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Red features 2014

Red group physical features

FeatureImportanceInteresting Fact
Alps high mountains that divide southern and northern Europe glaciers shaped Matterhorn to a distinctive point
North European Plain It’s rich farmland provides food for Europe Makes Europe the continent with lowest elevation
Amazon River and Basin Supplies more fresh water than any other river in the world More than 5600 species live there
Andes Mountains Contain gold, silver, tin and platinum Incas ruled a great empire in the Andes before Columbus
Sahara Desert Largest subtropical desert in the world Some sand dunes are 590 feet high
Congo River and Basin Second largest river basin in the world Home to over 700 species of fish
Ganges Its valley is one of the world’s most densely populated parts of the world Named after Hindu god and sacred to Hindus
Indus supplies things for life for many cities in Pakistan Home of ancient civilizations
Huang He (Yellow) Main river of Northern China 3rd longest river in Asia
Gobi Desert Source of dinosaur fossils and scientifc information large deposits of gold and silver
Created by: team64