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Internet safety questions from 2014

Internet connection something that connects a computer to the Internet
mobile device a small computer, such as a cell phone, that people can carry around
social network a Web site where people connect with friends and family online
video-game console a tool that lets people play video games
virtual something that doesn't physically exist; make believe; artificial
chat to talk to someone online through an instant message
device something made for a particular purpose
gamers people who play online or video games
account a membership to a Web site
graphics pictures and artwork that are shown on a screen
Internet browser something that lets people use their computers to see Web sites; for example, Google or Yahoo
avatar an image or icon that represents you online
download to add files from a Web site to a computer
moderator someone who makes sure people get along
sabotage prevent success on purpose
predator someone who targets another person with bad intent or to do harm to that person
screen name a name someone uses online
addiction not being able to stop doing something
private meant to be seen or known only by certain people
text message a written message sent by cell phone
chat rooms online places where people can type messages to one another
online profiles pages that describe the user's interests and personalities
identity the traits that make people who they are
manipulate to control or influence a person
exploit use in a harmful or unfair way
harassment repeated aggression or pressure
inappropriate not suitable or not right
arrest to catch people who are thought to have committed crimes
passwords secret combinations of letters, symbols, or numbers that let people enter something
protect to keep safe
hacker person who breaks into computers or Web sites to steal information
blog a Web site where people share thoughts and facts
cookies small text files that Web browsers store on computers to keep track of information
delete to erase or get rid of totally
attachment an extra part of an e-mail, such as a photo or text document. that you must click on to open
spam message e-mail that offers you things you did not ask for and do not need
phishing scheme email that looks like it comes from a trusted place but uses lies to trick you into giving your personal information
spyware computer software that secretly collects user information
apps software for computers or mobile devices
e-mail a way to send messages or letters electronically
target people who are the object of a bully's attention
text message a written message sent by cellular (cell) phone
anonymous unknown
hosted given a home to
evidence facts that prove something
thread a chain of online messages about a subject
block to stop or slow down the actions of others
alias a made-up name that someone uses to hide his or her real name
netiquette the right way to behave online
age requirements rules that say how old a person must be to do something
currency money or other items used in exchange for goods
security software a tool that keeps a computer or the person using it safe
icon a picture that stands for something on a computer
user name the name a person uses on a computer
griefer a person who plays online games and bullies people by messing up a game, breaking the rules, or making trouble for other players
Created by: peacock52