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CUT5 3.5

Computers: Understanding Tech 5e 3.5

antivirus software A utility program that monitors a system and guards against damage from computer viruses and other malware.
executable file A file that runs a program.
malware Software that does damage to a computer, compromises security, or causes annoyance.
firewall A security system that acts as a boundary to protect a computer or network from unauthorized access.
personal firewall A software-based firewall designed to protect a PC from unauthorized users attempting to access other computers through an Internet connection.
network firewall A firewall that is a combination of hardware and software, and is designed for business network use.
proxy server A server that intercepts and processes network requests for a variety of purposes, including security, content filtering, or network performance optimization.
diagnostic utility A utility that analyzes a computer’s components and system software programs, and creates a report that identifies the system status and any problems found.
uninstaller A utility program for removing software and its associated entries in the system files.
disk scanner A utility that examines the hard disk and its contents to identify potential problems, such as physically bad spots and errors in the storage system.
disk defragmenter A utility that scans the hard disk and reorganizes files and unused space in order to allow the operating system to locate and access files and data more quickly.
noncontiguous sectors Sectors that are not adjacent to one another on a hard disk drive’s physical surface.
file compression utility A utility that compresses (or shrinks) the size of a file so it occupies less disk space. A file compression utility can also combine multiple files into a single compressed file for easier transfer.
backup utility A utility that allows the user to make backup copies of important files.
spam Unwanted commercial email, or junk mail.
spam blocker A utility program often used to filter incoming spam messages.
spyware A form of malware that secretly tracks the activities of an Internet user and relays the gathered information back to a third party.
adware A form of malware that displays unwanted advertising on the infected computer.
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