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ODW 1.3

Our Digital World 1.3

ubiquitous computing Placing computing power in your environment as with, for example, a system in your house that senses and adjusts lighting or temperature. Also called embedded technology. 
computer engineering (CE) The study of computer hardware and software systems, and programming how devices interface with each other. 
computer science (CS) The study of how to design software, solve problems such as computer security threats, or come up with better ways of handling data storage. 
information systems (IS) A computer profession that bridges the needs of an organization and the way their information is handled to solve business problems. An IS professional considers who needs what data to get work done and how it can be delivered most efficiently.
information technology (IT) The study, design, development, or management of computer systems, software applications, and computer hardware. 
software engineering (SE) A field involving writing software programs, which might be developed for a software manufacturer to sell to the public, or involve a custom program written for a large organization to use in-house. 
web development A technology career that includes diverse web-based activities, including programming and developing websites, developing text and visual content for websites, and using social media to promote goods and services.
database administrator (DBA) A technology professional responsible for making sure that information stored in a database is available to and useable by those who need access to the information and that the information is secure from unauthorized access.
web designer Someone whose job it is to design the layout of websites. 
Internet law A legal specialty that includes writing the legal terms and policies for websites. 
webmaster Someone whose job it is to make sure website content is delivered to users efficiently. 
Created by: softcrylic