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JC Business

The informed consumer is.... Is aware of their legal rights. Is aware of organisations that protect them. Is able to make a complaint. Does not buy impulsively.
Under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 goods must be.... of merchantable quality. fit for their purpose. be as described. match the sample.
Under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 suppliers of services must.... Have the necessary skill to provide the service. Provide the service with proper care and diligence. Ensure that all materials and parts used are of merchantable quality.
The contract of sale is between the buyer and the seller
Three forms of redress available under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 Refund, Replacement, Repair
Under the Consumer Protection Act 2007 it is an offence.... for a supplier to give false or misleading description of goods, for a supplier of services to make false or misleading claims about the services it offers, to publish an advertisement that will mislead the public, to engage in aggressive selling,
What does the Consumer Protection Act 2007 say about prices You must not charge extra for items that appear to be included in the price. Goods on sale reduced must have been on display in the shop for 28 consecutive days in the previous three months.
National Consumer Agency Established to ensure the rights of consumers are protected. Makes consumers aware of their rights through media and internet. Will prosecute companies breaking consumer law.
Consumer Association of Ireland Voluntary organisation set up to protect consumer interests. Provides information to consumers. Publishes a magazine called Consumer Choice.
Small Claims Court If a consumer has a claim against a trader for a faulty good or service up to €2000 it can be made to the SCC. No solicitor is required as case is handled by the court registrar. A fee of €25 is made by the claimant to have their case heard
Caveat Emptor Latin for "let the buyer beware". It means the responsibility is on the buyer to check the quality and condition of the item before proceeding with its purchase
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