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Adapting Environment

Adapting Homes and Other Environments for Accessible Use

How far should interior railings be mounted from the wall to ensure ease of grasp? 1.5"
How high should exterior railings be placed for walking individuals? waist height, or about 34"-38" high
What is the ideal diameter of railings? 1.5-2", and they should have non-skid surfaces
How should an entrance door be measured? open door to frame; not frame to frame
What is the space needed to accommodate a door swing? a minimum of 18" for those using walkers, and a minimum of 26" for those using wheelchairs
Which type of door handle is more functional, lever handles or round knobs? lever handles
What is the average width of a wheelchair? 24"-26" rim to rim
What is the minimum clearance width for doorways and halls to ensure wheelchair accessibility? 32" for doorways and 36" for halls, but 36" is ideal for both
How could you add 3/4" in width to a doorway? remove the doorstop
How could you add 1.5"-2" in width to a doorway? replace existing hinges with offset hinges
What is the average length of a wheelchair? 42"-43"
How much space is needed to ensure 360 degrees of turning space for a wheelchair? 60" x 60"
What is the minimum and maximum height a wheelchair-bound individual can reach forward from sitting? 15"-48"
What is the minimum and maximum height a wheelchair-bound individual can reach sideways from sitting? 15"-48" without obstructions, 15"-46" with an obstruction
How wide should the aisle adjacent to a parking space be to allow wheelchair maneuverability? 4'
How wide should pathways and walkways be for wheelchair accessibility? 48"
What is the minimum width a ramp should be to allow for wheelchair accessibility? 36"
What is the ratio of slope to rise required for a ramp? 1:12 (for every 1" of vertical rise, 12" of ramp is required
What is the average height for ramp railings? 32"
How big must a ramp landing be? 4' x 4' (4' x 8' if the ramp involves a 180 degree turn)
Created by: Casemace
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