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Nail Tech Quiz

Match the word

A solvent used to remove nail enhancements ACETONE
Advice given to the client following a nail enhancement in order for the client to benefit from the effectiveness of the treatment AFTERCARE ADVICE
An unfavourable reaction that may occur either during or after the nail enhancement treatment, e.g. skin swelling CONTRA-ACTION
A condition that will stop the nail enhancement being carried out, e.g. paronychia CONTRA-INDICATION
The flexible fold of skin around the base of the nail CUTICLE
A small container used to hold liquid products while working DAPPEN DISH
A product used to remove water or dry out the nail plate DEHYDRATOR
The process of destroying some but not all micro-organisms DISINFECTION
The two products are mixed together to form a strong and durable enhancement system LIQUID AND POWDER
The pink-coloured part of the nail NAIL PLATE
The process of destroying all micro-organisms and their spores STERILISATION
These are made of plastic and are strong, durable and flexible; they are applied to the nail plate to extend the length of the nail TIPS
A thick gel that is cured into a hard, durable, flexible enhancement using a UV curing lamp UV GEL
Created by: slrider