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CUT5 5.7

Computers: Understanding Tech 5e 5.7

webmail A type of email you can work with and manage via a smartphone or tablet in addition to a computer. Webmail enables you to use your web browser to navigate to your email account on your ISP’s website.
compressed file A file created by using software to compress or “zip” large file attachments or multiple files into a single file that is smaller than the original file. Such a file takes less time to send and download. Also called zipped file.
zipped file See compressed file.
spam trap A folder—usually named Spam or Junk—designated to automatically collect incoming email messages that are known or suspected spam.
social networking service A new genre of web services that enables people to create personal online spaces, share content, and interact socially. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit.
chat An online service that enables users to engage in real-time typed online conversations with one or more participants. Chats previously took place in forums called chat rooms. Many users now also call instant messaging interactions chats.
instant messaging (IM) An online service, similar to chat, that enables users to hold typed online conversations. IM used to require separate messaging software, but today often has been rolled into or integrated with another web-based service.
private message (PM) A form of online messaging that is visible only to you and others invited to the conversation. PM is usually offered as part of a social media service such as Facebook.
message board A type of online service that presents an electronically stored list of messages that anyone with access to the board can read and respond to. Often called discussion forum or simply forum.
blog A frequently updated journal or log that contains chronological entries of personal thoughts and web links posted on a web page.
blogosphere The world of blogs.
portal A special type of website that acts as a gateway for accessing a variety of information and serves as a “launching pad” for users to navigate categorized web pages within the same website or across multiple websites.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) An Internet communications standard that enables users to transfer files to and from remote computers via the Internet.
peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing An often-controversial type of service that enables users to download material directly from other users’ hard drives, rather than from files located on web servers.
Internet telephony See Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) A technology that enables two or more people with good-quality connections to use the Internet to make telephone-style audio and video calls around the world. Also called Internet telephony.
MP3 format The Moving Pictures Expert Group Layer III digital music file format. MP3 compression reduces the size of CD-quality sound files by a factor of 10 to 14 by removing recorded sounds that the human ear can’t perceive.
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format A digital music file format used by iTunes that is thought to provide higher audio quality with comparable compression.
Windows Media Audio (WMA) format A digital music file format used to compress audio file size in Windows.
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) format An open source file format created using a method for compressing digital music files that provides efficient, lossless compression.
lossless compression A compression method in which none of the original sound or picture information is eliminated.
rip To copy songs from a CD.
MP4 format A newer file format used for digital video files.
MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) format A commonly used file format used for compressed digital video files.
WMV (Windows Media Video) format The format commonly used when creating digital video files in Windows, or viewing them with Windows Media Player.
podcast Online content that is like a typical downloadable audio or video file (or even a PDF or ebook file), but different in the sense that each download is often part of an ongoing series.
streaming An alternative method to downloading that sends a continuous stream of data to the receiving computer’s web browser, which plays the audio or video.
ebook A downloadable electronic or digital book.
wiki A website that works like an online encyclopedia, but allows anyone to contribute information.
virtual reality (VR) A computer simulation of an imagined but convincing environment or set of surroundings.
avatar A virtual body that serves as a player’s point of view in an online game world.
massive open online course (MOOC) A free and open-access online course that frequently offers the best content from top schools and partners. MOOCs typically include online video lectures with accompanying project assignments and tests.
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