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CUT5 9.5

Computers: Understanding Tech 5e 9.5

consumer profile Collected information about an individual’s lifestyle and buying habits that marketers can use to more effectively target and sell their goods; created from personal information entered on the Internet.
first-party cookie A cookie that is created by the actual site you are visiting.
third-party cookie A cookie that is created by an ad on a site, where the ad is owned and managed by a different company.
global universal identification (GUID) A globally unique identification number that can be coded into both hardware and software. Also called globally unique identifier.
privacy policy A statement promising that a site will protect the confidentiality of any information a customer reveals. Also called compact privacy policy.
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998 A US law protecting children under the age of 13 from privacy violations, prohibiting the gathering and sharing of personal data without the permission of a child’s parents or legal guardians.
InPrivate Browsing A protected mode that Internet Explorer will run in so that cookies, spyware, and downloaded applications will be isolated and not stored on the computer.
Created by: softcrylic