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algorithm a set of clearly defined logical steps that solve a promblem
application software the operating system and all utility programs that manage computer resources
beta testing a process that releases a commercial software in delvolpment to a group of user for testing
bundleware software included with the purchase of a new computer
flowchart a chart that shows different paths the program will take depending on what data is inputted
inputting is the process of using an input device
network license right to install a program on a server that can be used by other people
operating systems an interface between the user or application andthe computer hardware
patch software can download a fix for a promblem
service pack a collection of updates or fixes
single user license the right to install the software on a single computer
software is programming code written to provide instructions to the hardware so it can perform tasks
software as a service the software is provided to customers on demand through the internet
software development a multi step process that usually begin when someone recognizes a need to perform a task more effectively using a computer
software license gives you permission to use the program
system software the operating system and all ultilty programs that manage computer resources
update is a collection for revising released software
upgrade revised versions of a software program and require perchase of a newer version
web application have no installation requirements can be used on all operating systems
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