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Gatsby Vocabulary

Chapters 5 and 6

harrowed distressed
defunct dead or extinct
distraught extremely troubled
vestige trace
swathed surrounded; enveloped
disheveled disarranged and untidy
corrugated shaped in parallel grooves and ridges
laudable praiseworthy
initiative ability to act without being urged
notoriety state of being widely but unfavorably known or discussed
insidious more dangerous than seems evident
meretricious attractive in a flashy way
conceits witty or fanciful thoughts or expressions
ineffable too overwhelming to be expressed or described in words
ramifications arrangements
turgid pompous
contingencies possible occurrences
debauchee self-indulgent person
substantiality strong, solid, firm
antecedents one's ancestry, past life
lethargic abnormally dull
euphemisms uses of words or phrases that are less direct but considered less distasteful than the words or phrases they replace
menagerie collection of wild or strange animals kept in cages for exhibition
dilatory slow or late in doing things
elongating to extend the length of
postern private or side entrance
pompadour man's style of hairdressing
nebulous indistinct, vague
incarnation endowment with a human body
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