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Chaucer's Pilgrims

Canterbury Tales

Knight has fought in the Crusades
Knight has rust stains on his clothes from his armor
Knight is the most admired of all the pilgrims
Knight tells his tale first
Knight the perfect example of chivalry
Squire son of the knight
Squire has curly hair
Squire good soldier but loves clothes, drink, and women
Squire 20 years old
Squire doesn’t require much sleep
Yeoman expert bowman
Yeoman dressed all in green
Yeoman peacock feather arrows
Yeoman carries a dirk
Yeoman does not tell a tale
Yeoman assistant (servant) to the Knight and Squire
Prioress traveling with pet dogs with whom she is so obsessed that she neglects the poor in her care
Prioress her name is Madam Eglantyne
Prioress speaks French (badly)
Prioress wearing a brooch that says “Love Conquers All”
Monk owns greyhounds
Monk owns many horses
Monk main interest is money
Monk favorite food is roast swan
Monk plays a hurdy-gurdy
Monk doesn’t take his vows seriously
Friar his name is Herbert
Friar licensed to hear confession
Friar marriage broker
Friar he lisped
Friar played a harp
Friar had a reputation for getting girls into “trouble” then finding husbands for them
Merchant has a forked beard
Merchant motley dressed
Merchant smooth talker whose slick demeanor helps hide the fact that he is in debt
Oxford Cleric student of the arts
Oxford Cleric an intellectual whose main interests are in learning only
Oxford Cleric he, along with the Knight and Parson, is admired by Chaucer
Oxford Cleric was very thin and rode a thin horse
Oxford Cleric wore a threadbare overcoat
Oxford Cleric would gladly learn and gladly teach
Sergeant at Law member of the most prominent members of the legal profession from whose ranks the king selects judges
Sergeant at Law knew every judgment, case, and crime by heart
Franklin county landowner
Franklin for breakfast, he loved to sop cake in wine
Franklin never hesitates to share the fruits of life with others
Franklin never found a party he didn’t like
Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, Carpet-maker members of an impressive guild
Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, Carpet-maker their wives enjoy the stature their husbands have attained because it earns them social recognition
Cook loves to prepare fine dishes
Cook suffers from a pus-running ulcer on his leg
Cook known for his cream dishes and his most famous dish – creamed chicken pie
Cook could identify any wine by taste
Skipper able sailor, but very cruel
Skipper will drown his prisoners if they cause him any problems
Skipper wore a dagger on a lanyard around his neck
Skipper owned a ship named the Maudelayne
Skipper knows every port of the Mediterranean
Doctor believes in astrology as a means of treating illness
Doctor lacks spiritual nourishment
Doctor knows everything about medicine, but seems to know little about the Bible
Doctor apparently made a ton of money during the plague, but never appears to spend any of it
Wife of Bath enjoys male companionship
Wife of Bath rids herself of husbands by wearing them out – nagging them to death
Wife of Bath she is a coarse woman who enjoys dirty jokes
Wife of Bath dresses colorfully and is deaf in one ear
Wife of Bath has been on religious pilgrimages to Jerusalem three times
Wife of Bath has gapped teeth
Wife of Bath rides a horse well
Wife of Bath has large hips
Wife of Bath knows the remedies for love’s “mischances”
Wife of Bath has been married five times
Parson serves as a contrast to the Pardoner
Parson shining example of what a religious person should be
Parson tells the final tale
Plowman the Parson’s brother
Plowman lives in peace and pays his dues to the Church
Miller 16 stones heavy
Miller rough, coarse, ugly, has a wart with hairs growing out of it on the end of his nose
Miller black nostrils
Miller tells filthy stories
Miller plays bagpipes as the pilgrims leave town
Manciple clever man whose job is to purchase goods for a college or law school
Manciple is in charge of feeding prospective lawyers
Manciple though not as smart as the students he serves, he was smart enough to put away a little money for himself
Reeve very quick-tempered
Reeve old, choleric, thin
Reeve horse’s name is Scott
Reeve rides last among the pilgrims
Reeve carries a rusty sword
Reeve dishonest
Summoner sent by the Church to summon persons suspected of breaking Church law
Summoner has boils and skin sores
Summoner his appalling physical condition may be a result of lechery
Summoner has a red face with carbuncles, narrow eyes, black scabby brows, and a thin beard
Summoner children were afraid of him
Summoner enjoys women of questionable reputation
Summoner likes to show off by speaking Latin when he gets drunk
Pardoner sells fake relics and “pardons”
Pardoner the most corrupt of all the travelers
Pardoner has hair as yellow as wax that hangs from his head in thin rat tails
Pardoner there are several references to his effeminate nature
Pardoner his job is to listen to confessions
Pardoner carries a jar of pig bones which he tells people are holy relics
Pardoner due to his high-pitched voice and his beardless face, Chaucer refers to him as a “gelding” or a “mare”
Host name is Harry Bailey
Host owner of the Tabard Inn and travels with the troupe to be the judge of the best tale
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