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agon actor
ambul walk
ana up
archy government
bene good
caco bad
centri center
circum around
dict say
fid faith
flu flow
fort strong
gno know
greg group
hetero different
ism doctrine
lat sided
lect gather
lith rock
loqu talk
luc light
magn great
mal bad
mega large
miss send
moll soft
mono one
mort death
omni all
per through
phag eat
phon sound
phyte plant
pond weight
pos put
post after
pre before
proto first
pugn fight
sacro holy
sanct holy
sarco flesh
sequ follow
sol alone
super over
sur over
tang touch
vale farewell
ven come
vid look
abase to lower
analects selected writings
apotheosis raising to god status
association name metonymy
bowlderize censor prudishly
cold blooded composure sangfroid
devotion of pleasure hedonism
disgraceful ignominious
division schism
emissary messenger
evasive dodge subterfuge
evil unbeliver miscreant
exculpate free of blame
exegesis critical interpretation
explanatory expository
farewell speech valediction
fortissimo very loudly
funambulist tightrope walker
gourmet or epicure gastronome
indifference to sensation stoicism
interdiction prohibition
interstice small space
lionize treat as a celebrity
lyssophobia fear of insanity
magnum opus great work
maladroit clumsy
moribund dying
narcissism self-infatuation
nepotism favoritism of relatives
obsession idee fixe
patrician aristrocrat
perplexed nonplussed
plutocracy government of the wealthy
protagonist leading person
putative thought-to-be
reiterate repeat
repetition of successive phrases anaphora
sanction authorize
speech to oneself soliloquy
stone coffin sarcophagous
study of the universe cosmology
stupidly empty of ideas vacuous
summary synopsis
supercilious scornful
tediously wordy prolix
unfertilized birth partheogenisis
unknown land terra incognita
unrealistically imaginary surrealistic
with necessary changes mutatis mutandis
word choice diction
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