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Vocab 2

vocab quiz 2

QuestionAnswerstatment to remember
cell- storeroom; chamber you are in jail in a cell
-cene new; recent the new century is coming
centi- hundredth centipede had hundreds of legs
centr- center the center
cephal- head a-sef-a-lus no head
cervic- neck
chem- referring to chemistry chem is chemistry
chlor- green chloroplast is green
chrom-; -chrome color
chym- juice chi tea
-cide killing homicide
circum- around; about circle
cirru- hairlike curls curl
co- with; together co-executive
cocc- seed coco powder
coel- hollow coel hollow rhyms
coll- glue
com- with; together community
con- with; together connection
coni- cone coni the cone
contra- against contradict
corp- body corps
cosmo- world; order; form cosmopolitan is mixed together to form a drink
costo- rib Costco ribs
cotyl- cup
counter- against counterattack
crypt- hidden; covered cryptic code
-cuel; -culus added to nouns to form diminutive
cumul- heaped
cuti- skin peal the skin of a cutie
cyan- dark blue a color
-cycle; cyci ring; circle the rain cycle is a circle
cyst- bladder; pouch cyst is a pouch of fluid
cyt-; -cyte cell; reception
dactyl- figure
deca- ten decade is 10 years
deci- tenth decimal to the tenth
deliquesce- become fluid
demi- half demi half that cake
dendr- tree tinder is wood, wood is tree
dent- tooth chip tooth
derm- skin dermatologist
di- two; double two letters means 2
dia- through; across
digit finger; toe you have 10 digits
din- terrible
dis- apart; out distance is apart
dorm- sleep dorm is college, college is sleep
dors- back dorsal fin
du-; duo two duet
-duct lead viaduct is built out of lead
dynam- power dynamite is powerful
dys- ill; bad disinfect the illness
ec- out of; outside ecosystem
echin- spiny; prickly sea urchin
eco- house eco friendly for your house
Created by: jahnsen