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GK 4


The animal infra-order catarrhini comprises which creatures? Old world monkeys and apes
The superfamily cercopithecoidea comprises Old World monkeys - it is one of two superfamilies in the infra-order catarrhini - what is the other? Hominoidea (or hominids)
The animal family pongidae has only one species as a member - which one? Orang-utans
The chimpanzee belongs to which primate sub-family? Paninae
Notable for a throat pouch that can be inflated to the size of its head, which black, tailless primate of SE Asia is the only member of the genus symphalangus? Siamang
In which field was Edmund Leach a famous name? Anthropology
What was the name given to the 1908 event in Siberia that was the largest meteor impact event in recorded history? Tunguska
Meteor Crater in Arizona also has what name, from the man who first postulated that it was caused by extraterrestrial impact? Barringer crater
As of the year 2000, how many human beings had walked on the moon? 12
Margaret Bondfield, the UK's first female cabinet minister, represented which political party? Labour
In which year did Harold MacMillan famously tell the British public "you've never had it so good"? 1959
In which 1904 incident did Russian warships fire on a British fishing fleet after allegedly mistaking them for Japanese battleships? Dogger Bank Incident
What was 'Stonewall' Jackson's real first name? Thomas
At which Battle was Stonewall Jackson accidentally shot by his own side on May 2nd, 1863 - he died of surgical complications 8 days later? Chancellorsville
What title is held by the elected heads of Australian states? Premiers
Which summer tours did Tudor and Stuart monarchs use in order to meet their subjects? Royal Progresses
Which Democratic candidate for Presidential nomination was shot and paralysed after a 1972 assassination attempt? George Wallace
What was the subject of the 18th amendment to the US Constitution? Prohibition
Who was Australian Prime Minister from 1996 to 2007? John Howard
What nickname did the US 369th Infantry obtain during WW2? Harlem Hellfighters
The phrase "God blew and they were scattered" refers to which historical event? Spanish Armada
Which British monarch made Tunbridge Wells 'Royal'? Edward VII
Which historical figure said of the Long Parliament "what should we do with this bauble, take it away"? Oliver Cromwell
Give a year in the life of penal reform campaigner Elizabeth Fry. 1780-1845
On what day of the week did Britain declare war on Germany in 1939? Sunday
Tokyo replaced which city as Japan's capital? Kyoto
For what is Abraham Zapruder famous? Filming Kennedy's Assassination
Gibraltar was ceded to the UK by which 1713 treaty? Utrecht
Which major city did General Sherman burn in 1864, later a famous film scene? Atlanta
Name either nation that joined NATO on 1st April 2009? Croatia, Albania
Which US President's wife was possibly the first to be given the title 'First Lady, albeit at a funeral eulogy? Zachary Taylor
How is the Asian organisation LTTE better known in the West? Tamil Tigers
Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU on January 1st of which year? 2007
Which capital city lends its name to the criteria for EU membership? Copenhagen
Give a year in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 1804-6
At what temperature Kelvin does water boil? 373K
The Solvay process produces which chemical compound? Sodium Carbonate/soda ash
Which process is the only economic method of recovering sulphur from elemental deposits? Frasch process
Celestine is the principal ore worldwide for obtaining which element? Strontium
Divided into the Pleistocene and Holocene Epochs, which geological 'period' are we currently living in? Quaternary
Whose classic paper "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" in the Bell System Technical Journal in July and October 1948 is credited with inventing Information Theory? Claude E Shannon
Who discovered and developed the oral polio vaccine? Salk
Which was the UK's first gas-lit street? Pall Mall
Who invented the cloud chamber? Charles Wilson
Gail Borden (a man) is credited with inventing which foodstuff? Condensed milk
Magnesium Sulphate has what alternative name, from the location of a spring that produced it? Epsom salt
Methyl salicylate, an organic ester naturally produced by many species of plants, is also known as which oil? Oil of Wintergreen
What is the correct chemical name for alum? Hydrated Aluminium Potassium Sulphate
Artillery, Mansell and wire are types of what? Wheel
At 36, who was the youngest man to walk on the moon? Charlie Duke
In which year did the Wright Brothers first achieve powered flight? 1903
What was the name of the place where the Wright Brothers first achieved powered flight? Kill Devils Hill
In the first human powered flight, for how many seconds was Orville Wright in the air? 68 seconds
The term "post-impressionism" was coined by which critic? Roger Fry
Who painted 1913's "Composition No 7"? Kandinsky
Which 1913 art exhibition in New York, properly entitled the 'International Exhibition of Modern Art', was seminal in art history in that it introduced futuristic styles to a Transatlantic audience? Armory Show
What name is given to Europe's longest roller coaster, based in Lightwater Valley? The Ultimate
Which two birds of the family gaviidae (loons and divers) are found in the UK? Red-throated and black-throated
The Tarim mummies, dating from 1800BC to the 1st Century BC, were from which country? China
What do 'xi' and 'dong' mean in Chinese place names? West and East respectively
Which Chinese province surrounds Hong Kong on 3 sides? Guangdong
What does Nanjing mean in English? Southern capital
Which was the earliest known hominid species to have had a larynx located low in the neck, indicating that it was capable of complex language? Homo Ergaster
Both Neanderthals and humans are believed to have had which direct hominid descendant? Homo Heidelbergensis
Who translated the New Testament into English in 1534? Tyndale
Who produced a gruesome "Book of Martyrs" depicting Protestant martyrs in 1563? John Foxe
In which palace was Elizabeth I born? Greenwich
Elizabeth I reigned for how many complete years? 44
Which wife of Henry VIII acted as Elizabeth I's stepmother after Anne Boleyn's execution? Catherine Parr
In which Hertfordshire stately home did Elizabeth I live prior to accession to the throne? Hatfield
Who founded the Royal exchange in 1571? Gresham
William Cecil, advisor to Elizabeth I, took which title on elevation to the peerage? Lord Burghley
Which two nations joined the EEC in 1986? Spain and Portugal
Robert Dudley, a close friend of Elizabeth I, was appointed as the first Earl of which place when ennobled? Leicester
Which country withdrew from NATO in 1966? France
Who was UN secretary-general from 1946-53? Trygve Lie
Living 2.33 to 1.44 million years ago, and the source of controversy over whether it should be classed as a homo species or an Australopithecus, which early hominid's remains are often found near primitive stone tools? Homo Habilis
Sediba, garhi and bahrelghazali were species of which extinct hominid genus? Australopithecus
What nationality was Trygve Lie, the first UN secretary-general? Norwegian
Who replaced Trygve Lie, and thus became the 2nd UN secretary-general? Dag Hammarskjöld
Which is the earliest hominid species known to have used fire? Homo erectus
How many years ago, to the nearest thousand, was the maximum glaciation in the last Ice Age? 22,000
Which civilisation are generally credited with being the first to use the wheel? Sumerians
The Boxer Rebellion was led by members of which 'order'? Order of Righteous and Harmonious Fists
What was John Major's constituency while he was Prime Minister? Huntingdon
Which king was the intended victim of the Gunpowder plot? James I
What was the name of the Green Party of England and Wales between 1975 and 1985? Ecology Party
In 1926, who became the first woman to swim the Channel? Gertrude Ederle
The £1, the £2 and which other coin were introduced after decimalisation? 20p
20p and 50p coins are officially legal tender up to what sum? £10
From which island did Enola Gay take off prior to bombing Hiroshima? Tinian Island
In 1991, who became Britain's first female astronaut? Helen Sharman
Thomas More wrote a history of which monarch? Richard III
Which is the lowest rank of the peerage? Baron
On a hi-fi, what is a DBB? Dynamic Bass Boost
Which animal, native to the UK, has the Latin name 'dama dama'? Fallow deer
Which company developed the VHS system of video? JVC
Which animal has the Latin name 'sciurus carolinensus'? Grey squirrel
What is a 'mullet' in heraldry? A star
What name is given to a judge on the Isle of Man? Deemster
What did RDS stand for on a radio? Radio Data Systems
The Mazeppa and the Tally-Ho were all names given to individual examples of which obsolete form of transport? Stagecoach
Black, grey, white and Lombardy are all species of what type of tree? Poplar
The prunus dulcis tree provides which edible nut? Almond
What name is given to the practice of bidding at an auction solely in order to drive up the price? Shilling
What is the modern, more correct name for the brontosaurus? Apatosaurus
The insect phylloxera Vitifolii, related to aphids, is apest affecting which plant or industry? Vines/winemaking
Which chemical element has the lowest normal boiling point? Helium
Which quickly-built prefab cargo ships were British in concept, but came to be seen as symbolic of US WW2 maritime industrial output - about 2700 were constructed? Liberty Ships
A supercell is a particularly severe example of what? Thunderstorrn
Which wings lie on an aircraft's fuselage ahead of its main wings? Canards
In heraldry, what name is given to a vertical band in a shield? Pale
Which two men founded Google in 1998? Larry Page and Sergei Brin
What is a 'pink fir apple'? Type of potato
Of what is orthoepy the study? Pronounciation
How many constitute a quorum in the House of Commons? Forty
Hirundine is an adjective applying to which animal? Swallow
