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Phleb review, Hematopoesis, Erythropoiesis

Blue Top Sodium Citrate. Removes calcium by precipitating it.
Green Top Heparin. Only anticoagulant that does not inactivate or consume calcium. Prevents blood clotting thrombin.
Purple Top EDTA. Removes calcium through chelatin.
Watson and Crick Discovered DNA
Hematopoiesis Blood cells are produced, differentiated and developed
Origin of blood cells mesoderm of embryo
What are the phases of fetal hematopoiesis mesoblastic, Hepatic and myeloid phase
Mesoblastic phase Yolk Sack. Produce pluripotent cells. portland, gower I and II
Hepatic phase 4-5th week gestation. occurs in liver and rbc produced
Meyloid phase production of pluripotential cells. G-CFU, E-CFU,GM-CFU,MM-CRU
Progenitor cells Will form into one distinct cell line
Blood cell migration path capillary sinuses of the bone marrow->sinus spaces-->into circulation.
What is a interleukin involved with development and growth of B and T lymphs
Erythropoietin produced in the kidneys, secreted by the liver
Polycythemia increased rbc concentration.
Reticulocyte in bone marrow for 2.5 days. In blood for 1 day.
Developmental stages RBC CFU-GEMM,BFU-E, CFU-E,Pronomoblast,Prorubicyte,Rubicyte,Metarubicyte,Reticulocyte
Reticulocyte Polychromatic Eryocyte
Metarubicyte Orthochromatic
Stain for Retics new methylene blue. precipitates RNA into a mesh on cell
Normal concentration for hemoglobin 34 g/dl
Heme is from Porphrin
Ferritin is stored liver
What is a shift to the left increased affinity to oxygen binding
Globin chains contain 2 alpha, 2 gamma chains made in the liver
Heinz bodies denaturation and precipitation of hemoglobin. can cause cyanosis
Leve-Jennings charts displays control vs time
sequence of fetal blood cell devolopment yolk sac, liver, red marrow
Antiocoagulant prevents clotting by inhibiting thrombin Heparin
Hematopoiesis stops in the liver 1-2 weeks after birth
Thrombopoietin Stimulates formation of megakaroblast to megakaryocytes
Leukopoietin stimulates white cell formation
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