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CUT5 2.7

Computers: Understanding Tech 5e 2.7

printer A device used to produce hard-copy output on paper or another physical medium, such as transparency film.
nonimpact printer A type of printer that forms the characters and images without actually striking the output medium; it creates print using electricity, heat, or photographic techniques.
impact printer A type of printer that forms characters and images by physically striking an inked ribbon against the output medium, like an old-fashioned typewriter.
inkjet printer A nonimpact printer that forms characters and images by spraying thousands of tiny droplets of ink through a set of tiny nozzles and onto a sheet of paper as the sheet passes through it.
thermal inkjet printer An inkjet printer that heats the ink to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which creates a vapor bubble that forces the ink out of its cartridge and through a nozzle, which in turn creates a vacuum inside the cartridge, drawing more ink into the nozzle.
piezoelectric inkjet printer A printer that moves ink with electricity; each nozzle contains piezoelectric crystals, which change their shape when electricity is applied to them and then force out the ink. Also called piezo printer.
pages per minute (ppm) A measurement of printing speed.
laser printer A nonimpact printer that uses a laser to write an image on a drum and then transfers the drum image to paper using powdered toner.
drum A large cylinder, contained in a laser printer, that carries a high negative electric charge on which the page’s image is written with a laser, neutralizing the areas that should pick up toner.
toner A powdered combination of iron and colored plastic particles that is contained within a reservoir inside a printer.
fuser The heating element in a laser printer that melts the plastic particles in the toner and causes the image to stick to the paper.
multifunction device (MFD) A printer that also functions as a copier and a scanner (and sometimes a fax machine). Also called all-in-one-device.
fax machine A combination of a modem and a printer designed to send and receive copies of documents through a telephone line. The word fax is short for facsimile, which means “exact copy.”
thermal printer A printer that uses heat to transfer an impression onto paper.
direct thermal printer A thermal printer that prints an image by burning dots into a sheet of coated paper when it passes over a line of heading elements; its quality isn’t very good and it can’t produce shades of gray or colors.
thermal wax transfer printer A thermal printer that adheres a wax-based ink onto paper, using a thermal print head that melts the ink from a ribbon onto the paper; images are printed as dots, so they must be dithered to produce shades of colors.
dye sublimation printer A thermal printer that produces an image by heating ribbons containing dye and then dispersing the dyes onto a specially coated paper or transparency. Also called thermal dye transfer printer.
plotter A type of printer that produces large-size, high-quality precision documents, such as architectural drawings, charts, maps, and diagrams; used to create engineering drawings for machine parts and equipment.
label printer A small specialty printer that holds a roll of labels and feeds them continuously past a print head.
postage printer A printer that is similar to a label printer but may include a scale for weighing letters and packages, and may interface with postage-printing software.
portable printer A lightweight, battery-powered printer that can be easily transported.
3-D printer A printer that uses a special kind of plastic, metal, or other material to create a three-dimensional model of just about any object you can design in a 3-D modeling program on a computer.
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