Which investment banking firm was founded in 1869 and is headquartered at 200 West Street in Lower Manhattan? Goldman Sachs
A child can legally buy a pet from what age upward in the UK? 16
What are the equivalents of latitude and longitude on a celestial sphere? Declination and right assention
Which word's first recorded use was in a 2nd century poem by a physician from Alexandria as a design on an amulet designed to cure malaria, and was believed to have been a Gnostic charm? Abracadabra
Corsican is a dialect of which language? Italian
Which aviator was nicknamed 'The Lone Eagle'? Lindbergh
The initials RRC after someone's name indicates membership of which body? Royal Red Cross
In 1748 Antonio de Ulloa published a report on a new metal from Colombia that was the first time which metal had been brought to scientific attention? Platinum
What was Princess Margaret's title at the end of her life? Countess of Snowdon
What was Queen Elizabeth II's Princess Margaret's middle name? Rose
In which year did Queen Elizabeth II's only sibling, Princess Margaret, die? 2002
Which Northern comic (1923-2012) wore lensless glasses as a hearing aid? Eric Sykes
Who narrated 'Trumpton'? Brian Cant
Who was the captain of the Trumpton Fire Service? Captain Flack
What was the profession of Mickey Murphy in Camberwick Green? Baker
Who was Windy Miller's rival in 'Camberwick Green'? Jonathan Bell
BBC Three Counties Radio serves which three counties? Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire
In which city did 'The Jetsons' live? Orbit City
Which BBC Radio Station also broadcasts on 198LW? Radio 4
Which two best-selling authors had cameos in the film version of 'Bridget Jones Diary'? Jeffrey Archer, Salman Rushdie
What was the third series in the Camberwick Green/Trumpton stop-motion animation group? Chigley
Who was the policeman in 'Camberwick Green'? PC McGarry
What is the name of the African-American woman whose feet are seen in 'Tom & Jerry'? Mammy Two-shoes
What were Tom and Jerry originally called? Jasper and Jinx
Whose memoir was "A Clown Too Many"? Les Dawson
The film "Witness For The Prosecution" (1957) was based on a novel by whom? Agatha Christie
Which TV show's theme tune is "At The Castle Gate" by Sibelius? The Sky At Night
Who wrote the memoirs "What's It All About?"? Michael Caine
Who wrote the memoirs "Tall, Dark and Gruesome"? Christopher Lee
Who is the main female character in Terry Johnson's 1954 play "Insignificance"? Marilyn Monroe
Which pop singer had (unsuccessful) trials with Brentford FC, and around the same time, worked briefly as a grave digger at Highgate Cemetery? Rod Stewart
The 1956 film "High Society" was a remake of which earlier movie? The Philadelphia Story
Who began his TV career playing Bert Bradshaw in Crossroads in 1964? David Jason
Which actress married director and writer Joel Coen in 1984? Frances McDormand
In which fictional land was The Beatles film "Yellow Submarine" set? Pepperland
Who directed "Avatar"? James Cameron
What was the first cartoon to feature Mickey Mouse; it was released as a test screening only, and only later as a full sound feature following the success of 'Steamboat Willie'? Plane Crazy
Who are the 'baddies' in The Beatles' film "Yellow Submarine"? Blue Meanies
Who played the titular role in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"? Kristen Bell
As of December 2014, what is the highest-grossing animated film of all time? Frozen
What is the longest river that is at least part in Spain? Tagus
On which lake does Lucerns stand? Lake Lucerne
Pila and Plock are towns in which country? Poland
In which county is Kenilworth Castle? Warwickshire
On which island does Copenhagen lie? Zealand
BIFU was the acronym for which defunct union? Banking, Insurance and Finance Union
Which body, with around 6.5million members in 2008, was founded in 1868 at the Machanics' Institute in Manchester? TUC
Which of the Balearic islands is closest to Mainland Spain? Ibiza
Which UK trade union represents pilots? BALPA (British Air line Pilots' Association)
Which country's national airline is Avianca? Colombia
The mistral wind blows down which valley? Rhone
Which city has been called "The Athens of America"? Boston
Which two places are connected by The Pilgrim's Way? Winchester and Canterbury
Which continent is home to the Sonoran Desert? North America
South Africa's 'Blue Train' connects which two cities? Cape Town and Pretoria
The first of Japan's bullet trains ran between Tokyo and which other city? Osaka
What is South Africa's judicial capital? Bloemfontein
Who designed the 'Dream' sculpture between the M62 and St Helens? Plensa
Which London building has a "Sainsbury Wing"? National Gallery
What is the world's oldest publishing house? Cambridge University Press
The greater part of the Kalahari Desert lies within the borders of which nation? Botswana
Mocha, from which the name of the coffee derives, is a city in which country? Yemen
In which English county is the Cerne giant? Dorset
Which zoo lies three miles south of Dunstable? Whipsnade
Cawdor Castle is near which Scottish city? Inverness
Which London Underground line connects with every other one? Jubilee
What is the UK's largest publishing house? OUP
What is the highest order that can be conferred in Japan? Order of the Chrysanthemum
South Africa's "Blue Train" connects which two cities? Pretoria, Cape Town
The first of Japan's bullet trains conected Tokyo with which other city? Osaka
What is the judicial capital of South Africa? Bloemfontein
Who designed the 'Dream' sculpture that sits outside St Helens? Plensa
Which London building has a 'Sainsbury Wing'? National Gallery
What is the oldest publishing house in the world? Cambridge University Press
Mocha, the source of the coffee, is a city in which country? Yemen (there is also a Mocha in Ecuador)
In which English county is the Cerne giant? Dorset
What is the largest publishing house in the UK? Oxford University Press
Which zoo lies three miles south of Dunstable? Whipsnade
Cawdor Castle is near which Scottish city? Inverness
Which London Underground line connects with every other one? Jubilee
Which country has the largest area of the Kalahari Desert within its borders? Botswana
What is the highest order awarded by Japan? Order of the Chrysanthemum
Which is the longest of London's Underground lines? Northern
What is the highest order awarded by Denmark? Order of the Elephant
What names have been given to the two giant gantry cranes at the Harland & Woolf shipyards that dominate the Belfast skyline? Samson and Goliath
Who was the architect who won a design contest to design Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral? Frederick Gibberd
Which UK regiment is nicknamed "The Kiddies"? Scots Guards
What is the administrative capital of Kent? Maidstone
Which city is served by George Bush Intercontinental Airport? Houston
What is the oldest surviving building in Liverpool City Centre, standing in School Lane, it was built in 1716-7 as a charity school? Bluecoat Chambers
Which river separates Boston and Cambridge, Massachussetts? Charles
At almost 6000 miles long, what is the world's longest railway line? Trans-Siberian
Which mountain range, defined as European, contains 15 peaks that are higher than Mont Blanc? Caucasus
In which English city are St Chad's Roman Catholic Cathedral and St. Philip's Cathedral? Birmingham
What is the Sanskrit name of India? Bharat
What is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir? Srinagar (it is Jammu in winter)
Which museum, adjacent to Lincoln's Inn, is named after the latter's architect? Sir John Soane's Museum
What are London's four Inns of Court, to which barristers of England and Wales belong? Middle Temple, Inner Temple, Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn
Which preserved railway runs between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth? Severn Valley Railway
Which UK national trail part-follows the ancient Icknield Way? The Ridgeway
The Ridgeway ends (or starts!) at which prominent peak in the Chiltern Hills? Ivinghoe Beacon
Which former Royal Castle in Kent, the first incarnation of which was raised in 1119, today dates largely from the 19th century, and sits on two islands on a lake? Leeds Castle
What is the capital of Madeira? Funchal
Hargeisha is the capital of which largely unrecognised self-proclaimed state? Somaliland
In which English county is Lacock, and its Fox Talbot Museum? Wiltshire
Which underground river is dammed to form the Serpentine? Westbourne
Cragside, owned by the National Trust, is a country home that was originally built for industrialist Lord Armstrong, and is in which county? Northumberland
Which island in Copenhagen, whose English name means 'castle islet' is home to the Danish parliament? Slotsholmen
In which building is the Danish parliament housed? Christiansborg Palace
A Sect named after which area of London, and that included William Wilberforce and Henry Thornton and Zachary MacAulay, campaigned for slavery abolition in the late 18th and early 19th centuries? Clapham
What is the capital of Indian state Kerala? Trivandrum
What is the capital of Indian state Madhya Pradesh? Bhopal
Found on the island of Funen, what is the only ship burial yet found in Denmark, believed to have been of a 10thC Viking chieftain? Ladby ship
Which underground river has been dammed to form Regent's Park Lake in London? Tyburn
Who is the patron saint of Madrid, bullfights mark his feast day? San Isidro
Monaco lies just to the East of which city? Nice
Who is rugby league's all time record try scorer in top-flight marches? Brian Bevan
From which RL team did Wigan sign Martin Offiah? Widnes
Which unusual profession did John Cootes, a try scorer in the 1970 Rugby League World Cup final have in non-sporting life? Priest
When was the first Rugby Union World Cup? 1987
Who won the first Rugby Union World Cup? New Zealand (1987)
What are the two categories of Olympic Wrestling? Greco-Roman, Freestyle
Who is the most successful competitor of all time in the BBC World Superstars contest, winning 3 times consecutively from 1978-80? Brian Budd
