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1920s Personalities

The Great Gatsby

Louis Armstrong Trumpet-playing jazz king
Clarence Darrow Renowned defense lawyer
Big Red Man O’War, nearly unbeatable race horse
Henry Ford Introduced the 5-day, 8-hour work week
Knute Rockne Renowned Notre Dame football coach
Clara Bow The “it” girl of Hollywood
Charles Lindbergh Made first nonstop flight from New York to Paris
Edith Wharton Won Pulitzer Prize for The Age of Innocence
Alfred E. Smith Democratic candidate for president, 1928
Al Capone Chicago crime boss; Scarface
Rudolph Valentino Matinee idol, worshipped by fans
Eugene Debs Socialist party candidate for president, 1920
Babe Ruth Hit his 60th home run in 1927
Rin-Tin-Tin Voted the most popular film star in 1926
Nathan Leopold, Richard Loeb “thrill” killers of a young boy
William Randolph Hearst - Started the New York Daily Mirror in 1924
Will Rogers Country’s favorite humorist
Nicola Sacco, Bartolomeo Vanzetti Anarchists executed after a robbery trial
Calvin Coolidge Became President of the U. S. when Warren Harding died in office
Al Jolson Star of the first talking movie
Amelia Earhart First woman to fly across the Atlantic
Gertrude Ederle Swam the English Channel in record-breaking time
Gene Tunney Heavyweight boxing champion
Shipwreck Kelly Famed flagpole sitter
Sinclair Lewis Refused the Pulitzer Prize for his novel Arrowsmith
Jack Dempsey Heavyweight boxing champion
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