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Strange & Mysterious

Review for test

a wicked or cruel event atrocity
to come forth from a source emanate
the front of a building facade
with great emotion vehemently
mean, cruel malevolent
to hold back refrain
sharp sense acute
plain; not attractive homely
boldly rude and disrepectful audacity
cautious wary
greedy rapacious
friendly congenial
teasing by withholding something one desires tantalizing
smart; clever sagacious
alcoholism intemperance
obtain procure
willfully determined not to do the right thing perverse
ghost apparition
small minute
huge fire conflagration
the opposite of what is expected irony
represents more than what it is symbol
the way the writer makes the reader feel. mood
created through setting, imagery, and word choice. mood
the meaning or the message in the story. theme
The Raven symbolizes pain
The Birthmark symbolize's God's touch
The monkey's paw symbolizes fate & greed
The black cat symbolizes alcoholism
The heart symbolizes guilt
"Once upon a midnight dreary...." "The Raven"
"A man who dreams of perfecting nature is doomed to fail" "The Birthmark"
"Romance at short notice was her specialty." "The Open Window"
"I heard all things in heaven and earth." "The Tell Tale Heart"
Edgar Allan Poe's most famous work. "The Raven"
Edgar's mother was an... actress
Edgar's 13 year old niece and wife Virginia Clemm
"The bloom's crimson petals drifted silently to the tabletop." symbol
"The wind was like a flat blade of ice on his cheeks." simile
"Each word was like a large black eye staring at him." simile
"His room was black as pitch..." simile
"While I nodded, nearly, napping..." alliteration
"Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door.." allusion
"Take thy beak from out my heart." metaphor
"It was like a stain upon white marble." simile
Created by: awilbourne