Who is the only F1 driver to have won the BBC World Superstars programme? Jody Scheckter
Which sport was originally called mintonette? Volleyball
Where are the 2016 Olympics being held? Rio de Janeiro
Who won the 2006 and 2009 ICC Champions Trophy for One-day cricket? Australia
Who won the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy for One-day cricket? India
Konstantinos Kenteris won Olympic Athletics gold in 2000, in which event? 200m
In which sport is the Eisenhower Trophy awarded? Golf
Where was the English Grand National run from 1916 to 1918? Gatwick
Which Mozambique athlete is the only athlete ever to hold Olympic, World, World indoor, Commonwealth, Continental Games and Continental Championships titles in the same event? Maria Mutola (800m)
Who was voted European Footballer Of The Year in 1983, 1984 and 1985? Platini
In which year did Lester Piggott first win the Derby? 1954
How many times in total did Lester Piggott win the Derby? Nine
Which city do the Ravens franchise represent in NFL, as of 2014? Baltimore
In which year did suffragette Emily Davison run into Anmer's path at the Derby? 1913
The title of which Michael Frayn play is also a stage direction? Noises Off
Finish the proverb - "man's extremity is God's..."? Opportunity
Which George Bernard Shaw play is subtitled "A Comedy and a Philosophy"? Man and Superman
Who created Cadfael? Ellis Peters
Which Adolf Adam ballet is about 2 rivals for the affections of the titular peasant girl? Giselle
Which collection of poetry by Philip Larkin took its name from a quote by Ophelia in Hamlet? The Less Deceived
Which form of entertainment has a name that means "imitator of all" in Greek? Pantomime
Who created the detective Adam Dalgliesh? PD James
Whose poem features the line "for whom the bells toll"? Donne
Which geneticist has written a "View From The Lab" column from the Telegraph? Steve Jones
Who wrote the plays "Gasping" and "Silly Cow"? Ben Elton
In which year did the poet Rupert Brooke die? 1915
Which poet and dramatist wrote "Blood Wedding" and "Gypsy Ballads"? Llorca
The vessel 'Nellie' appears in which book's opening sentence? Heart of Darkness
Maggie Tulliver is the central character of which Eliot novel? The Mill On The Floss
Who wrote the 1991 book "Generation X"? Douglas Copeland
Which term for a menial job comes from the 1991 book "Generation X"? McJob
Lady Lancing was the working title for which play of 1895? The Importance of Being Earnest
In Luigi Pirandello's 1921 play, how many characters were 'in search of an author'? Six
What was the name of Billy Bunter's sister? Bessie
Which word is Latin for "that which is to be done"? Agenda
Which Shakespearean character is "to the manor born"? Hamlet
Which Shakespearean character is described as having "very poor and unhappy brains for drinking"? Cassio (in Othello)
In which play does a character say "drink provokes three things - nosepainting, sleep and urine"? MacBeth
Which Ancient Roman wrote Naturalis Historia ('Natural History'), which became a model for all other encyclopedias? Pliny the Elder
Complete the title of the CS Lewis work: "Voyage of the..."? Dawn Treader
Who wrote both "A Painted House" and "Skipping Christmas"? John Grisham
Who won the 2001 Turner Prize for an exhibit of an empty gallery with the lights turning on and off "Work No. 227: The lights going on and off"? Martin Creed
Who wrote "The Thief Of Time"? Terry Pratchett
Which UK newspaper has been based at Northcliffe House in Kensington since 1988? Daily Mail
Who wrote the 'Alex Ryder' series of novels? Anthony Horowitz
Who wrote the 'Artemis Fowl' series? Eoin Colfer
Which Frenchman was called 'The Father of Fauvism'? Matisse
Who won 8 TONY awards for choreography? Bob Fosse
Which word was first coined by Thomas More in 1516? Utopia
What was 'Artemis Fowl' in the novel by Eoin Colfer? A teenage criminal mastermind
William Magear Tweed (April 3, 1823 – April 12, 1878), known as 'Boss Tweed' was a prominent businessman and politician who was brought down on corruption charges, in part helped by continual lampooning by which German caricaturist (1840–1902)? Thomas Nast
Who drew the 'Bringing Up Father' cartoons? McManus
Give a year in the life of Thomas More 1478-1535
The DC comics version of 'Captain Marvel' had what alter ego? Billy Batson
The DC comics version of 'Captain Marvel' had what alternative name? Shazam
Which character smoked hookah in 'Alice in Wonderland'? Caterpillar
Who wrote "All Quiet On The Western Front"? Remarque
Clyde Griffiths is the central character in which book? An American Tragedy
Who wrote "All Creatures Great and Small"? James Herriott
Where was Daniel Defoe's "Moll Flanders" born? Newgate Prison
To which US state is Moll Flanders transported in Defoe's classic work? Virginia
Who wrote "An American Tragedy"? Dreiser
Who wrote "And Quiet Flows The Don"? Sholokov
What is the name of the farm in "Animal Farm"? Manor Farm
What is the name of the farmer in "Animal Farm"? Jones
Josef Albers was prominent in which artistic movement? Bauhaus
Which Dutch-born British painter painted "The Visit (1868)" and "An Audience at Agrippa's" (1876)? Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
In which work did Nietzsche declare that 'God is dead'? Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Who wrote the poem "Dover Beach"? Matthew Arnold
What is the meaning of "inchoate"? Just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary
Which general led the Allies in the SW Pacific campaign 1942-45? MacArthur
In which year did Burgess and MacLean defect to the Soviet Union? 1951
Who led Bomber Command during the Battle of Britain? Dowding
Who commanded the Nazi submarine fleet in WW2? Doenitz
On what date did the Battle of the Somme commence? 1st July 1916
In which year was Lord Mountbatten murdered by the IRA? 1979
Who led the Lollards? Wycliffe
Which doctor and vegetarian was also a Russian-born health enthusiast who gained celebrity in the early 1960s for her long-distance walking? Barbara Moore
Which codename was first used for October 2001's US attack on Afghanistan? Operation Infinite Justice
What was Operation Infinite Justice later re-named? Operation Enduring Freedom
In which year was Prince Philip born? 1921
Who is the only monarch of England to reign twice, non-consecutively? Henry VI
Who apparently ordered Henry VI's murder? Edward IV
To whom was Henry VI married? Margaret of Anjou
Haakon has been a traditional name for Kings in which country? Norway
Which King sired illegitimate children with Dorothea Jordan? William IV
Which monarch had an affair with the actress Mrs Robinson? George IV
Give any year in the two reigns of Henry VI. 1422-61; 1470-1
What was the only item rationed in the UK after WW2 but not during it? Bread
In which modern day county was Captain Cook born? North Yorkshire (Marton)
Owen Glendower led a rebellion against which monarch? Henry IV
Which English monarch helped to establish the Bank of England? William III
What did BAOR stand for in WW2? British Army On The Rhine
In which year was Anwar Sadat assassinated? 1981
Who said of Gandhi "you have no idea what it costs to keep that man in poverty"? Mountbatten
Who captained the Enola Gay when it bombed Hiroshima? Paul Tibbets Jr
Who did Lloyd George call "brilliant to the top of his army boots"? Haig
Who was UK Foreign Secretary from April to December 1955? Harold MacMillan
Which anguilliform fish is supposedly an aphrodisiac to eat? Eel
Butterhead and bib are varieties of which vegetable? Lettuce
Which food gets its name from the High German for 'ring'? Bagel
What was the mythological kraken? Sea monster
Goliath belonged to which people according to the Bible? Philistines
What is the flavour of Amaretto? Apricot
Who tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981? Mehmet Ali Ağca
Which lager type, first brewed in 1842, is named after a Czech town? Pilsner
In myth, Midas was given the ears of an ass for judging a lyre contest unfavourably against which God? Apollo
Which 1970s band got their name from one of TS Eliot's cats? Mungo Jerry
Ananda was a disciple of which prominent religious figure? Buddha
Who released a 2006 album entitled "An American Classic"? Tony Bennett
"Champion" and "Express yellow" are varieties of which vegetable? Onion
Where is "Opera North" of the UK based? Leeds
Who released the 1985 album 'Songs From The Big Chair'? Tears For Fears
Paul Tortellier was a soloist on which instrument? Cello
Which Russian composed 1887's "Cappriccio Espanol"? Rimsky-Korsakov
Which meat is "sanglier" in a French restaurant? Wild boar
Who composed the "Crozier Sonata"? Beethoven
What is the translation of the Biblical term 'Gethsemone'? Olive press
With whom did Michael Jackson collaborate on "The Girl Is Mine"? Paul McCartney
A cran, or 37.5 gallons, is a measure of what? Herrings
What instrument was played by Rudolf Crozier, for whom Beethoven's sonata was named? Violin
"Take Five" features on the "Time Out" LP of which US jazz quartet? Dave Brubeck
Which Gilbert and Sullivan operetta goes by the alternative title "Yeoman Of The Guard"? The Merryman and his Maid
D'Orville and Julia feature in which Rossini opera? The Silken Ladder
In the Old Testement, which city was founded as the capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel? Sumeria
Which Ancient Egyptian God had a crocodile's head? Sebek
Which Egyptian goddess had the form of a cow? Hathor
What type of creature is a cockchafer? Beetle
Which kind of bird has nostrils at the end of its beak? Kiwi
The kookaburra is most closely related to which European bird? Kingfisher
What type of animal, along with rabbits and hares, makes up the order lagomorpha? Pika
An outgrowth of skin around the noses of some bats gives them what common name? Horseshoe
What is the name of the functionless shortest claw on a dog's foot? Dew Claw
Barnacles are members of which class of creatures? Crustaceans
To which other animal is the meerkat most closely related? Mongoose
What is a bushbaby also called? Galago
