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CUT5 8.2

Computers: Understanding Tech 5e 8.2

electrostatic discharge (ESD) The unequal voltage potential between two objects that is suddenly discharged when the objects touch. Also called static electricity.
short circuit A condition in which electricity travels a path it is not supposed to take. May occur when a device gets wet because electricity tends to follow the path of least resistance and water is a good conductor.
compressed air An aerosol can containing pressurized air, which can be discharged to clean off parts. It may come with a detachable thin plastic tube you can use to direct the airflow precisely to blow out the inside of your computer case.
backup system Software that automatically backs up the files you specify at the interval you specify.
online backup service A subscription backup service that stores your files in a remote location by transferring them using the Internet.
Control Panel The utility in Windows through which you access most system settings.
System Preferences The utility in Mac OS X through which you access most system settings.
Windows Update The Windows utility that periodically checks online for available updates for Windows and selected applications and installs them.
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