____ appears next to it. number
Your slides should contain word-for-word what you plan to say during your presentation. False
To move the insertion point to a specific page in Word or to a specific cell address in Excel, press _____ & then specify the page number or cell address. F5
The text on a slide... All of these
Which of the following placeholders appears on a title slide by default? a & b
If you are viewing Slide 4, which of the following actions will cause Slide 3 to display? All of the above
If you want to change the margin settings in Word, click ____ in the Setting category in the Print tab Backstage view. Normal Margins
Which of the following are options on the Slide tab in the Header & Footer dialog box? All of the above
If you want to insert a graphic just once, but still have it appear on every slide in your presentation, use a... Slide Master
What happens if you click the arrow on the New Slide button? A gallery of slide layout options appears
How can you hide the ribbon & display only the tabs? a & b
You can access the option to show your presentation online by clicking _____ in the Save & Send Category on the Save & Send tab. Broadcast Slide Show
Which of the following types of objects can be inserted into a PowerPoint presentation? All of the above
To print the notes that accompany your slides, click the File tab, click the Print tab, choose _____, & then choose Notes Pages in the Print Layout section. Full Page Slides in the Settings category
After you accept the recorded slide timings, PowerPoint will display the presentation in ____ view. Slide Sorter
Which of the following characters can be used in a file name? period (.)
To determine which slide layouts currently applied to a slide... right-click the slide thumbnail in the Slide/Outline pane & select Layout
To open an existing file in Excel, _____, & then select the file from the list. a or b
Why might you want to hide the Slide Master graphics on an individual slide? All of the above
What is the minimum font size that is recommended for use on a slide? 18
If you delete a placeholder from a slide, the... a & b
Which of the following techniques can you use to insert a new slide into a PowerPoint presentation? All of the above
To insert a photo into presentation, _______ in the Images group on the Insert tab, navigate to the desired file, & click the Insert button. click the Picture button
You want to apply a global footer to the slides in your presentation, but you also need to apply a slightly different footer to a few of them. To do so... apply the global footer to all slides first & then make changes to the appropriate slides individually
If you point to a slide title in the Outline pane & click the Increase List level button... the slide title will be demoted to a bullet point on the previous slide
If you place a grapic on the uppermost slide in a Slide Master set, where will it appear? on every slide in the presentation
What is one of the problems with using a text box to add content to a slide? The text will not appear in the Outline pane
To preview how color changes might affect the slides in your presentation, click the ____ on the Design tab & then move your cursor over the colors in the gallery. Colors button in the Themes group
Pressing the right arrow key will ______ a presentation. display the next slide in
What is the default format for text in a content placeholder? bulleted list
Using too many transitions in a presentation... can be distracting to the audience
How can you move the insertion point quickly to the beginning of a file? Press Crtl + Home
When you are in Slide Show view, which of the following tools can be accessed from the lower left corner of the presentation screen? All of the above
To create a new file in Excel... a & b
Where are the Home & Insert tabs found in the Microsoft Office applications? on the ribbon
In which of the following views can you add notes that only the speaker can see? Normal view
When you broadcast your presentation... it will run automatically & continuously until you press Esc
What is the primary purpose of using Slide Masters? to modify global formatting
The Windows SkyDrive link allows you to... save your presentation to the Web
Which field can you use to increase the length of the pause between two animations? Delay
Which presentation view displays the timings assigned to each slide? Slide Sorter
To customize your own color scheme... All of the above
You can view & print speaker notes from the _____ page view. Notes
To record timings for how long each slide should display before automatically advancing to the next, click the ____ button in the Set Up group on the Slide Show tab. Rehearse Timings
The Word Web App is a "light" version of Word, which means that.. not all ribbon tabs & buttons are available
Instead of applying a theme, it is a good idea to format each slide individually with different colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. False
Which of the following actions will cause the next slide in a presentation to display? pressing the right arrow key
The purpose of Slide Masters is to provide an easy way to... All of the above
To restore text or formatting after you have deleted it, click the Undo button on the... Quick Access toolbar
A slide icon in the Slides/Outline pane can be... All of the above
If you choose the Update automatically option in the Date & time section of the Slide tab in the Header & Footer dialog box... the date will be updated to the current date each time you open the file
If you want to know which slides will be affected by changing the format of a particular Slide Master... hover your mouse over a layout in the slide layout thumbnail pane to see the layout name
To hide one Slide Master graphic on an individual slide while keeping the other Slide Master graphics visible... You cannot hide Slide Master graphics individually
The More button in the Themes gallery on the Design tab allows you to... All of the above
If you want to create a specialized show using only a selection of slides from a presentation, use the _____ feature. Custom Slide Show
Which of the following Office applications has a cloud based version that is part of SkyDrive? a & b
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