The animal the pika has what alternate name? Mousehair
What sinister name is given to a marsh crocodile found in parts of India? Mugger
Which insects form the order dermaptera? Earwigs
What makes up the skeleton of lampreys? Cartilage
Speltre (with a purity of 97%) is the main commercial form of which metal? Zinc
Which temperature scale has a fixed point at water's triple point? Kelvin
Which animal is also known as an eft? Newt
Quercus is the scientific name for which tree? Oak
Which philosophical doctrine was promulgated by Mill and Bentham? Utilitarianism
Who was the most famous grandson of Josiah Wedgewood? Charles Darwin
What is Phytophthora Infestans? Potato blight
Who is an autodidact? Self-taught person
Charles Lyell was a famous name in which field? Geology
What is the largest member of the weasel family? Wolverine
Who was the second woman in space? Savitskaya
What luxury item is made by Raymond Weil? Watches
Which union was the GPMU, which merged with Amicus in 2005? Graphical, Paper and Media Union
Where did the giant panda 'Chi-Chi' die in 1972? London Zoo
How many imperial gallons in one oil barrel? 35
The minimum tyre tread depth of 1.6mm was introduced in which year? 1986
What once had the name 'servant regulators'? Alarm clocks
Which Iargely Iraq-based monotheists believe in one God, who has placed the world under the care of seven "holy beings" or angels, the chief of whom is Melek Taus, the "Peacock Angel"? Yazidis
What is the name of Al-Qaeda's online magazine? Inspire
Which dwindling religious group, a Gnostic sect whose adherents revere John the Baptist but reject Abraham, Moses and Jesus, now mainly live in Iran? Mandaeans
Which monotheistic people, living mainly in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan, have an Ismailist religion incorporating elements from Abrahamic religions as well as Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, Pythagoreanism, and other philosophies? Druze
Which prominent religious group, centred in Syria, who follow a branch of the Twelver school of Shia Islam but with syncretistic elements? Alawites
With 125,000 followers, which country outside the Middle East has the largest number of followers of the Druze religion? Venezuela
What is the name of the online magaizine of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL)? Dabiq
In which capital city is the Akershus Fortress? Oslo
Which Swedish royal palace lies on the island of Lovon? Drottningholm Palace
Who was King of Sweden from 1523 to his death in 1560, establishing the House of Vasa and ending Stockholm's elected monarchy? King Gustav I (Gustav Vasa)
What name was given to the Union of the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish crowns from 1397 to 1523? Kalmar Union
What is Sweden's largest island? Gotland
What is Norway's largest fjord, the longest open (ice-free) fjord in the world, and important for tourism in the country? Sognefjord
What is the main town on the Swedish island of Gotland? Visby
Ekero is a municipality and island near which capital city? Stockholm
Where is Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord system in the world? Greenland
Jointly with the Nærøyfjorden, which Norwegian fjord, often described as the country's most beautiful, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005? Geiranger Fjord
Where is the Kon-Tiki boat currently displayed, in a name-sake museum? Oslo
What name is used for a part of a county in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden? Socken
On which island is Torshavn, the capital of the Faroes? Streymoy
Which bird comes in three species: Atlantic, Horned and Tufted? Puffin
Which large region of volcanic rock has been linked with major extinctions at the time of the Permian-Triassic boundary? Siberian Traps
Which East Slavic people, who traditionally inhabited sparsely populated areas and islands in the lower Dnieper, Don, Terek, and Ural river basins are belived to have first emerged as a distinct identity in the 14th and 15th Centuries? Cossacks
What is a Russian ostrog? Non-permanently-manned wooden fort/fortress
In which region is Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the highest active volcano in Eurasia? Kamchatka
Famous for birdwatching on the sea cliffs, what is the most- visited village of the Faroes by tourists, located on the West of the isle of Streymoy? Vestmanna
The Tinganes peninsula, former site of one of the world's three oldest continuous parliaments, is in which capital? Torshavn
Which Greek poet wrote the Symbolist manifesto in 1886? Jean Moreas
What name was given to Emile Zola's 20-book cycle of realist novels? Les Rougon-Macquart
The decadent character Des Esseint was an inspiration for symbolist painters and featured in which 1884 book? A Rebours (Huysmans)
What was Art Nouveau also known as in France (2 possible answers)? Stile Liberty; Arte Moderne
What was Art Nouveau called in Italy? Stile Floreale
Which French artist (1867-1942) was best known for designing Art Nouveau entrances for the Paris Metro? Hector Guimard
Which (12 December 1851 – 15 March 1942) progressive English architect and designer influenced the Arts and Crafts Movement, notably through the Century Guild of Artists, which he set up in partnership with Selwyn Image in 1882? Mackmurdo
Emile Gallé (Nancy, 8 May 1846 – Nancy, 23 September 1904) was a French artist best known for his work in which medium? Glass
Which May 31, 1836 – September 23, 1932) French painter and lithographer who became a master of Belle Époque poster art, has been called the father of the modern poster? Jules Cheret
Which English illustrator artist, a leader figure in the Aesthetic movement, died aged just 25 of TB in Menton, France, in 1898? Aubrey Beardsley
Which artist's signature for his paintings was in the shape of a stylized butterfly possessing a long stinger for a tail? Whistler
Give a year in the life of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 1868-1928
What nationality was the illustrator Felix Hoffmann? Swiss
Possibly the most recognised piece of Japanes art in the world, what name was given to Hokusai's depiction of the ocean on a woodblock print, sometime between 1830 and 1833? The Great Wave off Kanagawa
Often considered the last great master of ukiyo-e, which Japanese artist (1797 – 1858) was best known for his landscapes, such as the series The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō and The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō? Hiroshige
An influence on European impressionists, which Japanese artist (1753 – 1806) was reknowned for his portraits of female beauties (or bijin-ga) including 'Three Beauties of the Present Day'? Utamaro
What Latin name is given to the logical mistake that can be summarised and translated as "after this, therefore because of this"? Post hoc, ergo propter hoc
Who sung the Teddy Boy classic "Cast Iron Arm"? Peanuts Wilson
What 1993 hit was the first UK Number 1 since 1953 not to have been issued on a 7-inch vinyl record? Mr Vain (Culture Beat)
What was the first UK Number 1 single since the chart started that was not released on vinyl at all? Think Twice (Celine Dion)
Who entered Eurovision for the UK in 1970 with "Knock Knock, Who's There?"? Mary Hopkin
A biker riot occurred occurred from July 3rd-6th 1947 at the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) sanctioned 'Gypsy Tour motorcycle rally' in which Californian town? Hollister
Which Viennese zither player and composer was best known for his internationally famous 1948 soundtrack to Carol Reed's The Third Man? Anton Karas
Which two-word term in music was first used in print as an insult in Variety magazine in 1941, although it had been used verbally previously to describe radio announcer Martin Block? Disc jockey
Who wrote the music and lyrics for both "Guys and Dolls" and "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying"? Frank Loesser
Starting in 1939, what was the BBC's first radio channel? Home Service
Starting in 1945, what was the BBC's second radio channel, after the Home Service? BBC Light Programme
What was the third BBC radio channel to start up, doing so in 1946? The Third Programme
In which year did BBC Radio One start broadcasting? 1967
Which radio station began the concept of placing songs by popularity, with its 'hit parade', that began on Sundays in 1948? Radio Luxembourg
What was the name of the signature tune of "Pick Of The Pops", written by Bryan Fahey? At The Sign of the Swinging Cymbal
In which year was the 'Festival of Britain', organised by the government to give the British a feeling of recovery in the aftermath of war and to promote the British contribution to science, technology, industrial design, architecture and the arts? 1951
78RPM records were usually not made out of vinyl, but of which other substance instead? Shellac
In which year was the NME magazine launched? 1952
Which 1952 film, based on a Hemingway work, starred Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner? Snows of Kilimanjaro
Which song, with lyrics by Arthur Freed and music by Nacio Herb Brown, was first published in 1929 but is much better known by the version from an eponymous 1952 musical film? Singin' In The Rain
David Whitfield was the first winner of which contest first held on the radio in 1949, later transferring to UK television? Opportunity Knocks
"Stardust", "Pretend" and "Smile" were all UK hits for which crooner? Nat King Cole
With which song did David Whitfield, the first winner of 'Opportunity Knocks', spend 10 weeks at the top of the UK charts in 1954? Cara Mia
Under normal circumstances to what percentage is haemoglobin saturated with oxygen? 97%
Which part of the brainstem contains the cardiac, respiratory, vomiting and vasomotor centers and therefore deals with the autonomic (involuntary) functions of breathing, heart rate and blood pressure? Medulla oblongata
What name is given to the medical condition of there being high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood? Hypercapnia
What do eccrine glands produce? Sweat
