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S21.110 Digital Imaging Fundations

BITMAP A graphic image that consists of a GRID of tiny squares used for continuous tone photographs.
PIXEL A single point in a bitmap image, the smallest portion of an image that can be displayed or printed.
RASTER Another term for BITMAP image.
VECTOR FILL A fill is a color, pattern, or gradient inside an object or shape in a vector image.
VECTOR IMAGE Images that are drawn with lines (paths) curves and points based on math equations.
VECTOR OUTLINE Strokes, or drawn lines, shapes and paths which make up the skeleton upon which the vector image is made.
COLOR BIT DEPTH The measure of how much color information is available to display or print each pixel in an image.
COLOR CHANNEL Grayscale layers of an image that act as a color filter for each primary color in the image.
COLOR MODE The Photoshop setting that determines the colors used to display or print an image.
COLOR SPACE A map of all the available colors (gamut) on a particular device.
DUOTONE A process that uses two contrasting colors for highlights and middle tones in a grayscale image.
GAMUT The complete set of colors that can be reproduced in a color mode.
OUT OF GAMUT When certain colors cannot be reproduced within a particular color mode.
SEPIA TONE A duotone with a brownish tone and black effect seen in photos from the original 19th and 20th century.
ALPHA CHANNEL An embedded color channel used for saving selections as a mask to create a transparent area allowing composite images.
COMPRESSION ARTIFACTS Distortions such as small dots or halos around high-contrast edges in an image caused by excessive compression.
FILE FORMAT A particular method to encode digital information for storage in a computer file.
IMAGE FILE COMPRESSION Is a method of using math algorithms to decrease storage size and download speed on high resolution image files.
LOSSLESS COMPRESSION A compression method that reduces file size with no loss in image quality, although compression ratios are generally weak.
LOSSY COMPRESSION A compression method that takes advantage of the limitations of the human eye and discards information that cannot be seen.
TRANSPARENCY An image that has an invisible background around it allowing a foreground object to show without a rectangle area surrounding it.
IMAGE RESOLUTION The number of pixels packed into a linear inch of a printed image.
IMAGE SIZE Describes the width and height of an image in pixels, and the total pixel count.
PPI - PIXELS PER INCH A measurement of the pixel density of computer displays, and digital cameras.
SPI- SAMPLES PER INCH A measurement of the resoluation of an image scanner.
DPI - DOTS PER INCH A measure of the resolution of a printer.
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