How is horropilation better known? Goose bumps
Which Iron Age site in Ulster was the fortified capital of the Ulaid people? Emain Macha
Which modern-day county was inhabited by the Iron Age Durotriges? Dorset
Which Iron Age people had the largest capital - it was then known as Mai Dun, but is now called Maiden Castle? Durotriges
Which British Iron Age tribe were also called the Painted People? Picti/Picts
Which legendary figure's story cycle is said to be narrated by his son, the poet Oisín? Finn MacCool
What colour is woad dye? Blue
Who sung "Outside of Heaven" and "I'm Walking Behind You"? Eddie Fisher
Which famous 1950s crooner (born 1912, Pennsylvania) was the seventh son of a seventh son? Perry Como
Who wrote "How much is that Doggie In The Window", "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake" and "Mambo Italiano"? Bob Merrill
Which singer died aged 29 on the 1st January 1953? Hank Williams
"Answer Me" and "I Believe" were hits for who in the 1950s? Frankie Laine
How many singles made up the first British 'hit parade'? Twelve
Who sang "Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo" in 1955? Alma Cogan
Which 'Calamity Jane' star set up the Animal League in the 1970s? Doris Day
Who once had a record 5 songs in the UK Top 20, this occurring in 1955? Ruby Murray
Jerry Wexler coined the term "Rhythm and Blues" while writing for which magazine? Billboard
Alan Freed, who is usually credited with inventing the term "rock n roll" for the music of the late 1950s, was a DJ in which US city? Cleveland
What was the name of Gene Vincent's backing band? The Blue Caps
Who had hits with "C'mon Everybody" and "Summertime Blues"? Eddie Cochran
Sam Phillips instrumental in creating the 'rockabilly' sound, set up which record label in 1953? Sun
Which singer controversially married his 13-year old cousin Myra Gale? Jerry Lee Lewis
What was Buddy Holly's name at birth? Charles Hallin Holley
In which town was Buddy Holly born? Lubbock, Texas
Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Selenium and Sulphur are known by what collective name? Nonmetals
Which group of chemical elements, that include commercially important semi-conductors, lies between the metals and non-metals on the Periodic Table? Metalloids
On the Periodic Table, which group of elements lies in a rough diagonal line between the transition metals and the metalloids? Ordinary metals
Which group of chemical elements are extremely reactive and for the most part have strong odours - they occur in liquid, solid and gaseous states at normal pressures and temperatures? Halogens
On a set of Cartesian co-ordinates what name is given to the point (0,0)? Origin
Which unit is used in physics for measuring angles, it is equivalent to approximately 57 degrees? Radian
What name is given collectively to the lanthanide and actinide group of chemical elements? Rare Earths
What name is given to the symbol "^"? Carat
What does the symbol "^" represent in physics? Unit or base vectors
The dot product of two vectors is what kind of value? A scalar
What is the dot product of two orthogonal (i.e. perpendicular) vectors? Zero
From which monarch did the RSPB receive its charter? Edward VII
From which monarch did the RSPCA receive its charter? Victoria
Both Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon attended which Cambridge college? Trinity
Who is credited with discovering the circulation of blood? William Harvey
Who wrote Novum Organum (New Logic) and New Atlantis? Francis Bacon
In which year did Newton devise his three laws of motion? 1687
Who devised the notation used for calculus? Leibniz
Who said of Newton "Nature and nature's laws lay hid in night; God said 'let Newton be' and all was light"? Pope
Who wrote the essay "Faith In A Seed"? Thoreau
Which Polish-born German philosopher, theologian, poet & literary critic, associated with the periods of Enlightenment, Sturm und Drang, and Weimar Classicism wrote "Outline of a Philosophical History of Humanity" and "Treatise on the Origin of Language"? Herder
A former university roommate, early friend, and later rival of Hegel, which German philosopher (1775-1854) main work was Naturphilosophie? Schelling
The rosette of which body has a gold centre, representing science, and a purple surround, representing natural philosophy? US National Academy of Sciences
In which country did Descartes die? Sweden
What are congeries? A collection of disparate items
Which American modern dancer and choreographer (1894-1991) was the first dancer to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom? Martha Graham
Which is the only group of elements in the Periodic Table that includes a solid, a liquid and a gas at normal atmospheric pressures and temperature? Halogens
What is the chemical element with an atomic number of 100? Fermium
Which man is credited as the main or co-discoverer of 10 chemical elements? Glenn Seaborg
What is the SI unit of solid angle measurement? Steradian
What name is given to a right-angled triangle where the lengths of all 3 sides are integers? Pythagorean triangle
What was Buddy Holly's backing group called? The Crickets
What was the name of Buddy Holly's first posthumous No 1? It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Which songwriting husband and wife wrote "Wake Up Little Susie", "All I Have To Do Is Dream" and "Devoted To You"? Bryants
Who had a number one with "Cathy's Clown" in 1960? Everly Brothers
Who had a worldwide hit in the 1950s with "Rock Island Line"? Lonnie Donegan
What was Lonnie Donegan's real first name? Tony
What was the real surname of Tommy Steele? Hicks
What was Adam Faith's real name? Terry Nelhams
Who had a 1959 hit with "Dynamite 16"? Cliff Richard
Who had hits with "Jet Black Machine" and "Brand New Cadillac"? Vince Taylor and The Playboys
The artistic group Die Brucke was founded in which city in 1905? Dresden
Who coined the term "Fauves" to describe the artistic group? Louis Vauxcelles
The painting "Luxe, Calme et Volupte" by Matisse was inspired by whose works? Baudelaire
In which year did Paul Cezanne die? 1906
Which two artists founded the Der Blaue Reiter artistic group? Kandinsky and Marc
Which artistic movement was part inspired by two of its protagonists visit to a 1907 Cezanne exhibition? Cubism
The artists De Vlaminck, Derain and Matisse belonged to which movement? Fauvism
Who painted "Les Demoiselles D'Avignon"? Picasso
Who painted "Houses At L'Estaque" and "Le Portugais"? Braque
The artists Robert & Sonia Delaunay and Jacques Villon belonged to which movement? Orphism
The Russian Natalia Goncharova adopted the ideals of the Orphism movement under what alternative name? Rayonism
Who coined the term 'Orphism' to describe the artistic movement? Guillaume Apollinaire
Who published the Futurist manifesto? Marinetti
Which artistic movement's name was chosen entirely at random? Dadaism
Cabaret Voltaire was the first publication of which artistic movement? Dadaism
Which artist used the name Naum Gabo? Naum Pevsner
Who wrote "On The Genealogy Of Morals" in 1887? Nietzsche
The musical style "Doo-Wop" is generally considered to have originated in which city? New York City
Who had a 1956 hit with "In The Still Of The Night"? The Five Satins
Bill Kenny was the lead singer with which American vocal group popular in the 1930s and 1940s? The Ink Spots
What is the state bird of Maryland? Oriole
What was the name of Frankie Lymon's backing group? The Teenagers
Who had hits with "Diana", "Lonely Boy" and "Put Your Head On My Shoulder"? Paul Anka
Who had a 1959 hit with "Why", America's last #1 of the 1950s? Frankie Avalon
Who had a 1960 UK No. 1 with "Good Timin'"? Jimmy Jones
What was Roy Orbison's first UK No. 1? Only The Lonely
Who had a UK No. 1 in 1961 with "Runaway"? Del Shannon
Who wrote both "Rubber Ball" and "Hello Mary Lou"? Gene Pitney
Which 1960s star was born Charles Weedon Westover? Del Shannon
What is the forename and professional name of Francis DiMucci, a US singer-songwriter born in July 1939? Dion
Who had a 1964 Number 1 with "It's Over"? Roy Orbison
What type of animal is the tub gurnard? Fish
Which migratory, insectivorous bird is Acrocephalus schoenobaenus? Sedge Warbler
Which shrub is also called 'sweet gale"? Bog myrtle
What type of animal is a knot? Bird
Which bird is also known as a dabchick? Little grebe
The insect order Trichoptera, is better known by what name? Caddisfly
What name is given to knot of ribbons, or other circular- or oval-shaped symbol of distinctive colours which is usually worn on a hat? Cockade
A fathom is how many feet? Six
Who had a 1960 hit with "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dot bikini"? Brian Ryland
Who had a 1959 Number 1 hit with "Mack The Knife"? Bobby Darin
Who had a massive 1960s hit with "Telstar"? The Tornados
"La Bamba" and "Donna" were hits for who? Richie Valens
Who had the original hit with "I Love How You Love Me"? Paris Sisters
Who sang about the motorbike rider "Terry"? Twinkle
Who had a 1960s hit with "Leader Of The Pack"? The Shangri-Las
Who had a 1960s hit with "To Know Him Is To Love Him"? The Teddy Bears
"To Know Him Is To Love Him" and "I Love How You Love Me" were early productions by which famous music producer? Phil Spector
Which song-writing duo wrote "Will You Love Me Tomorrow", "Take Good Care of My Baby", "The Loco-Motion", and "Go Away Little Girl".? Goffin-King
Which songwriting duo wrote "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" and "Here You Come Again"? Mann and Weil
What name is given to the semi-circular or triangular decorative wall surface over an entrance, bounded by a lintel and arch? Tympanum
Which sprite stemming from Germanic mythology, usually invisible, can materialise in the form of an animal, fire, a human being, and a candle Kobold
Who met at a Woolton church fete? McCartney and Lennon
What was the first No. 1 shown on "Top Of The Pops"? I Want To Hold Your Hand
"I Want To Hold Your Hand" was a UK number one in which year? 1964
Which 1960s TV show about pop music announced "The weekend starts here"? Ready Steady Go!
What was The Beatles first UK No. 1? From Me To You
Who presented "Ready Steady Go!"? Keith Fordyce and Cathy McGowan
What was the first single released by The Rolling Stones? Come On
Which Egyptian deity had a cat's head? Bastet
Who had a 2005 UK No. 1 with "Stick Wit U"? Pussycat Dolls
Which figure from history or myth had a horse called Xanthos? Achilles
In Greek myth, in what form did Zeus seduce Antiope? Satyr
In myth, what did Callisto get changed into by Zeus? Bear
Who was the father of Theseus in Greek myth? Aegeus
In Greek mythology, on which island was Achilles once hidden amongst women? Skyros
Who wrote the oratorio "Elijah" which premiered in 1846? Mendelssohn
Who composed "the Fairy-Queen" in 1692? Purcell
How did Theseus's father die in Greek myth? He (Aegeus) committed suicide by throwing himself off the cliffs
Who composed "The Faust Symphony"? Liszt
Who composed the concert overture "Fingal's Cave"? Mendelssohn
Which violinist and composer was so proficient it was rumoured that he had made a pact with the Devil? Paganini
Who wrote the solo piano piece "Fur Elise"? Beethoven
Which popular musician (1928-2008) took his name from an African-American musical instrument? Bo Diddley
Who composed the symphonic poem "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"? Dukas
Whose hand was the prize in Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg? Eva
Who was the victor in Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg? The Knight Walther
What was the vocation of 'Norma' in the eponymous Bellini opera? Druid (High-priestess of the druids)
The clown Canio appears in which popular opera? I Pagliacci
Who are the two fathers of Madonna's birth children? Carlos Leon & Guy Ritchie
Both Stephen Stills and Charles Manson went to the auditions for which band? The Monkees
Who had the 1000th official UK Number 1? Elvis Presley
In which year did Elvis Presley have his first UK Number 1? 1957 (All Shook Up)
Which music group changed their name from 'Nightlife Thugs'? The Boomtown Rats
Which group were called "Carl and The Passions" pre-fame? The Beach Boys
Who is ZZ Top's drummer? Frank Beard (he's the only band member who doesn't have a beard)
In Greek myth, Zeus seduced Rhea in what form? A serpent
In Greek myth, Zeus seduced Leda in what form? Swan
In ballet, which type of leap involves jumping into the air and rapidly crossing the legs before and behind; it involves beating first the right thigh on the back of the left thigh, then at the front of the left thigh, and possibly clicking the heels? Entrechat
Who had a 1953 UK No. 1 with "Comes-A-Long-A-Love"? Kay Starr
Who had a 1953 UK No. 1 with Hugo Winterhalter's orchestra with the track "Outside Of Heaven"? Eddie Fisher
Who had a UK number 1 with "Poor Me"? Adam Faith
Who composed the lied, or song, "The Trout"? Schubert
Which musical features "Anything You Can Do"? Annie Get Your Gun
Ammon is a God in which people's mythology? (Ancient) Egyptian
Who was the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Demeter? Ceres
Who was the Greek Goddess of the dawn? Eos
Who was the Roman Goddess of the dawn? Aurora
In the Bible, who were the parents of Ishmael? Abraham and Hagar
In the Bible, who was the mother of Isaac? Sarah
Which two angels are mentioned by name in The Bible? Michael and Gabriel
Mentioned in Luke's Gospel, what is held to be the traditional site of Christ's Ascension? Bethany (or the Mount of Olives)
How many holes are there in an abalone shell? Seven
What is the Indian achar? A pickle
Candied nopal, or acitrone, is a Mexican dish made from what? Cacti
What were the surnames of "Peter, Paul & Mary"? Yarrow, Stookey & Travers (respectively)
Which musical features the number "Sing, Sing, Sing"? Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
For which group did Ringo Starr drum prior to joining The Beatles? Rory Storm & The Hurricanes
Bill Harry was responsible for which 1960s pop publication? Mersey Beat
The "Great C Major" is a symphony by whom? Schubert
In classical music, what is often referred to as simply "The 48"? Bach's 48 Preludes and Fugues
What instrument did George Formby actually play? Banjolele (or ukulele, but former is louder and thus was used by him more often)
What instrument is the main one played by Ravi Shankar? Sitar
Who was the mother of St Augustine? St Monica
In cookery, what does "au gratin" mean? Topped with a brown crust (often breadcrumbs and/or cheese)
Which is Britain's oldest professional orchestra? The Hallé
Who was the consort of Neptune in Roman myth, the equivalent of the Greek Amphitrite? Salacia
How is Vaughan Williams' Symphony No. 7 better known? Antarctica
Whose third symphony is called "The Wagner Symphony"? Bruckner
Which of Mahler's symphonies is nicknamed "The Resurrection"? Second
Who had a 1965 hit album with "Farewell Angelina"? Joan Baez
What were the birth forenames of 'Bing' Crosby? Harry Lillis
Which perennial plant takes its name from the Greek for 'unfading flower'? Amaranth
Who had a 1985 hit with "We Don't Need Another Hero"? Tina Turner
Who composed the music for "Annie Get Your Gun"? Irving Berlin
What did Nicole win in 1982 with "A Little Peace"? The Eurovision Song Contest
Which is the only one of the Top 5 most common domesticated animals not to be mentioned at all in the Bible? Cat
What was the name of the song that provided Johnny Logan with his first Eurovision winner? Another Year
What was the name of the song that provided Johnny Logan with his second Eurovision winner? Hold Me Now
Which were the two trees in the Garden of Eden, according to the Bible? Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; Tree of Life
Which composer lived from 1833 to 1897, and was born in Hamburg? Johannes Brahms
Whose first opera was 1713's "Ottone"? Vivaldi
What is cassata? Either an Italian dessert like a cake, or an Italian ice cream (both have the same name)
Give a year in the life of Karl Marx 1818-83
Which philosopher had the idea of the 'categorical imperative'? Kant
In which year was Marx & Engels' Communist Manifesto published? 1848
Who designed the V2 rocket, and after WW2 went on to work for the USA as a rocket scientist? Wernher Von Braun
Who wrote "The World As I See It" in 1934? Einstein
Which German theologian (1906-45) wrote "The Cost Of Discipleship", acted as a double agent for the German resistance inside the Abwehr, and was implicated in a plot to assassinate Hitler? Bonhoeffer
Which German-Jewish philosopher, who converted to Catholicism, perished at Auschwitz, and was later made into a Saint, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross? Edith Stein
Which prize for 'political thought', instituted by the German Heinrich Böll Foundation and the government of Bremen in 1995, and awarded by an international jury, is named after a famous campaigner against totalitarianism? Hannah Arendt Prize
The 1713 Treaty of Utrecht followed which war? War of The Spanish Succession
Catherine de Medici was the wife of which French King? Henri II
Eleanor of Aquitaine was the wife of which French king? Louis VII
In March 1708, 6000 Frenchmen and 30 French ships were involved in a failed attempt to invade which country? Scotland
The Battle Of Ramillies took place during which conflict? War of The Spanish Succession
The Battle Of Ramillies took place in which modern-day country? Belgium
Who commanded the victorious side at the Battle of Ramillies? Marlborough (against France and Bourbon Spain)
What was called 'The Year Without A Summer' due to the eruption of Mount Tambora at the end of the preceding year, and a historic low in solar activity? 1816
What relation was Louis XV of France to Louis XIV? Great-grandson
Which treaty ended the War of Austrian Succession? Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle
Which eighteenth-century conflict was fought on 4 continents, and thus has been called the first true 'world war'? Seven Years' War
In French, the Bataille des Cardinaux, which 1759 battle saw the British Navy score a decisive victory over their French counterparts? Battle of Quiberon Bay
Give a year in the life of Gregor Mendel. 1822-84
Monk and early 'geneticist' Gregor Mendel was born in which modern-day country? Czech Republic
Which philosophical idea or theory states that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience? Empiricism
Which philosophical idea or theory asserts that reality, or reality as we can know it, is fundamentally mental, mentally constructed, or otherwise immaterial? Idealism
The Gifford Lectures, which have been delivered by the likes of Pinker, Penrose, Dawkins, Arendt, Bohr, Ayer, Bergson and Sagan, take place annually in which country? Scotland
Who wrote the essay "An Answer To The Question: What is Enlightenment?"? Kant
How is the formerly East Prussian city, then known as Konigsberg, now known? Kaliningrad
What colour is a VC ribbon? Crimson
What is the Mafia of Naples called? Camorra
What type of creature is a "Devil's Darning Needle"? Dragonfly
How old must a person be before they can become an MP in the UK? 18
What is the (now near obsolete) name for a hat maker? Milliner
Which group was founded by "Bill W" and "Dr Bob"? Alcoholics Anonymous
As of Jan 2015, what is the largest ship in the Royal Navy? HMS Ocean
What name is given to a male red deer? Hart
What does 'euthanasia' mean in Greek? Well death
Where do 'demersal' creatures live? Seabed
Which degenerative prion disease, related to BSE, affects a sheep's nervous system? Scrapie
The 4 types of camera lens are: concave, and which 3 others? Concavo-convex, compound & concavo-concave
What does the XP stand for in Windows XP? Experience
What is the term for resistance to fluids caused by internal factors? Viscosity
How do fulmar chicks protect themseles from predators? Vomiting
What is a 'bolster' in the building trade? Metal chisel
What area is represented by the letter 'A' in new car registrations? Anglia
Which common house plant is "chlorophytum comosum"? Spider plant
Which airline was the first national 'flag carrier' in the world? KLM
In which year did Henri Becquerel, the discoverer of radioactivity, win his Nobel Prize? 1903
Which acid is found in nettle stings? Formic
What does 'URL' stand for? Unifrom Resource Locator
Which three UK cities register 'C' number plates? Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor
Which tree has the Latin name "juglans regia"? Walnut
What is the name given to an instrument for measuring wind speed? Anemometer
What is the colour of mourning in China? White
What are the six types of quark particle? Up, down, top, bottom, strange. charm
Which two gasses comprise "Brown's Gas2? Hydrogen, Oxygen
Who designed the Wellington bomber aircraft? Barnes Wallis
What is a German 'gymnasium'? Grammar school
Which secondary scale, used on many measuring devices (inclusing sextants, calipers, theodolites and building measures) lets the user measure more precisely than could be done unaided when reading a uniformly-divided straight or circular measurement? Vernier scale
In which place was the Sten gun designed? Enfield
Which two men devised the Sten gun? Sheppard & Turpin
Which two places, both involved in its design, are commemorated in the name of the Bren gun? Brno, Enfiled
What is orology the study of? Mountains
In 1959, postcodes were first trialled in which British city? Norwich
What type of animal is a Black Moor? Goldfish
Which element has atomic number 1? Hydrogen
What is a hoplophobe pathologically afraid of? Guns
Which element has atomic number 11? Sodium
What was the name of the first fully electric computer, of 1945? ENIAC
What is the computer language FORTRAN short for? Formula Translation
Which organisation won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999? Medicins Sans Frontieres
Which organisation won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977? Amnesty International
Which organisation won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1969? International Labour Organisation
Which element has the atomic number 21? Scandium
What is the birthstone of January? Garnet
What was invented by the Norwegian Erik Rotheim in 1926? Aerosol spray can
Who invented the rigid airship? Ferdinand Von Zeppelin
Released in 1971, what was the world's first microprocessor? Intel 4004
What is 'modem' short for? Modulator-demodulator
Which space probe to Venus crashed in 1962 due to a computer error? Mariner 1
Give a year in the life of the man who first worked out the blood's circulation, William Harvey. 1578-1657
Which 19th century French physicist created a device that demonstrated that Earth spins on its axis? Leon Foucault
Who discovered the electron, in 1897? JJ Thomson
Leon Battista Alberti, the Mayans and Robert Hooke have all been credited with the invention of which measuring device? Anemometer
Felix Hoffmann is credited with the first synthesized medically useful forms of which two drugs? Heroin and aspirin
Who invented bakelite? Baekeland
In which year were 999 calls introduced in the UK? 1937
Sir William Perkin accidentally discovered the first what, at age 18? Synthetic dye
What is the atomic number of mercury? 80
Which US pilot first landed a plane on a warship, in 1911? Eugene Ely
In 1921, which British submarine sunk with all 57 hands in 1921 en route to a training exercise in the Bay of Biscay? HMS K5
Which scientist reputedly died of pneumonia after stuffing a chicken with snow? Francis Bacon
Which was the third Apollo mission to land men on the Moon? Apollo 14
Which US astronaut famously played golf on the Moon? Alan Shephard
How fast, in miles per hour, and to the nearest 100mph, does the Earth orbit the Sun? 66,700mph
How is 10,000 expressed in Roman numerals? X with a bar over it (the bar means 'multiplied by 1000 and is used for all larger numbers)
What are ratites? Flightless birds
What is a drongo? Subfamily of birds/a bird
What is the collective name for rhinoceroses? Crash
What nationality was aircraft designer Anthony Fokker? Dutch
In which year was the human voice first broadcast by radio? 1900
Who was Roland Garros, after whom the tennis arena is named? A French WW1 fighter pilot
Which Norwegian mathematician proved that there was no formula for a polynomial of the 5th degree? Niels Abel
In which country was the Dane Tycho Brahe actually born? Sweden
Of which metal was Tycho Brahe's false nose famously made? Silver
"Tycho's Star" is in which constellation? Cassiopoeia
A member of the team that synthesized penicillin in the 1940s, who won the 1968 Nobel Medicine Prize for publishing the molecular structure of tRNA? Holling
Which prominent early geologist wrote "A Theory Of The Earth" in 1785? James Hutton
Which NASA lander landed on Mars in 2004 and was described as a "travelling robotic geologist"? Spirit
Which was the last of the 6 quark types to be discovered? Top
Which space shuttle launched the Hubble space telescope? Discovery
In which year was the Hubble Space Telescope launched? 1990
Which psychiatrist coined the term "inferiority complex"? Adler
Which two physicists first proposed the existence of quarks? Murray Gell-Mann and George Zweig
Which scientist discovered protons? Rutherford
Kirpatrick MacMillan is often credited with the invention of what, although he was among several men to pioneer the device? Bicycle
What shape is described by a rolling wheel when it moves? Cycloid
Which English physicist, involved in the detection of galactic radio waves, established and was the first director of Jodrell Bank? Bernard Lovell
Which father and son geologists devised the theory that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a metor impact? Luis and Walter Alvarez
In which make of plane did Alcock and Brown cross the Atlantic in 1919? Vickers Vimy
Which type of knot shortens ropes? Sheepshank
What colour light is shown on the starboard side of a ship? Green
How many legs does a lobster have? Ten
Who invented the spinning jenny? James Hargreaves
Who invented the power loom? Edmund Cartwright
Which aid to cotton production was invented by Richard Arkwright (in conjunction with John Kay)? Spinning frame
What colour light is traditionally shown on a ship's mast? White
'Gentian' is a dye of which colour? Violet
What type of animal is a krait? Snake
What does CBT stand for in terms of tuition in riding motorcycles? Compulsory Basic Training
Which colour can follow 'Venetian'? Red
What is made by Massey-Ferguson? Agricultural equipment, mainly transport
Which acid is found in grapes? Tartaric
What is the horizontal part of a stair called, if the vertical is the 'riser'? Tread
In maths, what symbol is used for the constant with the value 2.7182818? e
How many Ivy League universities are there in the US? Eight
Which line on a map connexts areas of equal water depth? Isobath
What type of bird is a rosella? Parakeet
How many enemy aircraft must a pilot shoot down in order to be called an 'ace'? Five or more
In which country was Louis Chevrolet born? Switzerland
Which family of animals have the scientific name talpidae? Moles, shrew-moles etc
What is the name of Russia's largest company, and the largest extractor of natural gas in the world? Gazprom
Which species, called a 'worm', is actually a a lizard? Slow worm
The desman is a member of which animal family? Mole/talpidae
Aspirin and heroin were both synthesized for medical use by which pharmaceutical company? Bayer
What is the name of the man, made of tyres, who features in advertising material for Michelin? Bibendum
The leaves of which plants adorn the coronets of dukes, marquises and earls? Strawberry
Which engines were used in Avro Lancasters and Hawker Hurricanes? Rolls-Royce Merlins
Which substance makes jams gel/set? Pectin
In which year was the Mir Space Station launched? 1986
What name is given to the normative ethical position that judges the morality of an action based on the action's adherence to a rule or rules? Deontological ethics/deontology
Which theory, combining the name of a philosopher and a scientist, describes the nebular formation of the solar system? Kant-Laplace
Philipp Jakob Spener (1635-1705) founded which branch of Christianity, that rejected doctrinal propositions in place of a living relationship with God? Pietism
Which verb means 'to instruct (someone) in the principles of Christian religion by means of question and answer'? Catechise
What does 'to wheedle' mean? To use endearments or flattery to persuade someone to do something or give one something
Which religious term refers to the aspect of a god wholly independent of the material universe? Transcendence
Which branch of philosophy is concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it? Metaphysics
In which book of Plato's does his famous cave allegory appear? The Republic
Give a year in the life of John Stuart Mill. 1806-73
In which country did John Stuart Mill die, and is buried? France
Who did John Stuart Mill marry, and collaborate with on 'The Subjection Of Women'? Harriet Taylor
Who (1802-76) is often described as the first female sociologist, and translated the works of Comte into English? Harriet Martineau
Auguste Comte is associated with which philosophy of science? Positivism
Which French New Wave director directed 'Alphaville', 'Breathless' and 'Pierrot Le Fou'? Jean-Luc Godard
Which French New Wave director's debut was 'The 400 Blows'? Francois Truffaut
The Miocene epoch occurred between which dates, each to the nearest million years? 23mya to 5mya
What is the Japanese national anthem called? Kimigayo
In what field did Sir Edmund Leach (1910-78) attain fame? Social anthropology
Named after an anthropologist, what name has been given to the suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships? Dunbar's number (in humans, apparently 150)
Give a year in the life of the ancient physician Galen. 129-216AD
What is the meaning of 'homo ergaster', in the name of the proto-human species of 1.8 to 1.3mya? Working man
What is couvade? The practice of a father mimicking pregnancy or labour to signify paternity
What name is given to cousins from same-sex siblings (i.e. the children of two brothers, or of two sisters)? Parallel cousins
What name is given to cousins from different sex siblings (i.e. the children of a brother and a sister)? Cross-cousins
What name is given to the practice of a new couple setting up home close to the female's parents? Matrilocality (the opposite is patrilocality)
Which anthropologist wrote "Le Don", often translated as "The Gift"? Marcel Mauss
In which US state is the Pipestone National Monument, where Native Americans made their ceremonial pipes? Minnesota
Which Aboriginal people live near Uluru and hold it sacred? Anangu
What, in Mexico, is an ejido? An area of communal land used for agriculture, on which community members individually possess and farm a specific parcel.
What are the three civilian property rights? Usus (right to use), fructus (right to make profit from) and abusus (right to destroy, alter or sell on)
The Cree people mainly inhabit which country? Canada
Which US city is called 'The Steel City'? Pittsburgh
Paleolithic site Dolni Vestonice is in which country? Czech Republic
Which is the Northernmost of the inhabited Channel Islands? Alderney
Which Canadian city was called 'The Paris Of The North' during the Klondike Gold Rush, with a population of 40,000 - it now has less than 2000 inhabitants? Dawson City
What is Peru's currency? Nuevo sol
What is Surinam's capital? Paramaraibo
What is the capital of Guyana? Georgetown
What has been Suriname's currency since 2004? Surinamese Dollar
What is the currency of Venezuela? Bolivar (fuerte)
What is the capital of the Bahamas? Nassau
Which Lieutenant of Magellan completed the Vittoria's circumnavigation of the world after his captain's death? Del Cano
Sir Francis Drake was knighted on board which ship? The Golden Hind
What creates fjords? Glaciation
What is the name given to an overhanging ridge of snow on a mountain? Cornice
What are the upward-pointing equivalents of stalactites? Stalagmites
What is a tarn? Small lake
What is the Australian term for a waterhole? Billabong
What is the name for a vent on the side of a volcano? Fumarole
There are two annual equinoxes - autumnal, and which other? Vernal
What is a 'wadi' in North Africa and the Middle East? Dry riverbed
Which is the largest island to lie between Corsica and Italy? Elba
The Seychelles are mainly made from which type of rock? Granite
Which is Greece's largest island? Crete
The largest being Okinawa, which chain of islands stretch from Japan to Taiwan? Ryukyu Islands
After Australia and Greenland, what is the world's third-largest island? New Guinea
Which is the world's fourth-largest island? Borneo (after Australia, Greenland, New Guinea)
Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? Sicily
Where is the infamous penal colony of Devil's Island? French Guiana
Approximately 2,200 kilometres (1,400 mi) south-southwest of the coast of South Africa and approximately 1,700 kilometres (1,100 mi) north of the Princess Astrid Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, which is the world's remotest island? Bouvet Island
Which is the world's largest freshwater lake? Lake Superior
Which shipping forecast area covers Orkney and Shetland? Fair Isle
Which shipping forecast area lies between SE Iceland and Fair Isle? Faroes
Which two shipping forecast areas border Norway's west coast? North & South Utsire
Which shipping forecast area lies between North Utsire and Fair Isle? Viking
Which shipping forecast area lies due south of Viking? Forties
What is the world's largest inhabited island? Tristan Da Cunha
Stromboli is part of which island group? Aeolian Islands (sometimes Lipari Islands)
Which shipping forecast area lies between Fitzroy and Fastnet? Sole
Which shipping forecast area lies between SE Iceland and Rockall? Bailey
Which shipping forecast area lies west of Malin? Rockall
What is Sweden's largest island? Gotland
What is is the second largest Swedish island, and the smallest of the traditional provinces of Sweden? Öland
Which country administers Bouganville Island? Papua New Guinea
Bouganville Island is in which sea? Solomon Sea
How many points are there on a Maltese cross? Eight
What does the Northern Irish political Party the SDLP's name stand for? Social Democratic and Labour Party
Which of London's bridges lies between Blackfriars Bridge and London Bridge? Southwark
Which London underground stop was renamed Arsenal? Gillespie Road
Which London road connects Marble Arch to Hyde Park Corner? Park Lane
Which city's famous Biennale Festival was first held in 1895? Venice
Taxi drivers in London are required to have a detailed knowledge of streets within a 6-mile radius of which point? Charing Cross
What does 'llan' mean in Welsh place-names? Church
Which island off the coast of Iceland was created by volcanic activity in 1963? Surtsey
In which county does the River Severn enter England? Shropshire
As of 2015, what is the maximum value of a postal order? £250
What name is given to the study or collection of currency? Numismatics
On which island did the British build Fort Rinella in the 19th Century? Malta
Grenada and St Vincent are part of which island group? Windward islands
Whose official residence is in the Naval Observatory Grounds, Washington DC? US Vice-President
Whipsnade Zoo & Woburn Abbey are both in which English county? Bedfordshire
Which architect designed Portmeirion? Williams-Ellis
The highest point of which island is Monte Solaro? Capri
Where in London is the Roosevelt Memorial? Grosvenor Square
For whom is the passage named where the South Atlantic meets the Pacific? Drake
Nagasaki is a city on which Japanese island? Kyushu
On which Hawaiian island is Pearl Harbor? Oahu
On which of Japan's main islands is Sapporo located? Hokkaido
Dundalk is the county town of which Irish county? Louth
In Judaism, what name is given to someone trained in the musical arts, who helps to lead the congregation in songful prayer? Hazzan
What name is given to a Jew practiced in the skill of circumscision? Mohel
In Judaism, what is the week-long mourning period called? Shiva (or shivah)
By tradition, how many mitzvot, or commandments, are there in the Torah, in Judaism? 613
Which work begins: "Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains"? Rousseau's Social Contract
Which 'letters' were a 1721 satirical work by Montesquieu? Persian Letters
Who wrote "Julie: Ou La Nouvelle Heloise"? Rousseau
Who wrote, in the late 18th Century, "Esquisse D'un Tableau Historique Des Progres De L'Esprit Humain (Historical Outline Of The Progress Of The Human Mind"? Condorcet
Which artist's real name was Giovanni di Fiesole? Fra Angelico
Which Dublin-born painter's works include "Three Studies For A Crucifixition"? Francis Bacon
Which artist's works have included one of a pick-axe embedded in a phone box? Banksy
Which Victorian artist published "A Book Of Fifty Drawings"? Beardsley
Who was the court painter to Charles I? Van Dyck
Which Bombay-born sculptor made "Sky Mirror"? Kapoor
Give a year in the life of Titian. 1487-1576
Which play has the opening line "If music be the food of love"? Twelfth Night
Who were Shakespeare's two daughters? Susanna, Judith
Shakespeare dedicated many of his poems to Henry Wriothsley, who was the Earl of where? Southampton
Based on a real man, what surname did Shakespeare first give to Falstaff? Oldcastle
Who drew the cartoon "Modesty Blaise"? O'Donnell
Who drew the "Mutt and Jeff" cartoons? Fisher
Who drew the Peanuts cartoons? Charles Schulz
Which breed of dog is Snoopy? Beagle
What is the name of the small bird who appears in the Peanuts cartoons? Woodstock
Who is the piano player in the Peanuts cartons? Schroeder
Who wrote the novel "Ben Hur"? Wallace
With whom does Ben Hur have a chariot race? Messala
Jesus cures Ben Hur's mother and sister of what in the novel? Leprosy
In a church, which seat has a bracket for leaning on? Miserichord
Which seat for priests is cut into the chancel in a church? Sedilia
What is the name for a column supporting a handrail? Balustrade
Who wrote "Where Angels Fear To Tread"? EM Forster
Where is "Where Angels Fear To Tread" set? Italy
Who wrote "Professor Unrat"? Heinrich Mann
"Professor Unrat" was made into which famous film? The Blue Angel
Lily Bart is the heroine of which Edith Wharton novel? The House Of Mirth
Which abstract expressionist painted "Eyes In The Heat"? Pollock
Which painter was born Vosdanig Manoog Adoian? Gorky
Which artist (March 14, 1903 – March 4, 1974) produced 1940s paintings termed 'pictographs'? Adolph Gottlieb
Who painted "Laus Veneris", based on Swinburne's poem? Burne-Jones
Who painted "Solomon Eagle Exhorting The People To Repentance During The Plague Of London"? Paul Falconer Poole
Who was the first playwright to be knighted in the 20th Century? Pinero
Who won the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature? Hemingway
Which Frenchman created the writers Gargantua and Pantagruel? Rabelais
What were the Christian names of Lord Byron? George Gordon
Which French impressionist was born at Limoges in 1841? Renoir
Which French Impressionist died of a gangrenous leg in 1883? Manet
Who wrote both "Sheba" and "Year Of The Tiger"? Jack Higgins
What is the name of Prospero's daughter in "The Tempest"? Miranda
What name is given to the vertical bar that divides a window? Mullion
Who wrote the novels "Harry's Game" and "Song Of The Morning"? Gerald Seymour
The surrender of which Dutch town inspired a painting by Velazquez? Breda
Which female US modernist created the work "Black Iris"? Georgia O'Keefe
Which bird features in Dali's 1949 artwork "Leda Atomica"? Swan
Which British artist sculpted "Ecce Homo", the first artwork to occupy the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square? Mark Wallinger
Which Nuremberg-born artist drew "The Praying Hands"? Durer
In July 1839, Harvey Lonsdale Elmes won a competition to be the architect of which Liverpool building? St. George's Hall
Which sportswoman was nicknamed "The Paignton Peach"? Sue Barker
How many tiles are there in a Mah Jong set? 144
How far must competitors swim in a modern pentathlon? 200m
How long is the cross-country section of the modern pentathlon? 3000m
What are the points on a backgammon board called? Fleches
Which major sports event was held in Edmonton in 2001 and Berlin in 2009? World Athletics Championships
Which two letters are each worth 2 points in 'Scrabble'? D and G
Which two Monopoly properties are of the lowest value? Whitechapel, Old Kent Road
The Bowring Bowl was the former name for the prize for which match? Oxford & Cambridge/Varsity Rugby Union Match
Who were the two teams involved in the first football match to be played under floodlights, in 1956? Portsmouth and Newcastle United
Who was the very first winner of the Indianapolis 500? Ray Harroun
Starting stalls were first used at which racecourse? Newmarket
How many tarot cards are there in a pack? 78
Which footballer has scored the most post-war hat-tricks for England? Jimmy Greaves
What lies between Park Lane and Mayfair on a Monopoly board? Super Tax
At which racecourse is the Welsh Grand National run? Chepstow
Which horse set a record Grand National time in 1990? Mr Frisk
Which Australian cricketer was out for nearly a year after tackling an English pitch invader in 1982? Terry Alderman
What was Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards' real first name? Michael
How was Eric Moussambi better known in the world of sport? Eric the Eel
Where do Gloucester RUFC play home matches? Kingsholm Stadium
Which rugby union team will ground-share with Reading FC until 2026? London Irish
Where do Leicester Tigers RUFC play home matches? Welford Road Stadium
Stanislas Wawrinka represents which country at tennis? Switzerland
As of 2014, who is the only male Japanese tennis player ever to be ranked inside the top 10 in ATP Singles Ranking? Kei Nishikori
Milos Raonic plays tennis for which country? Canada
Marcos Baghtadis represents which country at tennis? Cyprus
Who were the runners-up in the Davis Cup in 1966, 1974 & 1987? India
Which body governs women's tennis? WTA
Jelena Jankovic is a female tennis player who represents which country? Serbia
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